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Location: Europe / Asia
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Moscow (Moskva)
Main Cities: St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod
Population: 149,476,000 Area []: 17,075,000
Currency: 1 ruble = 100 kopeks
Languages: Russian
Religions: Russian Orthodox, Muslim, Buddhist

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New Contributor
Username: cobber

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Posted on Monday, September 23, 2002 - 10:58 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Visited the (Hungry) Duck on Friday night which has changed considerably from some of the older posts regarding the wild antics.

The only naked people were about 4 male strippers who got their gear off at around 1am.

The place 90% girls, and it is therefore a good place to meet local girls who are there for a good time.
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New Contributor
Username: cobber

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Posted on Friday, October 18, 2002 - 2:34 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Hotel info for Moscow and St.Peterburg;

Hotel OKTYABRSKAYA, great location right on Nevsky Prospect (main street). Average 10 - 15 girls per night "roaming" around the hotel, but also found in the bars on levels 2 and 3. Prices were 3000 roubles for 1 hour and 4500 roubles for 2 hours. Quality varied for old women to a Britney Spears look-alike. Girls rotated each night.

Hotel Rossiya in Moscow. Huge hotel right on Red Square. Only around 5 girls each night and much more aggressive than St.Petersburg. Prices for 1 hour were between 4500 adn 6000 roubles. Some girls are unable to come back to your room so you have to go to their flat which appeared to be relatively safe as many were doing this.
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New Contributor
Username: balssa

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Posted on Thursday, November 07, 2002 - 8:28 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Hotel Budapest in Moscow, nice location just off Tverskaya, has 15 bar girls at $40 to $100. I couldn't get them to stay the night. As in all hotels, be wary of bringing in outside girls.
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Username: Victoria_moscow

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Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 - 4:05 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

If you're a RESPECTFUL DISCREET gentleman who knows how to have a great time,I'm looking for you! I'm an xxxtremely affectionate and very open-minded lady.I love every thing about what I do...and you will too.When you will be in Moscow call to me +7 (495)741 94 49 and write Look my site

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Username: Victoria_moscow

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Posted on Friday, May 12, 2006 - 2:54 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

This primer is based on my observations and may not be complete, but it may help you begin to understand the significance and important questions to ask the person who you are considering renting an apartment from in Ukraine or Russia…

For the average traveler to the FSU, their first contact with a company who rents apartments or with the apartment itself is from viewing photos on the internet. Typically the person likes some feature about the company and/or the apartment. However, the first thing that you should know is that what is inside of the four walls that comprise the apartment should only be one of your concerns and no matter how beautiful the apartment is there are many other factors which will all combine to make your stay either comfortable and enjoyable or… a long nightmare!

Your first “real” view of the apartment building may come when you arrive after your long trip to Russia or Ukraine. When you realize that you are going live in “that” building, and hopefully to bring guests to it, because of your exhaustion you may find yourself in denial. You remember that the photos of the interior of the apartment are nice and everything appears so… so organized! Yet, now you look at the building and you see make-shift structures on the side of your building and others nearby… Laundry is hanging out the windows… Balconies look like they will fall if a fly lands and squats for more than a second… You find yourself asking yourself… HOW CAN THIS BE?

To begin, most apartments in Ukraine and Russia were present during the Soviet Union which means that many of the other building residents probably lived in their nearby apartments for years or decades before you arrive. One of the offshoots of this reality is that during Soviet times; NO ONE cared about the common areas of the building or around the building.

This means that the outside of the building, the entrance, stairways, elevators and halls will have most likely endured decades of abuse by both residents and non-residents. This abuse will include trash, graffiti, broken rails/steps, lack of lighting, non-functional elevators, foul odors, dogs and cats and other unexplained ominous conditions… just to name a few.

This situation may be first apparent when you see the entry door to the building. The entry doors to the majority of FSU buildings are in the rear or in a courtyard which can be more isolated than a front entry. The actual entry door will probably be designed to be “secure” or coded, but what does this mean to you?

When you first arrive, you may find the “secure” door wide open or the “secret” code well worn on the numbers so that it takes a local, resident or not, about 5 milliseconds to open the secure door because they know the technique… However, when you arrive home from the market on the first day or late at night with your bride for the night or after attempting to corner the market on vodka at the nearest watering hole, it will take you several minutes, which can seem like hours, and may require a call for help, which is OK… as long as they speak English!

You may ask… Is it really that bad? No, it can get worse, once you get into the building, you may find that it is totally dark, even in the day time! So once in, you may be faced with transiting the strange stairs and halls without light and then inserting your key into the keyhole… all by feel!

However, as bad as the building entry, stairs, elevator, and hall are, you may be surprised at how nice the apartment is… IF it has been remodeled to Western or European-quality standards. Otherwise, you may find a Soviet-style apartment that has been cleaned up, hopefully, and is functional and, hopefully, comfortable. One thing that is common to every Soviet-style apartment, and many newly remodeled apartments as well, is the lack-of screens on the windows! This is not a problem when the snow is flying, but in the other three seasons, if you want some fresh air you will soon find that you are on the day’s menu for every mosquito and biting fly in the nearby oblast! Now you may say that you can easily get by with the window closed… Easy to say when you are sitting at home making reservations, but difficult to achieve when the babushka downstairs or down the hall begins making her daily ration of cabbage soup or begins her regimen of seasonal pickling of various root vegetables!

NO… It can’t be that bad… Can it? No, it can get worse! You’ll soon find that the apartment owner either has not spent the money or did not consider it important to set the apartment up for the constant nemesis of shortages in the FSU… Whether it is water pressure, water supply, no hot water, no water, no heat, no air conditioning, no internet, no washing machine, no toaster, no microwave, no long distance telephone calls, just to name a few of the more common challenges.

Of course, EVERY apartment is open to any problem, but the most frustrating thing is when you call the apartment service you used to rent the apartment only to find that they have to contact the local landlord and ask… WHY? WHEN? WHY SO LONG? I thought YOU were the owner?

All of this time, you are the one suffering when you have NO water… NO hot water… NO water pressure, etc. etc. etc. While it may not seem important when you book, it may become the focal point of your “vacation” when you find you must endure a cold shower just when your hormones and, more importantly, your bride for the night’s hormones are raging and juices are flowing… UNTIL THAT COLD SHOWER SHOCKS EVERYONE BACK TO REALITY!

I know… but it can’t be that bad… Can it??? No, it can still get worse! You see, the apartment service may be the nicest people on earth, BUT if they do not own the apartment, they have to deal with and through the local Russian/Ukrainian landlord who will not see any urgency in a situation that they have had to deal with since they were in swaddling clothes! In fact, any Ukrainian or Russian landlord OR apartment rental company operated by Russians or Ukrainians, even if they have lived in the west, will have a different attitude towards solving your problems in the apartment than you are used to in the West because they understand that THIS IS A FACT OF LIFE in the FSU and is viewed as normal and not an emergency.

The only time I have seen Russian or Ukrainian landlords or apartment providers respond immediately to ANYTHING, is if something is flooding because they know they are libel IF damage is caused to a neighbor’s downstairs apartment!

In reality, this can still be a problem even if the apartment service owns the apartment IF they do not have personnel on staff to deal with these problems, i.e. electricians, plumbers, handyman, because they must still call and get a local service man to recognize the sense of urgency that you feel to solve the problem.

Of course, many times it is not the major problem that really tips you over the edge… It is the small things that a Westerner takes for granted when they check into new accommodations while traveling. Little things like…
paper towels… a fresh bar of soap, in a wrapper… a cork screw… multiple rolls of toilet paper… a toaster… a hair dryer… a personal safe… trash cans... just to name a few!

BUT, my biggest frustration in all of my times renting apartments before I got in the apartment rental business, is the bed linen! It seems that Ukrainian and Russian landlords tend to buy the cheapest sheets that are available, which equates to the smallest! Combine that with the fact that fitted sheets are either not available or not used by locals and all of a sudden you have the “Perfect Storm”! I’ve actually had the apartment providers lay a sheet on the mattress, the bare mattress without a mattress cover or pad! If you can visualize the bottom sheet laying on top of the mattress… the edge of the mattress is actually framing the sheet since the sheet is too small to even attempt to tuck in. BUT, even if the sheet can be tucked in, it is usually so small that after you are in bed, if you make any move other than scratching your nose twice, you’ll soon wake up sleeping on at least part of the bare mattress. In my mind, that is when the nightmares really start because if you are on the bare mattress, WHO ELSE has been on the same bare mattress AND doing what???? People… This is not my definition of SAFE SEX!!!

SO… What do you do and how do you as a first-time visitor to Ukraine/Russia help prevent this from happening to you?

I have prepared a list of questions that you may want to ask your potential apartment provider if it is not covered on the website:

1. Where is the apartment located? Is the area safe? How far is the nearest market? How far from public transportation.

2. What is the front entry door on the building like? What is security like? What is the building like?

3. How much does the airport transfer cost? To? From?

4. Who owns this apartment? Is the owner local in the area? What nationality is the owner? Does he speak English? Will you provide me the phone number of the owner?

5. What happens if I should cancel the reservation after I make a deposit? Are your terms and conditions of rental published on your website? What if I have to depart early? May I use my credit card to pay the deposit? To pay the full bill upon arrival? Do you have your own merchant account or must I use PayPal? I’ve been told PayPal is not accessible in Ukraine or Russia for credit cards issued in the USA/Europe/Canada… is this true?

6. Do you use city central service heat? Hot water? Will the heat/hot water/water be shut off at anytime during my stay? What will you do if it is? Does the apartment have its own boiler for hot water? Heat? Can I control the heat in the apartment myself? Can I control the hot water in the apartment myself?

7. Does the apartment have a back-up water supply? What is the situation with the water pressure? Do you have a pump in the apartment to supplement the water pressure? What happens if the water is shut off?

8. Who do I call if something breaks in the apartment? How long is a typical response? Do you have workmen on the payroll yourself? What kind of workman?

9. Are there lights in the building hallway? What happens if the lights are out in the building stairs/halls?

10. Are there animals on the floor of the apartment? Do the hallways smell? Is the entrance door kept open or is it always locked and secure?

11. Is there an air conditioner? How often do you clean the A/C filters? Are there screens on the windows?

12. Do the bottom sheets fit the bed? Are they fitted sheets? Do the mattresses have mattress pads?

13. Is the apartment equipped with…

a. Paper towels
b. Toilet paper
c. Waste baskets
d. Towels… how many? Can I get extra towels?
e. Laundry soap
f. Bath soap
g. A personal safe
h. Toaster
i. Coffee maker
j. Microwave oven
k. Washing machine

14. If I have a problem, who do I call? 24 hours every day?

15. How thick are the walls? Can I hear the people next door snoring?

These questions and answers may help you to weed out the undesirable locations, apartments, landlords, or apartment service providers. Many of the questions have answers that only you will know the answer because it may or may not be important to you, but many of them have set answers that should be an immediate red flag. For instance, unless an apartment provider has published terms and conditions, you are virtually assured that once they have your deposit, you will never see it again. Of course, sometimes they even tell you that up front!

In addition, if the apartment uses city central heat and hot water, but does not have an individual boiler and a backup water supply, you could find yourself without hot water during the warmer months or without water at any time. Of course, even a back-up water supply will only last so long, but at least it will help smooth out the short outages that are so common in the FSU.

The other really bad situation for you is when you’ve done your homework and booked an apartment only to arrive and find that you are in a totally different apartment. Now, please understand that this is sometimes unavoidable because bad things sometimes happen and an apartment has to be taken out of service or if it is not owned by the apartment rental company, the landlord decides to rent it to someone else. In this case, you must have a comfort level with the integrity of the apartment rental company to be secure that they will put you into an apartment that is of equal or higher standard than the one that you booked.

The last point I will emphasize is that throughout this I mention the nationality of the owner of the apartment service rental company or the landlord. This is not to imply that the person who is not American or European is a bad person, but rather that there could be communication problems along the way if the person does not speak English as well as they speak Russian or Ukrainian. The person may be a very nice person, but they just do not understand and have difficulty communicating or understanding the situation. At the same time, it can be difficult for someone to understand a high-level of customer service if they have either never experienced it and therefore have no role model for its use or they just see no need for customer service in the first place… after all “THIS” is how it has been done in Russia/Ukraine for the past century!

One last caution… Testimonial letters on apartment rental companies are probably one of the most abused things on the Internet. I laugh when I see my competitors with perfectly written letters supposedly written by their guests and I see the same phrases used that are used in the website pages and with the same words misspelled! I understand that it can be tempting to put in letters from your friends and/or to clean up the letters so that they are perfect and say just what you want them to say! BUT, it doesn’t necessarily give the reader an honest opinion of the service and quality of what is being delivered. On top of this, it is very, very unusual for a testimonial to be “perfect”. Normally it is hastily written and grammatical and spelling errors are common, but in my opinion, that makes them real! For that reason, I make sure that the testimonials that go on our website go on with all of the “warts” exposed. If the guest misspelled a word, it stays, if the letter is both positive and negative, you will see it all. Only the personal items relevant to that particular guest’s information may be edited out.

Now, all of that said, I want to emphasize that renting an apartment is the ONLY way to go in Ukraine and Russia… It is more cost effective, more private, and can be more satisfying and comfortable IF you do your homework. For the most part, apartment rental companies that I have worked with are OK people… they are not out to cheat you, but rather they just don’t have the same standards that you are used to and this may be reflected in their properties, their service and their actions… THIS IS YOUR CHALLENGE!

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Felix Katski
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Posted on Thursday, July 20, 2006 - 9:27 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Victoria-Moscow: Anyone who can seek sexual encounters with such a check list is better off staying at home with a rubber doll ! If this check list is to serve apartment shopping - any one who goes through life with such detail must be a Swiss, or a beancounter, who is unlikely to look at these pages. Isn't mongering supposed to be fun?

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Username: Honey

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Posted on Sunday, January 04, 2009 - 4:03 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

As you wish, gentlemen, I am respectful, discreet, passionate, feminine and elegant. My sense of style is versatile and adaptable to any mood and occasion. Whether it is a romantic dinner or a black tie function, a night out on the town or just some quiet time indoors: I am your ultimate companion! I am a petite and affectionate
Lady who is available to spend wonderful moments with you. I am sensual, sexual and so affectionate that no one can ever forget my touch or my sighing. If you share a love of life's successes and the very best it has to offer, you are in the right place! Why not to contact me now to find out more about me? When you will be in moscow call me +7(495)5073093-international/from Moscow 507 30 93
Stunning blonde lady in moscow is the best companion!
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Username: Castro

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Posted on Friday, May 22, 2009 - 7:37 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Let me start with a little background. I have
never engaged the services of a prostitute here
in the USA. I have in Russia - and again 20
years ago while in the USMC during a port-of-call
in the Philippines. I see nothing whatsoever
wrong with a single man occasionally paying a
woman to exchange sexual favors. To me it is
no different that paying a plumber to fix the
pipes in your house (nice analogy huh?) or paying
a mechanic to work on your car. After reading this
report each of you will have to reach your own moral
conclusion and conduct yourselves in a manner that
your conscious is comfortable with. I can tell you
that when I reflect back on my conduct in Russia,
I have no problem whatsoever sleeping at night. :-)
Anyway - on to Moscow. I'm going to break this
report down in two parts - Part #1 - The Hungry
Duck and Part #2 - Chesterfield's and Prostitution
in Moscow.
I was instructed in these subject by my expat friend
in Moscow, "Mr.X" (he desires to remain anonymous
because he doesn't want to be overrun with request
to be a tour guide). Don't worry - with the
information I will be providing you will be able
to do it yourself without any assistance.
No doubt in my mind, this is the best bar in the
world. This is a "must see" for any and all
Americans that come to Moscow. The street address
is Pushechnaya Ulitsa 9-6 but the best way to get
there is by the Metro. Get off at the Kusnetsky
Most exit - go up the long escalator and out into
the street - turn left and walk about 20 meters –
go through an iron gate and walk through a small
courtyard and you are at the famous Hungry Duck.
Or, if you are nervous about taking the Metro most
taxi drivers will now how to get there.
I went to the Duck three times. Once on a Friday
"Ladies Night", once on a Saturday night and once
on a Sunday night. Without a doubt Friday night
was the best - with Saturday a close second. Sunday
was really pretty tame. I understand that the bar
serves "complimentary liquor" to the ladies on
Ladies Night for a couple of hours to insure all
inhibitions are reduced to minimal levels. What a
great bar management decision. :-)
There is a cover charge to enter (somewhere around
200r I think) but I never had to pay it because I was
always in the company of "regulars" who had valid "VIP
Cards" for the place. You will go past a plethora of
security guards who may or may not search you, then up
two short flights of dimly-lit stairs and YOUR THERE.
The bar is rectangular in shape with a large oval
wooden bar in the middle. In the middle of the bar
there is an "island" about the same height as the
bar. Several powerful "black lights" distort or
highlight - depending on the activity in question.
When you walk in, don't be surprised if the complete
outside bar surface is filled with people dancing
to the techno-disco beat that is playing. The middle
island is the "showplace" for the bar and is strictly
for women. Depending on the temperature inside the
bar or the mood of the dancers, the women will be
fully clothed, semi-nude (dressed down to their bras
and panties) and occasionally topless or totally nude
for short periods of time. Around the outside of the
bar are a series of booths. More on those later.
Guys - in spite of what some ignorant and
misinformed "Moral Majority" moralists might tell
you, this place is not full of prostitutes. In fact
they are just normal beautiful young dyavs
(18-30 yr. old) that enjoy the environment of
recklessness and comfortable sexuality that exists
there. The women are not seeking money for stripping
and dancing, but are simply partying. The emotion
is so much different than in any American bar I have
ever be inside. The breakdown is roughly 50-50 guys
to girls. If there was any leaning one way or the
other, I 'd guess more girls than guys. All I drank
while there was draft beer. The local stuff was 60r
a glass while the imported Tobourg was 90r a glass.
If you know one of the popular expats or bar management,
you will be allowed behind the bar. This is the "primo"
location and anoints you as one of "the Blessed". This
provides the best vantage point to view the dancers and
see the activity. The bar manager is Johnny and he is
an athletically built black dude from South Africa. He
is absolutely the best and friendliest bar manager I
have ever met. He keeps things active and makes sure
everyone is happy. If I was going to start a bar - I'd
be well advised to try and hire him away.
How do you get to be "invited" behind the bar as a
special guest? You will have to figure that out for
yourself. Here is one suggestion for you to try. One
of the more famous ex-pats is a guy named “R.” He is
a computer guy and a Duck regular - and a really nice
guy to boot. He has taken it upon himself to publicize
the Duck by maintaining their website and handle other
publicity for them. He has Duck t-shirts printed up
here in the USA and distributes them over in Russia.
Often times he needs people that are coming over to
transport those shirts for him. I brought about 30 over
myself for him in my baggage this trip. If you would
be willing to transport a couple dozen or so shirts for
him, I just bet that he would make sure that you got
in without paying a cover and probably find you an
"honored spot" behind the bar for the evening as well.
Cannot guarantee that it will work for sure by is
probably worth a shot. If you are interesting in
trying, contact me and I will put you in touch with him.
Anyway, back to the fun at the Duck. Now here is
where you need to put away your puritanical "American
mores" for just an evening in order to fully enjoy the
experience. I'll say this slowly so you can fully
comprehend the meaning. At the Duck - IT IS TOTALLY
A woman can say no by gently moving you hands away
or by slowly dancing away from you but I rarely saw
this happen. Guys - I'm pretty "European" in my
attitudes toward sex but it still took me over an hour
of watching other guys all around me do just this to
get comfortable trying it myself. OK so I was finally
ready - I approached a stunning long haired well-built
young blond from behind and started dancing with her
by placing my hands on her hips. I fully expected
to receive a stinging slap to the face but guess what?
Nothing happened.
She tuned and smiled and started grinding her ass into
my ever hardening member. Within a few moments my
boldness increased and I was cupping her breasts from
behind and we were dancing and swaying to the strong
techno-disco beat. She was rubbing her hands over my
hands and arms and then down to the inside of my legs.
The smell of her perfume and the feeling of her touching
me was absolutely intoxicating. The feeling was
wonderful. I'm not ashamed to admit that had I
continued in this fashion, I would have achieved an
orgasm right in my shorts.
Guys, I'm a 45 year old, 30 pound overweight, near bald,
"gone to seed" former jock and I was all but having
"virtual sex" with an gorgeous, sexy, early -20's year
old hot babe. It was wonderful. After a half-dozen
different 5-10 minute encounters like this - I was
ready to try my luck with a possible pickup.
You will discover that at "The Duck" conversations
with dyevs can be problematic. Don't expect any long
detailed conversations when you get there. Most of
the dyevs don't speak much English. And I was informed
by "Mr. X" that until the regular girls see you there
a couple of times and recognize you as a "regular"
pickups can be difficult. But what the hell- I was
feeling great why not give it a try.
I moved out from behind the bar and right up to a cute
little brown-haired dyev and started dancing. We danced
nonstop for the next 1 1/2 hours. During that time I
was able to take liberties with her and she with me
than would have earned us both an arrest and conviction
here in the USA for public sexual perversion (or at least
people yelling "Hey - get a room!). After a while we sat
down in one of the little booths that surround the bar
and that's when I discovered what they were there for.
They are for "making out", "night baseball", "watching the
submarine races" or if you're a little older, you might
say "pinching woo". Within a few minutes I got right to
"3rd base" and she was "stroking me". I began thinking
that maybe it will be possible for me to have sex with this
lovely young lady right here in this booth (a common
occurrence). Right then and there I learned one of the
most important lessons you can learn about partying in
Moscow - the Metro stops running at 1:00pm.
Hey Cinderella - the clock is striking midnight.
Now this fact can be good because any of the ladies
left in the bar after that time are now all out for
the evening until 6:00am when the Metro starts running
again. Or, as in my case it was bad because she
stopped - looked at me - and said she had to go home
before the Metro stopped running so she could be at work
tomorrow. I gave her "Mr.X's" telephone number and she
said she would call me (she did eventually) and just as
suddenly as I had found her, she left. Just like that.
WOW - that was very strange :-)
Guys - I tell you these stories in graphic detail not
to brag about my sexual prowess, but to illustrate the
contagious attitude that is prevalent in this bar.
This place exudes human sexuality. To these girls,
the physical contact is fun and exciting, and not really
sexual in nature. This mindset is completely foreign
to us in the USA with our strong Judeo-Christian morality.
That's what makes this place fun and exciting for an
American to visit. God - would Bill Clinton love this
place :-)
Check out the website for pictures and photographs.
The link is: <>
As with Part One -- from a trusted source
and reprinted with permission. Also
posted on BGV.
At about 2:00am, "Mr. X" tells us its time
to go to our next stop, Doug & Marty's Boar's
Head (otherwise known as Chesterfield's).
It is a short cab ride from The Hungry Duck.
Turn left out of the Duck and walk down an alley
to a side street. Do yourself a favor – bypass
the waiting taxis that are there on that side
street. These guys are just waiting and anxious
to take advantage of an unsuspecting American.
Walk another 100 yards to the main street and
catch a taxi there. You will end up saving
yourself a couple of bucks. It should cost
you between 30-50r for the taxi. I hate to
overpay guys that are trying to screw me :-)
Chesterfield's is a well lit Western-style bar.
It has a western USA decor and theme. They
have a techno-disco and a large dance floor.
I have a Preferred Member Card to this bar so
I don't pay any cover charge. For the rest of
you, I think the cover charge is 50r on week-
nights and 150r on weekends. 1/2 that for any
and all ladies. The bar has two American-style
pool tables but be careful about playing pool
for money with any of the ladies you might see
there. This bar is the "unofficial" home of the
"Russian Women's Pool Team" and let me tell you
there are some real "sharks" there. I'm a pretty
good stick myself and I was left with 3 balls on
the table by a very tall thin gal who I was told
was at one time one of the top high-jumpers in
the USSR. Now just a $50 working girl that
shoots a mean game of pool. The beer prices are
a little more expensive than at The Duck. I was
drinking beer in the 100-130r range for a big mug.
Unlike The Hungry Duck, this place is filled
with prostitutes. I would guess that 95% of the
ladies there are "working". As you walk into the
place you will notice that you will be "eyed up"
by a plethora of ladies sitting at the bar and
in the tables across from the bar. All of them
will be attempting to make eye contact with you.
It doesn't take long to figure this out. Women
will approach you like you are Tom Cruise or
something. They will not mention that they are
"working" until you ask them. You are safe to
assume they are ALL working in this place. A
few of the girls are "pretty rough" but most are
extremely attractive. Some are quite beautiful.
At this bar, the going rate is between $50 -$150
and is definitely open to negotiation. I have
been told you won't get much action below $40.
But guys, this is not the time or the place to be
pinching pennies:-)
I don't mind saying that after my now x-wife and
I decided to separate in September it has been a
long 7 month dry spell and I was looking to take
the "edge" off before I went down to Volgograd.
So I decided that an evening utilizing the
services of a "professional" was definitely in order.
I was immediately drawn to a tall shapely ample-
breasted brunette that was smiling at me. She
was eating a bowl of ice cream at the time. Her
name was Natasha and she spoke passable English.
We chatted for a bit and even danced a couple of
songs. I left to examine the other available
choices. After about 30 minutes of looking and
I came back to Natasha and negotiated the deal.
Probably the best $50 I spent on the trip :-)
Guys - unlike in the USA where the objective
of the hooker is to make her "john" cum as
quickly as possible - employing a Russian hooker
is an "all night" experience. They treat you
like you are a boyfriend and not a customer.
She stayed with me from 3:30am to 7am and would
have stayed longer except I was exhausted.
I was a bit "backed up" so I went through 3
rubbers without complaint. She seemed to enjoy
the experience as much as I did or she was one
hell of an actress - quite frankly I don't
care which :-)
Although I didn't actually go to this bar,
I understand that this is the place where
you will find the most beautiful women in Russia.
The cover charge is $25, but if you go early and
eat a dinner for $25, there is no cover.
Hookers here run $200-$500 and up. I've been
told by several different people that they are
"fashion model" beautiful. Absolutely stunning!
On my last night in Moscow, "Mr. X" came up to
me and said, "come on, I want to show you
something" We got into a taxi cab and he
instructed the driver that were interested in
finding dyevuskas. The guy knew exactly what
I he meant.
We drove a short distance and pretty soon we
saw two "ladies" standing on the street. The
driver stopped and told them we were looking
for prostitutes. They directed us back to a
small alley behind the building. I rolled
down my window and an older woman in the
company of her male Mafia "roof" asked me how
much money I was willing to spend. I said
$50. She clapped her hands and ladies started
appearing out of nowhere; scrambling for a
spot in front of the headlights of the taxi.
Within seconds, there were 40+ ladies of all
shapes and sizes, standing in front of the
headlights. It was almost like a police
lineup. "Number 5 step forward" you know.
I had to laugh a little out of nervousness.
Saw one that I kinda liked but she wanted
$100 - no soap. She dropped out of the line.
We repeated this process two more times
at two different locations - all within
a 5 block area of the first spot. At
each spot there were 40+ ladies all wanting
to sell their services. I ended up going
home alone that night - but was wiser for
the experience.
I understand that the ladies that are
involved in this process give over 1/2 of
the money to their Mafia "Roof". Most do
not speak any English and are brought to
Moscow from the small villages and towns
in rural Russia and Ukraine. Between the
two options I preferred Chesterfields
because the girl got to keep what you gave
her. However you will have to make your own
choices in this matter.
Prostitute Courtesy: When they leave to
go home in the morning , it is common
courtesy to give the lady 50r for cab fare.
As a safety precaution, be sure to put your
wallet someplace "secure" after you pay the
lady. Most are pretty honest, but you
don't want to put temptation in their path.
Also don't even think about using a
prostitute without using a condom. The use
of intravenous drugs is on the rise in
Russia and with that you can expect an
eventual increase in the appearance of
AIDS or "speed" as they call it in Russia.
Good luck and happy hunting while in Moscow!

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