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A success report about YOSHIWARA the biggest SOAPLAND district in Tokyo is posted now.

Kogane-cho is the red-light district in the city of Yokohama, the second biggest city in Tokyo metropolitan area. 

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The first Reader's report about Nagoya area has posted. It is about Kanazu-en soapland area. DO NOT MISS IT!

SUKEBE Services

In general, it is easy for a local man to find most kind of the services. The categories of the services are very clear. If you prefer full-service, it is easy to get at a SOAPLAND. If you want BJ only, do not go to SOAPLAND. Because you do not have option of BJ for paying less. Go to FASHION MASSAGE instead. There is not flustrating negotiation which we experience at American massage parlor. A big problem for GAIJIN(foreigner)s is that many of the services do not accept them. Escort by local friend, learning Japanese and READING THROUGH THIS SITE help you very much. The prices are usually much higher than in other countries.

SOAPLAND (formerly Turkish Bath ) (RECOMMENDED for BIGINNERS) (SUKEBE Translation available)

This is the easiest way to find full service in Japan. All provide full service. They are easy to find, safe and clean. The payment system consists of the entrance fee and the service fee(Pay to girls). They are condensed in one or a few district(s) in a big city. Price range is from 10,000yen to 100,000yen. The names of major districts are

District City Pref. Nearest Station Remarks
SUSUKINO Sapporo Hokkaido Susukino (Subway) The best deal, but FAR.
SAKAECHO Chiba Chiba Chiba (JR) 30min. from Narita
YOSHIWARA Tokyo Tokyo Minowa (subway) some other in Tokyo
HORINOUCHI Kawasaki Kanagawa Kawasaki (JR) between Tokyo and Yokohama
KANAZU-EN Gifu Gifu Gifu (JR) 30min. from Nagoya
OGOTO Ohtsu Shiga Ogoto (JR) 30min. from Kyoto, 1hr. from Osaka
FUKUHARA Kobe Hyogo Kosoku-Kobe(Kobe Rapid) 30min. from Osaka
We have success report from a reader!
YAKKENBORI Hiroshima Hiroshima    
NAKASU Fukuoka Fukuoka Nakasu-Kawabata (Subway)  

We now have a direction to Yoshiwara and Fukuhara. Both pages have success stories from readers. Other maps will come later.




This kind of service is very similar to 'MASSAGE PARLOR' in US. Almost all do BJ. Remember, BJ is legal. Never ask about full service. ASKING about full service might cause big PROBLEM to you. If you prefer full service, go to SOAPLAND. FASHION HEALTH usually have young girls (18-25). The average age is much younger than SOAPLAND. The price range is 8,000yen - 20,000yen. You can find this kind of services in more districts / cities than SOAPLAND.

DELIHERU (=Delivery Health) and HOTETORU (= Hotel + (TORUKO = Turkish Bath = SOAPLAND) ) (DELIHERU added Nov. 27th 2001)

They are similar to ESCORT CLUB in US. DELIHERU is a registered and legal. Well, the official business of theirs are legal, at least. They do BJ. Like some of American Escort Clubs, some clubs (or ladies) provides full service. It's out of law. However, by Japanese law, if the manager and the owner do not know what the lady do with the customer, nobody is punished.

On the other hand, all HOTETORU provides full service. This is a kind of underground business. I cannot provide a list of services. They often change phone numbers. You can find small pieces of paper in a public telephone booth. Anyway, this kind of services is not so useful for the visitors who does not speak Japanese. Because, the telephone operator and the girls seldom speak English. The price range is 20,000 - 40,000yen.

Both of them provides you services in a LOVE HOTEL room. Some of them go to your ordinary hotel room or your own room.

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If you are interested in, you must visit my INTERVIEW to the web-master of Tokyo Enjoy.

The owner of an 'Escort Club' in Tokyo sent me an e-mail asking to post the URL.

TOKYO ENJOY Official Web-site (They dedicate to servicing to foreign visitors.)

An Interview to the web-master of Tokyo Enjoy made by Jyugemu

ESTE or ESUTE (Added Jan. 30th 2002)

The word comes from English word 'aesthetic'. Japanese shorten the word (they often shorten a foreign word and use it as quasi Japanese word.) and write in three Japanaes Katakanas E, SU, and TE. The places are officially men's aesthetic salons. First ones were Kankoku (=Korean) ESUTEs. Chugoku (Chinese) ESUTEs followed. Services are similar to fashion health places. The difference is most of the women are foreign women, mostly Asian. Fashion health places are registered places and not so willing to hire illegally working foreign women because the do not want to lose their license. On the other hand ESUTEs are not registered, so they do not need to care about license. Sometimes they offer full-service that registered fashion health places do not. Be careful there should be more rip-off places than fashion health because they are unregistered places. 

Here are very interesting reports from a reader of my pages.

TELEPHONE CLUB (modified Nov. 27th 2001)

Some report found in news groups mentioned about TELEPHONE CLUB. However TELEPHONE CLUB provides a room with a telephone with which you can talk with amateur ladies calling the service. Some of them call for Enjyo-Kosai, some call for private sex, some call just for fun and a few women call for trapping a guy. There is no use for a man who cannot speak Japanese. There must be some misunderstanding. I assume that they call a HOTETORU a TELEPHONE CLUB.

PINSARO (Pink Salon)

You can touch a girl's body drinking beer. They usually do HJ, often do BJ, and in some districts full-service. The price system is sometimes unclear. I never recommend this kind to a person who does not speak Japanese.


It is not easy to find a hooker without having local information. However, it might be helpful for a man who does not speak Japanese because there are many English (or Spanish) speaking hookers from outside of Japan. If you find many GAIJIN ladies standing on the street late at night, they are probably hookers. You can find them in the districts listed below. Be very careful about the crimes. Your hotel might not allow you to bring the lady in. Use a LOVE HOTEL. Price range is from 15,000 to 30,000 yen.

District City Pref. Nearest Station Remarks
SHIN-OHKUBO Tokyo Tokyo Shin-Ohkubo(JR) near Shinjyuku, busy
IKEBUKURO Tokyo Tokyo Ikebukuro(JRetc.) Now one of the busiest in Tokyo
KINSHICHO Tokyo Tokyo Kinshicho (JR) 3 stops from Akihabara
TOKANOCHO Osaka Osaka Osaka(JR) Find Tokyu-Inn first. Go to the other side of the road in front. There is a temple TAIYUJI. Walk into road on the right side of the temple where small bars and other services are. Some GAIJIN ladies do business late at night there. Mostly young (20's) asian (many speak Chinese) ladies. Sometimes, you can find Japanese hooker very near Tokyu-Inn.

Maps may come later.


CHON-NO MA means short time. You can get full-service at the lowest price possible but for the shortest time. Price range is 5,000yen - 20,000yen. Some of the girls are from foreign countries. You might be able to find a girl who speaks some English. In small districts, there are many tiny BARs. However, there are no liquor served. There are few kind of systems.

(A) At each front door, a girl is standing. She says "Asondekanai (Do you come in and play?)". You should negotiate about the price. There is a room to play inside. It is like the system in Redlight district Amsterdam.

(B,C) At each front door (or inside), there is a older lady 'Mama-san'. There is girl(s) inside or mama-san call one. You can negotiate how to play with mama-san. There is a room to play(B), or you should go to a 'Love Hotel nearby'(C). In the second case, your price negotiation should include who pays hotel fee.

They are not known by everybody. They are not easy to find.

District City Pref. Nearest Station Remarks
HORINOUCHI Kawasaki Kanagawa Kawasaki (JR) in the same district as SOAPLANDs
Kogane-cho Yokohama Kanagawa Koganecho(KEIHIN-KYUKO) Just under railroad between Koganecho and Hinodecho. Easier to find comparing to the other districts. 45min. from Shinagawa station in Tokyo. Usually 10,000yen for 20min.
Tobita-Shinchi Osaka Osaka Dobutsuen-mae(Subway)
Old-Fashioned Red-light District
Shinodayama-Shinchi Osaka Osaka Shinodayama (JR) Hidden sex places just 40min. away from Osaka Kansai Airport. 7,500yen for 15min.  MY FAVORITE
YOSHIWARA Okinawa Okinawa Near Okinawa Tax Office Nice Place, but FAR. From 5,000yen for 15min.

Now we have the direction to Kogane-cho, Tobita-Shinchi and Shinodayama-Shinchi.

ENJYO-KOSAI (Added Nov. 27th 2001)

This word was created by high school girls who did prostitution. They did not like to say they did prostitution. So, they created a new word ENJYO-KOSAI which means 'Relationship with financial aid'. What's the difference? Now many older independent woman uses this word, too. Some of the readers sent me E-mails asking "How can I have sex with very young ENJYO-KOSAI girl?". Remember, having sex for money with a girl under 18 is illegal and can cause you big problems. Stay away from ENJYO-KOSAI girls (they still exist even with new law) under 18.


Your suggestions, experiences and opinions are welcome. Send to JYUGEMU.

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