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Conventional long form: Czech Republic
Local long form: Ceska Republika
Abbreviation: CZ

Capitol City
Prague (population 1.2 million)

Location and Climate
Central Europe, southeast of Germany. Temperate; cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters.

10,249,216 (July 2003 est.)

Roman Catholic 39.2%, Protestant 4.6%, Orthodox 3%, other 13.4%, atheist 39.8%

Czech. German spoken in the border towns.

Czech koruna (CZK)
CZK per US dollar: approx. 25.5 | CZK per Euro: approx. 31.5 (June 2004)
The CZ will switch to the Euro starting in 2009, but many establishments already accept it. Ask if you're not sure.

Internet Country Code


Other Information for the Traveler


Citizens of all Western European countries, Japan, and New Zealand can visit the CZ for up to 90 days, and UK citizens for up to 180 days, without a visa. US passport holders can stay for 90 days without a visa. Citizens of Australia, Canada, South Africa, and other countries must get a visa valid for stays of between 30 and 90 days, depending on nationality.

Violent crime is rare by US standards, but theft is common. Always lock your car and keep any valuables in the hotel. Pickpockets thrive in crowded places, expecially on trams and in Metro trains and stations. Take proper precautions. Never carry your wallet in your back pocket.

If you get hurt or sick. Expect Western-style treatment in Prague hospitals/clinics. Most doctors/dentists speak English. Most staff members don't. Expect to pay cash for treatment, although you might be allowed to use your credit card. Ambulance response can be slow, depending on the severity of your condition, and many ambulance companies expect you to pay them when you arrive at the hospital.

In case of emergency (fire, medical, police), dial 112. Operators speak German and English.

HIV/AIDS (2001 est.):
Adult prevalence rate: less than 0.1% | People living with HIV/AIDS: 500 | Deaths: less than 10

Prague's Metro is efficient. Trains run frequently between 5:00 AM and midnight. However, there are only three lines, so the Metro won't take you everywhere in Prague. Web Site

If you're staying in or near the Metro areas, you may occasionally have to depend on taxis. Never hail a cab from the street while in Prague, as independent cab drivers there tend to be dishonest. Better to call one from an operator. We recommend AAA Taxi. They are inexpensive and the operators speak English. Dial 14014.

If you're driving a rental car from Germany or Austria: Find an agency (try Sixt) that will allow you to take your car into the CZ. As the CZ is a former Eastern Bloc country, vandalism and theft are more common there. Expect to pay a higher insurance premium.

Telephone Information
Dialling Code: 420

Emergency Numbers (24 hours/day):
Police: 158 | Ambulance: 155 | Fire: 150

The CZ is on the European 220VC system, and uses different plugs and outlets. As such, your electric devices (razors, hairdryers, etc.) won’t work without a special adapter. Fortunately, this is inexpensive and is readily available at most travel stores.

Czech food is hearty and filling Leave your diet at home. Start with soup, like goulash or liver dumpling. Main courses can include chicken schniztels, beef and pork roasts or steaks, or stews. Dumplings, made either or potatoes or bread, are a popular side dish. For dessert, have strudel, ice cream, or pastry pockets filled with sweetened cottage cheese. And don't forget the beer. The CZ, home of Pilsner, Tuborg, Carlsberg, and the original Budwiser, arguably makes the best beer in the world.

Legal Status
Prostitution is legal, but pimping and traffickingare not. Local governments don't allow soliciting and communication for the purpose of prostitutionin public, but law enforcement rarely gets involved.

Legalized prostitution takes many forms here. These include:

This term refers to women who work out of their own homes or apartments. They are typically students looking to earn extra money or bored housewives/single women looking for more sexual fulfillment. They normally advertise over the Internet or in the Personals section of newspapers. You call the woman directly over the phone to make the appointment. Note that a working knowledge of the Czech language may be necessary in order to communicate with her over the phone and in person once you arrive at her place.

These women work either independently or for an agency operating our of the larger cities. They typically visit upscale hotels to service well-heeled business travelers. They tend to be very attractive and charge fees at the higher end of the scale. They normally advertise over the Internet or via pamphlets available in certain hotel lobbies. Click here for more information.

Traditional Brothels.
These range from smaller, non-descript establishments in the border towns, to large, ornate, more expensive establishments in the larger cities. These are almost alyways attached to a bar, where you are expected to order drinks for yourself and the lady you've selected before retiring to a private room to conduct business. Prices quoted are usually for half-hour and one-hour sessions in the smaller brothels, one-hour to all-night sessions in the larger brothels.
K5 in Prague is probably the best-known of the Prague establishments. Lotos Club of Prague is also popular.

These women patrol the 2-lane highways outside of the smaller towns to pick up motorists for action either in the motorist's car or in roadside shelters, such as bus stops. When they see you coming, they’ll step closer to the edge of the road so you can get a better look. Some may extend a hand, palm downward, and wave it up and down. This is equivalent to the hitchhiker’s thumb. Prices will normally be one-half to one-third of those charged in the border town brothels (see above). You get what you pay for.

In the downtown areas of larger cities, such as the vicinity of Perlova St. in downtown Prague, streetwalkers (typically of Gypsy descent) will come out after dark. Although prices are cheap, the service will be substandard and often dangerous, as you can expect that these women do not get checked or treated for STDs. Another thing to beware of: pickpockets. These women often pose as sex workers in order to prey on unsuspecting tourists. Your best bet: stay away.

FKK Club.
FKK Prague is the first CZ FKK club styled after the German model.

Other related topics:
In 2003 Czech authorities made sustained raids on some 400 brothels along German-Austrian border for the purpose of combating human trafficking and pimping. Czech government officials these raids because they were concerned about their country's image prior to its entry into the EU.

Some government officials have argued for the outright legalization of prostitution, claiming that it would help them combat human trafficking, pimping, and child prostitution and require legitimate sex workers to get licences and regular health checks.


Prague TV
What's happening in Prague.

US State Department
Travel information for the Czech Republic.

Author Message
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Jeffrey Din (Bruce_lee)
New Contributor
Username: Bruce_lee

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Registered: 6-2003

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Posted on Monday, June 09, 2003 - 12:13 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Compared to Germany which I went to for the first week, Prague and Borno was a disappointment. I went with 2 of the tour guides for my second week in Europe to see other parts of Europe like Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic.
In Borno, I went to the Moulin Rouge. The charged me 50 Euros for 50 minutes with the girl and they also charged me 29 Euros to buy the girl a champagne drink mixed with Red Bull. The girl was gorgeous and looked like Marsha Brady from the Brady Bunch. The sex AND the blowjob was covered though which was a major disappointment because in germany they do bbbjs so a cbj is inferior to the bbbjs I had in Germany. The intercourse was okay, not the best I had in my trip but not bad either. I still was disappointed that she pressured me into buying her a drink which added to the price of this sex. Also the tip bills were 5 Euros each and the drink ladies force you to give them one each for the drinks. Altogether I spent 50 Euros or 1250 Kr(girl) + 35 Euros or 875 Kr(drink) + 5 Euros or 125 Kr(tip for the lady) which is 90 Euros for sex at the Moulin Rouge.
After visiting Borno, we went to Prague and was even more disppointed. We visited the K-5 Relax which everyone swears by and were not impressed. The management took us on a tour of the facilities and it was smaller than most of the FKKs in Germany. The management also says that the girls only do cbjs and covered sex. I don't mind covered sex but I would like a bbbj. Then we saw the girls in the lounge and they did not look as good as the one I did in Moulin Rouge or any of the border girls in Dubi. Here's the part that made us leave, the price! For lower quality service than Germany they wanted 4000 Kr or 150 Euros for an hour with the girl. We opted out of that place after hearing the info.
We finished the night off by driving to Dubi for some border action. I checked out the street action while the tour guides did the window girls in the hotel like buildings. The girls on the street charge 25 Euros for a full service with cbj and cf. My tour guides tried to talk her down to 20 Euros for a full service with a bbbj. Since I didn't speak any Czech or German, she sharged me the 25 Euros and added 15 Euros for a bbbj which I paid her foolishly. I also paid the motel owner 6 Euros for the room for a half hour. (You can do them in the car or even on the roadside behind the bushes. The scars on her legs shows that she has done guys in the bushes. My tour guides went for the storefront ladies who are also gorgeous model looking girls. They also charge 25 Euros for full service or 15 Euros for just a blowjob (or 10 if you are a bargainer like my tour guides). And the time for these freelancers is a half hour. This is a much better bargain even for a ass like myself who overpaid for quality sex in Czech Republic than going to the tourist traps in prague or Borno.

Try for searching for adult entertainment in CZ.
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Fleer (Fleer)
New Contributor
Username: Fleer

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Registered: 4-2003

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Posted on Friday, April 25, 2003 - 11:33 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I was told that the north of the Czech republic is in a way a brothel for the whole Germany. Here's what I saw. I do not know if its reserved for Germans but yes : you can find what you want there. I repeat : what you want ! You can land in Prague (Praha) and then rent a car to go to Teplice (to the north), then taking the road along the German border, to go to Karlovy Vary and after to Cheb. I don't know anything on Praha because I had to work a lot. Then I went to Teplice which is 60 or 70 miles to the north (1 hour by the motorway to Germany - Dresden). You have to do like if you were going in Germany. The street leaving Teplice to Dresden by the north is literally full of quality brothels and street action ! In the brothels, you can drink dance eat and more of course. The drinks are not expensive at all. Neither the girls. And when they promise you something, it's because they find you ok. Then you usually obtain what you were promised. I suggest you don't stop in the street coz the girls are quite ugly even they are quite young (near 20). Some are obviously tired ! I remember some brothels where the girls (mostly from cz and Poland) are really beautiful. Maybe younger. Yes. Notice that the official sex majority in cz is 15 so it seems that the government tolerates that. It's quite surprising at the beginning. In fact during 6 miles you can find anything along the street. If you need to stop even only 1 minute along the street, there's immediately a boy (often very young) coming out of a building to propose you a member of his family against 20 $ or so. I did not understand everything as I don't speak cz nor German but I suppose many things can happen to you and this is not very secure. In fact there are two kind of people : Slavic and gypsies (the poorest). The gypsies are very brown. I suggest you to stay far from them and to choose any Slavic blonde cutie. In summer they are often students making money during their holidays as two of them told me. Well I think one could spend days and days there ! And the more you speak German the better it is coz girls usually don’t speak English and sometimes they even don’t understand a word ! When you leave Teplice to Karlovy by the road along the German border, you cross towns all full of street action like in Teplice but I think Teplice in one sense is the best. Especially the main town before Karlovy (Chomuchov) which I didn't visit. Street action is even present along the roads ! From early in the morning to late in the evening. I didn't see anything special in Karlovy excepted a Ferrari parked outside for the night. That’s the 1st time I see that ! Must say that the center of Karlovy is twice rich as Monaco Monte Carlo. Many palaces. And then you come to Cheb. What to say about it ?! Cheb is a 40 000 people town. Believe me its very nice and very typical ! Full of history. But its got something special : its a giant bowel. Nothing less. Im used to this coz living in Paris. But there its different : it seems that prostitution is a must. Many are many girls are prostitutes. Several at each corner of the streets. And it seems that they retire themselves early : no one is more than 20. Never seen that ! dunno why ! Cheb is 10 times luscious than Teplice. If cz was a meal, Teplice would be a good first dish and cheb would be the principal one ! Action day and night. Everywhere. Even some girls rambling on in the streets and seeming casual girls are prostitutes. That’s all folks. Just come there to see by your eyes. Prices are not expensive at all. People are friendly. You will drive 150 miles to see those 3 or 4 towns (coz cz is a small country). It's a nice 3 or 4 days trip...
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New Contributor
Username: pisces45

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Posted on Monday, December 16, 2002 - 12:00 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Hi, fellow travelers, I am one of the blessed who is both fluent in Czech and German. I spent 3 years in Prague. Can't say enough about the sex scene there. For those who can't speak the language, here are a few pointers:

Full Service: plni sluzba (pulnee sluzhba)
How much does it cost: Kolik stoji? (ko-leek stoy-yi?)

One hour - jedna hodina (yed-na ho-dee-nah)

Any more phrases? Remember Czech is always pronounced with emphasis on the 1st syllable of each word.

Na stesti -(Good Luck) = Nah Shtyestiii.
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Ready (Ready)
New Contributor
Username: Ready

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Posted on Friday, June 27, 2003 - 6:43 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Open: Non-Stop = for a day and night, Daytime/Night = for example from 12:00 to Night, Night Only = from 18:00 or later to Night. Note: Praha = Prague, Kč = CZK (prices).

Big Sister Night Club Praha 5,N?dra?n? 46 [link] Open: Daytime/Night
The BigSister club has over sixteen hundred square meters of luxurious accommodations including fourteen bedrooms. Seven of the bedrooms are custom prepared with a unique theme... the K5 way. BigSister is like no other club in the world.

Lotos Club Night Club Praha 4,Kupeck?ho 832 [detail] Open: Non-Stop
Environment of club is original and full of ideas. Guests are absolut free. Girls in this club are beautifull and real professional girls in their branch. Every girl can speak one foreign language at least and of course they are excellent hostess.

AAA Club, Escort & Models Night Club Praha 5,Holečkova 105/177 [detail] Open: Night Only

AAA Club & Escort is special not only with offer of the girls, there is no pressure, clean and modern environment, friendly and pretty girls, very nice and professional staff. We speak english and italian. In our club the guest is the king.
161 Night Club Night Club Praha 8,Sokolovsk? 161 [link] Open: Daytime/Night
Located in the same house as our club, but in the separate area, not part of the club itself, there is a well-equipped SM Saloon featuring bench, logs, whips, handcuffs, ladies dress etc.
Laura Club Night Club Praha 3,Jeseniova 166 [link] Open: Daytime/Night
Don?t you need to take a break from today?s hectic rush? Make your body and soul relax and in the same moment enjoy yourself? The club is situated in a secession-style villa. If you want to make a historic-erotic journey through time, come and visit us.
Laguna Night Club Night Club Olomouc,Frajtovo n?měst? [detail] Open: Night Only
Our attractive girls will care for great entertainment and unforgettable experiences. In the privacy of our rooms the girls will fulfill you even your most intimate dreams and you will be feeling wonderfully.
Rita Club Night Club Praha 3,Bořivojova 43 [link] Open: Non-Stop
Night and day in your proper style. Company any time during the day. We will make your secret wishes come true. Our girls offer their services to couples and shy men as well.
Night Club Dransy Night Club Praha 6,Evropsk? 689 [link] Open: Non-Stop
You are invited to come and try out our artificial lake based a luxurious cute little inhouse junge. The first rule in Night Club Dransy is an utter discrecy, the second is a constant availability of a number of special girls at your service.
Night Club Afrodita Night Club Praha 3,?erot?nova 40 [link] Open: Night Only
A newly reconstructed club in Prague 3 furnished in the style of Ancient Rome. Luxurious environment for reasonable prices. Six to eight Czech girls are waiting for you every day.
Hanka Servis Night Club Praha 10,Bulharsk? 10 [link] Open: Night Only
We are inviting you to the club with a long standing tradition in a field of high-quality erotics. There is always a minimum of 15 girls ready to please you and to be of an assistance to your wet dreams.
Extasy Club Night Club Praha 3,Chlumova 13 [link] Open: Daytime/Night
Our girls are waiting to fulfil your each and every wish. You can comfortably sit in our sofa, drink one of your favorites and gaze at the beautiful bodies of our ladies, dancing at the podium just for your eyes, or showing autoerotics or lesbishow.
Ariadne Night Club Praha 1,?itn? 4 [link] Open: Daytime/Night
Dancers, strip show, go-go, private rooms, torture room for SM servis, gynecology chair, stylish restaurant where we can organise stag parties. Many nice girls rotate here so you shall meet every day different constelation of girls.
Cabaret Atlas Night Club Praha 1,Ve Smečk?ch 31 [link] Open: Night Only
In a climatized futuristic environs of highly acclaimed night cabaret club Atlas is presenting a colourful erotic program that is sure to boil each men?s blood. In the privacy of our rooms the girls are waiting to fulfil your each and every wish.
K5 Relax Club Night Club Praha 2,Korunn? 5 [link] Open: Daytime/Night
Within three floors above the roofs of Golden Prague, everyone will find what he is looking for. The K5 nights are long - and hot - as hot as our girls which will impress you as we know the customer is still the king.
VIVIEN Night Club Night Club Praha 5,Strakonick? 2583 [link] Open: Night Only
Night Club situated in Prague 5, offering comprehensive range of services including escort. Of course, you can visit us directly in our premises ? secured parking available, strip show, lesbi show, bar, relaxation massage.
Andr? Night Club Night Club Praha 4,Svatoslavova 13 [link] Open: Night Only
Night Club Andr? is offering a number of different erotic services. Escort service is also available. You can also order an open-garden party which we shall supply with all neccessary basics for a grill or other roast.
St. Pauli Night Club Praha 7,Jankovcova 31 [link] Open: Non-Stop
Our girls are all considered to have reached an eclusive level of service quality. Taxi transportation to the club is free of charge and as a bonus, cab driver shall come to pick you up with a girl inside a car prepared to accompany you during the ride.
Club Tango Night Club Praha 5,Petř?nsk? 4 [link] Open: Night Only
Designed with plenty of dark woods and reproduction chippendale furnishings, Tango looks and feels very much like an English gentleman?s club.
Cabaret Nancy Night Club Praha 1,Krakovsk? 25 [link] Open: Night Only
Cabaret Nancy you allows invite on overnight erotic programme. All your secret wish you realize every day twenty pleasant lady-companion, that are ready for you amuse with how you are yet crude.
Fkk Prague Night Club Jesenice,Budějovick? 159 [link] Open: Night Only
The first FKK club in Prague is located at 15 km south from the center of Prague. Our taxi will take you from anywhere in Prague if you call us. Over twenty beautiful young girls will be your friends with only G-string panties and high heels.
Desire Cabaret Night Club Praha 1,V J?mě 8 [link] Open: Night Only
Perfect place for entertainment in the center of Prague. There is a non-stop show going on in the club. There are seven fully equipped rooms in there, two whirlpools and over thirdy beautiful ladies, who are ready to fulfil your wishes and desires.
Empire Club Night Club Praha 1,Opletalova 12 [link] Open: Night Only
Empire club is situated in the very center of Prague city, on the Wenceslas square. The club?s total space exceeds 1.500 square meters. Our international top models are expecting you in our fifteen luxurious rooms.
Agama Night Club Night Club Rudn? u Prahy,Rudn? u Prahy [link] Open: Non-Stop
Luxurious night club in near surroundings of Prague, in the direction of Pilsen, motorway exit Rudna u Prahy. From the motorway exit on you will be lead by our posters. The club itself looks more like a small chateau.
Angel Night Club Night Club Praha 2,Neklanova 14 [link] Open: Night Only
Angel private apartment is a cosy bar with a fireplace. Daytimes we are open for private parties with erotic programs, which can be ordered on the phone. At night we are open as a classic commodious night club.
Alibaba Night Club Brno,?tef?nikova 4 [link] Open: Night Only
We offer a unique atmosphere of the ALIBABA fairy tale. Come to a luxurious club where your secret wishes can come true in the company of beautiful girls.
Velvet Night Club Praha 4,Ve Svahu 13 [link] Open: Non-Stop
The luxurious club with an outstanding tradition offers a relaxation in a company of at least 40 Czech girls with a wast knowledge of foreign languages. If you are looking for quality and luxury, search no longer. The flagship of erotic welcomes you.
Lady Marion Night Club Karlovy Vary,Ondř?čkova 28 [link] Open: Night Only
A night club for 40 people with a luxuriously furnished interior, with a Czech personnel and girls with knowledge of foreign languages. You will surely choose some of the eight stylish and thematically designed rooms.
Darling Cabaret Night Club Praha 1,Ve Smečk?ch 32 [link] Open: Daytime/Night
Luxurious and spacy Darling Cabaret situated at the very centre of Prague city, just about twenty meters from the Wenceslas square, offers a pleasant staff, beautiful ladies (as well as asian and oriental girls) and constant on-stage cabaret show.
European Escorts
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Sp (Sp)

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Posted on Monday, June 25, 2001 - 9:00 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

When I last visited I took the train ride from Dresden Germany to Prague. Note that the main Prague train station closes around 11pm and reopens at 6am. So if your planning just a day trip you'll be stranded if you don't catch a train back to Germany before closing.

I've heard that there are hundreds of brothels that line the highway from Dresden to Prague. You won't have access to these should you take the train. I've heard that Hertz will rent you a car that you can drive into Czech. Make sure you inform them prior to the rental as only certain models and makes of rental cars are permitted to enter CZ.

The dollar is strong in Prague and things like food are inexpensive. A meal for two with drinks is well under $10. Sex runs you from $40 up depending on if you do a club, amateur in the local paper, brothel or a escort. What I noticed when I first got off the train and made my way to downdtown was how plentiful, attractive and well dressed the women were. Now the downside, not many speak any English at all. I found a few that spoke German as Germany borders CZ but English was worthless most of the time. Some of the brothels I found in a local guide at the newstand had women that were average to scary. Prices again were about $60 for FS. There was usually lots of pressure to buy drinks.

There are also brothels in other major cities but finding them is the key. So do your research before you go.
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Posted on Sunday, January 10, 1999 - 3:17 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

There are lots of hookers along the highway from Dresden to Prague, Prague by the way has some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. None of which spoke english. Prices were about $40 and up for $30 minutes. There is a neat brothel only a few blocks from the main train station. The drinks get a bit pricey.
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Rating: N/A
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Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 1999 - 5:46 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I was in Preague last year. I do not know about this clubvoge but there are many good brothels there. The one near the train station is very nice but small. There are also places all over town.
check out this is a site to a brothel in Prague. It is only in Czech Lang.
Also, when in town buy a prague sex guide there are many places listed.
The price will be between 1500-4000 KC per hour based on how classy the place is.:) lotos is billed as the best in town. conversion is about 26 KC to $1.
I hope this helps.
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Posted on Friday, January 29, 1999 - 3:44 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

About a year ago I visited Prague by train. We were able to buy a sex guide at a news stand that directed us to about 6 clubs. Prices ranged from $40 to $100 per hour. Actually the drinks cost me more then the women. They did speak some english. We should have drove from reading the posts about the hooker filled highways, This is a photo from the guide of Janna whom I paid $60 for an hour. Careful the drinks cost me $40 alone. Nice to have a board to exchange stuff guys the wsg was getting kinda old and outdated.
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Posted on Friday, February 25, 2000 - 12:52 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Interesting concept and way of doing business that should have Nevada prostitutes in an uproar. Think about this, a girl from another country flys to your US or Canada destination and services you. Still less then what you pay a few hours by an American counterpart. Its already very common to see girls that are not from the US working escort. La-exotics for example has lots of them. Now men that normally would not want to fly to Europe for fun can have it delivered to them for a small fee. Im sure once you have a gal come from a service and pay the $2000-$3000 for a few days of pleasure she will return minus the service fees the following time. Plus you could share her with friends. Imagine paying a gal $3000 for 5 days in the US and spliting it 10 ways? Its no different then what Nevada brothel owners do. Except they hide behind this "so called legal image". Yet its common for the Nevada brothels to break the law and do outcalls. Outcalls are session done away from the brothel and usually not in the legal county where prostitution is legal. So who is breaking the law here? But who is to say what is legal. Its legal to have a girlfriend for 3 days and pay her expenses, after all girlfriends perform sex. Think about it as the sex part being FREE and you paying her expenses. Now that's not against the law....
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Votes: 27 (Vote!)

Posted on Monday, August 07, 2000 - 3:32 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I've been traveling to eastern Europe since 1992, especially Prague where I'm going every month. So I can probably help you with some info about the Prague night life.

Everything is possible in Prague : from young model type girls to old fat women - Price from 1.000 czk/night to 10.000 czk/hour !!!

What are you looking for ? Escort services, Night Clubs, hotel lobby girls, street girls, students/amateurs or pro's in discos, private massage salons ???

I don't like escort services ( eskort servis ) because girls are never like describe on the phone, not especially cheap (up to 500 USD/hour) and girls never stay more than 45 minutes. You can find phone numbers of escort agencies in free magazines like Prague this month... ( more than 10 magazines that you can receive in hotels or touristic shops in the old town).

I don't recommend street girls that you can find around Vaclasvke Namesti and narodni Trida... cheap but older and bad looking girls, most are roms using drugs. Caution : HIV ! Business is running by taxis drivers.

If you don't speak Czech language, It will be a little bit difficult for you to negotiate with independent girls working in private flats ( privat ). If you want to try, buy " annonce " newspaper. You will find a lot of phone numbers for massages. Cheap but not the best quality girls ( handjob=rucni masaze : 300/600 czk, blowjob=oralni masaze : 800 czk, straight sex/intercourse=normalny seks : from 1.200 to 4.000 czk/hour ).

For lobby girls, try Deluxe hotels like Hilton or Intercontinental. Expensive ( 200/300 USD / hour ). Not bad looking but older and more pro ( passive, mechanical sex ).

Best is to pick up a girl in discos : you can find students/amateurs as well as pro's. Students will charge you ridiculous prices ( I remember two 18/20 years old student who charge me 1.000 czk all night + drinks and taxis ! ). Pro's will charge you 4.000/5.000 czk for about 1 hour. Always good services. Czech are very good •••••••. Now you can also find a lot of Ukrainian girls on the market. They do everything but... ( BBBJ, handjob in taxi or discos... but HIV ? ).

It changes quickly, but for the moment try Letna diskoteka, U Zlateho Stromu, Arena, Musicpark, Radost FX, Mecca... ). I found a lot of young and pretty girls ( 18/25 years old ) in discos and music bars !!!

A good idea is also to spend evening and night in night clubs ( nocni kluby ). More than 130 clubs in Prague ! But need a selection. Cheaper clubs are offering medium quality girls ( Atlas club, Hanka service... from 2.400 czk/hour - entrance fee 200/400 czk - girls drinks regular prices ). If you're looking for a 18/25 years old model type girl take a look in Apollon Club, K5 relax Club or Lotos Club... 4.500 czk/hour - entrance fee 700/1.000 czk - girls drinks 300/350 czk ) but very good investment ! Always possible to bring the girl to your hotel room.

Remarks : 1 hour you pay = 1 REAL hour full service including massage, blowjob and sex. You can come 1, 2 or 3 times during your 1 hour time !!!

Be carefull with taxis drivers in Prague. They can charge you crazy prices ( sometimes 10 x regular prices !!! ). And this day & night !!! Be aware from taxis waiting in Vaclavske namesti, Namesti Republiky, Narodni Trida... Don't forget all taxis are connected with night clubs, who will charge you expensive entrance fees ( up to 1.000 czk ) because of commission for taxis drivers. When you go back to your hotel from the night club, ask also the price before you go in the taxi. They will try to overcharge you again.

It exists also 2 or 3 " Prague sex guide " : a map with advertising of night clubs and sex shops. I never need to use it ! Prague is full of sex, just look around you !!!

additional information :

Magazines for tourists like "Prague guide", "Welcome to Prague", "Prague this month", "Prague heart of Europe"... are only providing addresses of companies who are advertising in their issues. It means : not necessary the best addresses. You can find hotels, restaurants, theaters, discos as well as a few night clubs & escort agencies.

"up to date" infos about discos :

Disco Mecca & Radost FX : Good clubs but most of the girls with their boyfriends !!! Not lucky with the lonely girls available these nights...

Try Letna diskoteku (Veletrzni 61,Praha 7),Arena (Melantrichova 5,Praha 1), Fromin (Vaclavske Namesti 21,Praha 1), Club Lavka (Novotneho Lavka 1, Praha 1),Music Park (Francouzska 4, Praha 2) and U Zlateho Stromu(Karlova 6, Praha 1)...impossible to go back alone to your hotel room !!! Entrance fee= +/-50 czk. Soft drinks/beers +/- 25 czk. Long drinks= +/- 65 czk. Bottle of local sparkling wine=250 czk.

For discos out of downtown it's better to have a Czech guide.

If you'd like to spend good time in night clubs, try the following ones :

- Lotos Club (Kupeckeho 832,Praha 4 -tel. 7916825) 24/24 hours, 2/3 girls during the day/up to 20 girls at night. One of the best night club. strip show. Standard room=3.500 czk/1 hour. Room with jacuzzi=4.500 czk/1 hour.

- Relax Klub K5 (Korunni 5, Praha 2 -tel. 24250505). 16h00-04h00, about 12/15 girls. Prices depending services requested (offering sauna, massages, Jacuzzi, pedicure, manicure, bar, restaurant... and rooms !).

- Apollon Club (Sokolovska 60,Praha 8 -tel. 24815945). 20h00-06h00, about 10/15 girls. One of the best night club in Prague. strip show. Standard room=3.500 czk/1 hour. Room with jacuzzi=4.500 czk/1 hour.

- Drancy Night Club (Evropska 681,Praha 6 - tel.361573). New club on the road to airport. Open on evenings & nights. Never tried myself but received good report by other hotel guests.

- Atlas Club (Ve Smeckach 31,Praha 1 - tel. 96224260). 24/24 hours, about 20 girls at night. Strip show. Located in centrum (Wenceslas square). Standard room=2.400 czk/1 hour. Room with jacuzzi=3.500 czk/1 hour.

- Hanka Servis ( Bulharska 10,Praha 10 - tel. 734011). 24/24 hours, 2/3 girls during the day, 10/15 girls at night. Standard room=2.400 czk/1 hour. Room with jacuzzi=3.500 czk/1 hour. Entrance fee depending your arrival ( by yourself or with taxi driver ). From 200czk to 1.000 czk, sometimes free if during the day.

Drinks are normal prices for you, more expensive for girls ( often cocktails with beautiful colors but no alcohol that you will pay 300/350 czk !!!). Girls are of course drinking so fast...(as far as I know, they didn't receive commission on drinks ). Better is to order a bottle of Bohemia Sekt (local sparkling wine maximum 600/800 czk/bottle) and share the bottle with the girl(s).

Most beautiful girls were found in Lotos Club and Apollon Club (attractives 18-24 years old, tall, slim, pretty face, friendly & good sex).

Some night clubs are also offering their girls for escort, just ask the boss. Some girls are doing escort in "private", I mean when not working in night club. These girls are working only 2 or 3 nights a week in night club and will maybe accept to escort you on "night off". Enjoy yourself in fantastic Prague ! Mark
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I was in Prague during February for three nights. I guess most people know that Prague is famous for its girls and escort service and here is my experience. First the address given by other reviewers "95 Branika" is closed and a family is now living there. It was embarrassing to call them.

First day I was there I visited a girl in a flat. They have a website and advertise under the name Pornoklub. I met Christine. What a pretty girl and fantastic body. She was very kind and caring. All sex was covered but was quite enjoyable. I paid 2500ck/hour (~$80) which was well worth it. She insisted that we made love twice.

The same evening I felt adventurous again and went to another flat where the girl spoke no English. She did sound very friendly on the phone and I decided to take a chance. I got there 30 minutes after midnight and found out that she was over forty.

She had a very clean apartment and appeared a lady with a lot of class and personality. I did not have the heart to turn around and leave. She asked for 1500 ck but then agreed to 1000ck for the hour. I decided if nothing I just drink a glass of wine with her and leave. We managed to start a lot of conversations using a mixture of Czech, Russian, English and German. I began to enjoy her company. She was in no way professional and was doing this to make ends meet. She then invited me to bed and I decided that I will go ahead with it. I was quite surprised with the experience. She had quite a good body with smooth skin and nice big pear of breast. The experience was not about mad passionate sex but about care and tenderness. She caressed me tenderly for a long while and I did the same in return. She then proceeded to kissing me French and giving a BJ uncovered which was quite enjoyable. After about an hour of very arousing foreplay we get on to the business. This was slow and took a long time. I could feel that she was building up to having an orgasm and when it happened there was no mistaking of it. It was deep, strong and I felt the relieve on her face and the way her body responded. She did scream the house down. I followed her shortly and then we laid there for half an hour. I smoked a cigarette and we had another glass of wine. She then insisted on offering me a lift to my hotel in her original Skoda. When I got out of the car, I offered her an additional 2000ck as a friendly gesture. She would not have it. She gave me a kiss and a tight cuddle and left without the money. Her name was Simona and her number is (02) 227-123-09, (0602)367-785. When I later looked at her website, I noticed that she had said she was a mature lady. Next time I am in Prague I will definitely see her and treat her very nice.

The following night I visited another flat at the centre. Again 2500ck/hour. The girl was nice and all else was covered and average. I cannot remember whether or not we kissed.

The last night I visited Mila's Holiday Escort Home in the suburb of Prague. I stayed the night with Jana and agreed a rate of DM 390 for the whole night.

Jana was 18 Czech girl. Not the best looking girl with a figure a bit on the full side. She was however very genuine, caring friendly and sexmad. Lot of kissing, beautiful large natural silky breasts which were both pleasure to look at and touch. Very soft and silky skin all over her body. BJ was brief and uncovered and she was inviting me to have sex without condom which I declined. The sex was great and she did not seem to be getting enough no matter what I did. Before all this I took her out to dinner and we had a good laugh as she is quite funny.

The next morning, she made me some coffee and pinned me down again before I left. The telephone number is 00420-606957358
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- I am in prague for buisiness since more than two years and i also visitet the young girls at 95 Bxxxxxxx ( new location known),
but time goes on, and so alexandra and helena both are back to the ukraine.
also the flat is no longer time at branika, and finaly also the homepage moved:
homepage is now at:
adress is: slavetinska 764, prague 9 klanovice
tel.-no. is: 00420 606 957 358

but here is my actual report:

i was surprised, when i arrived at the new house. it is big and new and nice.
there also are four girl living with mila at this house, they all are young and very atractive!!

i spend a night with irena, a young lady with a beautiful body. after a shower, she gave me a bj i will never forget...:-))
also sex with her was uncredible.
for the price you pay there, you would get anywhere else only a room.....

one time i tried lefantasy in prague, but they were not worth the money...:-((
they have the more pretty picture in the internet, but the service is not vo good as they always say! and for their price you can stay min three nights with milas girls....

so i know about what i am writing, i also stayed a night with nadja, lateron with corinna and with alina. they all are very young and atractive, we had great sex and much fun!!

i hope, my job will bring me stil a long time often to prague so i can visit these beautiful girls!!!!
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Sex in Prague, Czech Republic!!!!!!-- Travel Report -- Hello all, Here is a report on one situation in Prague that has been reported previously in this group, along with an announcement of my retirement as a participant inthis hobby. Why? - because I can't see it possible that I will ever have a better situation.

I arrived by plane on business in a different city and went immediately to Prague. I went to the flat at 95 Bxxxxx Street (Moved-no new location known) (ring at Rybovic) in district IV (Branik) of Prague.

This was like a combination of a bed-and-breakfast and the ultimate brothel. When I arrived at about 21.30, the manager wasn't there. They invited me in and served me dinner and drinks, and I had a garage where you can park your vehicle (convenient for Prague where cars disappear quite often).

About 22.00, the manager arrived and she talked some with me and served me another soft drink. After explaining the fee structure, DM300 (about $170 for you Americans) per lady for all night, she asked me which lady I would like. Girl is probably more accurate than lady. Alexandra was 18 and was really just a girl, fresh from the Ukraine. Helena was 20 and also from the Ukraine. (geez, I'm getting a hard-on as I remember this night to write about it).

Alexandra was blonde and very youthful. probably about 5'4" and 50 kg, with about a 34B bra size. Helena was a bit older, but with some inner charm, probably about 5'6" and maybe 55 kg., with about a 36B bra size. I would say Alexandra was about a 7 and Helena about a 6.

Well I had come here with one purpose, to spend the night with two women. This is what I told the manager (I wish I could remember her name). She actually tried to dissuade me, by saying I could have sex as many times as I wanted with the girl I chose, but if I chose 2 girls I would have to pay for both. I reassured her that this is what I wanted. I don't think she knew how cheap this was. Granted this was a small 2 bedroom flat and not a downtown hotel, but most of the hotels in Prague cost about DM 300 for the night. I think of it as ""buy the room, get a girl for free"" - does it get any better than that?

We each then showered, first Alexandra, then me, then Helena, and I talked with the manager again for a bit. About 23.15 I paid her for the night, kisses her on the cheek, and went to the bedroom for the night, where the girls were waiting for me. Communicating with them was somewhat interesting, since they speak only Russian and German fluently. My German is very broken but we all knew what I was there for and we figured it out. Alexandra's and Helena's styles were very different. Alexandra was a sex machine. She acted (and I believe it might be true) that she really enjoyed sex. Helena was more like a girl friend, more shy but yet tender. Without getting too too graphic, I can tell You that I came 4 times that night, and it would be even more if I had a fluid left for them. They screwed me together,singly, gave bbbj`s, etc. We also slept until about 10.00. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have sex with one or the other, and it was great. Alexandra even offered me a snack after we had sex in the middle of the night. It appeared nothing was taboo with either of them, though I didn't try anything overly kinky, or greek, or ask them to eat each other out (still not sure why on the last issue).

The next morning, Alexandra gave me the best BJ I've ever had, and I didn't even come. I couldn't- they had pumped me dry all night. But Alexandra was determined. She sucked me for probably 30 minutes, like a machine some times. She was extremely determined to et me off. I knew I couldn't get off, but I felt so good I wasn't going to stop her. I got up eventually, showered, and like any hotel in Prague breakfast was served. Around the breakfast table, after eating, Helena and Alexandra started vigorously rubbing my crotch trying to get me to sleep with them again. I wish I could have. But after an hour or so I got up and left. I figure that it will never get any better than this, so I am retiring from the hobby. For those of you who would like to experience this, though, it is strongly recommended. If you live in US, you can probably get a return flight from the US to Prague for about $700 or so. Add $175 for the lady for all night, and you cant beat the deal. Where in North America are you going to get a woman for the night for under $900, and additional nights for ß175, hotel and meals included? I sure haven't seen that in this group. Happy hunting! Eric
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If you are staying at a large hotel and do not wish to go out to look for a •••• you can pick up a girl in your hotel lobby. You will usually find a few beautiful young ladies, age 18-25, dressed to kill. The convenience and quality come at a cost, - the rate is around $250 per hour. They are very professional in bed for wild straight and oral sex.

The sex industry in Prague is well organized and there are not many freelancers around. If you are after the lowest prices go to the north end of Wenceslas Square near the K-Mart supermarket (‘Národní Trída’ metro station) and the National Museum. Street girls can be picked up between 8 pm and midnight. $60 will buy one straight ••••. Do not expect the girls to speak English.

For information about organized prostitution we suggest buying the guide ‘Prag at Night’ available at many newsagents and book shops. This publication lists all reputable nightclubs and brothels in the capital and has a lot of other useful information for travellers. There are over 50 brothels in Prague. You have to phone the establishments (the numbers are listed in the guide) to find out prices.

Many brothels are like nightclubs and offer sex shows, usually between 9 pm and 5 am. Typical entrance fee is around $15 and drinks are $10-20.

The following clubs are recommended.

Laura Club (tel 684 7800) at Jeseniova 166, Praha 3 is in an old town house and is lavishly decorated. Several girls are usually available. Most of them are Czech and speak some English. The rate is $100 per hour.

Riviera Club (tel 702097) at Bezdrevska 56, Praha 9. To get here from the city centre will cost $20 by taxi. This is a very elegant place and the staff speak English. Admission charge is $40 and includes $20 worth of drinks. There are about 10 girls available. They all are first class and cost $120 per hour. They •••• as well as they look. Large clean private rooms are available upstairs.
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Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2000 - 9:05 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Hello! I was in Prague and went to Branicka-Street 95 and rang at Rybovic as described in this guide and on the website
A young girl named Alexandra opened the door and I fell in love with her in the same moment. I decided to sleep on this flat, because the price of 180 USD included the overnight on this place. I spent all together 3 days and nights with Alexandra for only 540 USD. It was something like a small holidays with just a girlfriend. I never had the feeling to be at a prostitute. I could kiss her on her lips as strong and as many times I wanted. On the evenings I went out to eat something with her. There were no restrictions. She told me everything about her life and in the nights we made so many times and so intensive sex with each other, that I want to go back very soon. I also recommend Svetlana, Andrea and Luzifer. Telephone is 00420-244465963. Website: Adress: Branicka-Street 95, Prague-Branik, ring at Rybovic.
Much fun!
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Posted on Sunday, October 29, 2000 - 12:58 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I think that Prague is the best town in Europe.
First of all I precise that if you are in the category of men that after one hour from plane landed, are in a brothel, this is not the town for you.
In this case, Cuba or Rio or Bangkok are much better. Low prices and thousand of pro and semi pro everywhere.
In this town you can save a lot of money but you must take your time: be sure at the end you'll pass a very beautiful sex holiday.
The first thing to say is that Prague is full of very nice brothels (you will find their names everywhere, the best are: Lotos Club, Kleopatra, Riviera Club, Escade, Velvet) but, also if it's true here you can get, generally, very nice and young girls, these are tourist's places and the prices are very high (in the last 4 year they are doubled) and, at the end, if the main reasons of your travel are a quite of good, inexpensive sex relax hours, it's not necessary to came here and pay about 160$ to fuck one hour a pro: for this price everybody can provide a stunning one near his own town about all over Europe.
The game, here, is very different and I can explain it.
The first thing to remember is that, everywhere in the world, also local people like to fuck. There is, in each east Europe town, a local sex market and a tourist sex market.
The difference is that generally local people can't go in the above clubs and pay 1 hour sex for the simply reason that 160$ is the money a medium worker take in a week.
Consequently there is a local market who costs about 70% less than the tourists sex market, but the girls, you can be sure, are the same stunning, and, if you are very lucky, Claudia Shiffer style.
Buy a newspaper called ""Announce"" part B. On the last pages you will find a lot of ""announce"" of girl with the number. Now buy a telephone card, take you time and use a public phone. Most of girls speak a little bit of English: the only things you are interested is her address. When you have a collection of 6/7 addresses (help yourself with the index of a town map)take a taxi (or metro if you know a little the town or helping yourself with a map) and program a systematic tour of each one: you can be sure that in 5/6 visits you will find the girl of your dream.
The prices? 25$ half hour and 40$ one hour with a stunning 20 years old girl. If you are particularly lucky (it's not so difficult) and find a superstar, model style, and you want to organize something more than a simple fuck, try offer her 100$ for dinner, disco, and fuck her all the time you want in the comfort of your hotel room. 90% she'll say yes.
Remember that I never met a girl doesn't pretends condom for sex (in the case you will find one, you must pretend it: nothing I know about AIDS in Czech Republic!!) but most of them give fantastic blow job without it.
With this simple system last august I met a 19 years old students and spend two beautiful hours in my room at Panorama Hotel for only 2.000 Kron (about 65$).
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Posted on Saturday, February 24, 2001 - 8:02 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Summary of my trip to Prague on Feb 15-18.

The taxi from the airport to the Renaissance hotel cost me about 560kc. I used the taxi a four times during my stay to get around the city and had no problem with what they charges. I also had no problem walking around the city center up to 4am. A person can commute anywhere in the city by subway or rail. I bought a three-day’s pass that allows unlimited travel for both system. A detail map can be obtained from an attendant at any metro station.

I visited a disco club called Music Park on Friday night around 11pm and it was pretty crowded. There were quite a lot of attractive girls, but they seem to be with their guy’s friend and a few others were with their girlfriends. I did not see any of the girls by themselves. During the night there was a show where a girl (gorgeous) would come out dance and strip naked to three songs. Since there is a strip club at lower level, I assumed that this girl could be from there. At one time a guy also came out and dance naked. The crowds started to dwindle down about 2:30am.

There is a few good nightclubs located in Wencellas Square. Club Nancy and Club Atlas are located on the last two right streets as you headed toward the statues. I visited these clubs after 10pm and many of the girls are very pretty. Also Club Adrianne is not too far from the area. This club is very small compare to the rest. I noticed that the prettiest girls seem to be cold and distant in the room, but the girls who make eye contact and talk with you tend to fare better. By no mean, these girls are also pretty.

I did not see any working girls hanging around the square. I walked on both side and did not see any prospect. Maybe it’s the cold weather.

I visited Lotos Club one afternoon and there were only two girls working. I went with a very pretty girl and had a good time. She was soaking wet down there; I mean dripping wet, and one of the firsts I’ve encountered from this hobby. I assumed there would be more girls working at night and the girls would probably be hotter. On Saturday night I visited Marthy Club, also very small club where there were only two girls working. I chose a pretty girl and she was good. The first girl that I encountered that French kiss in the club or private.

Price for Marthy Club was 2800kc/hour with no cover charge. Club Atlas and Club Nancy cost 2500kc/hr with 250kc cover charge. Club Lotos cost 4000kc/hr with 400 or 500kc cover.

I tried two private girls advertised in the last four pages of the Announce (a-noon-see) paper. Daniella was one girl that cost 2000kc/hr with anal, who was very cute and provided nice service. Veronika @ Private Krystinna was another girl that I met. This lady knows how to synchronize her hip with your movement to get the deep penetration.

The girls who advertise in the paper give the best service and are friendlier. Many of these girls speak very little English or none at all; therefore, getting the location to their place can be difficult. You will need a good city map to find your way around. Also get a phone card so you can you the public pay phone to call these girls. Local phone calls from the hotel room tend to cost too much.

What I like best about Prague is that the all of the working girls has natural breasts, none of the fake stuff. The other is the exchange rate for US dollar.

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Posted on Monday, May 24, 2004 - 12:39 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Children from across Eastern Europe are being sold for sex, mostly to Germans, in a network of sex "bazaars" along the border between Germany
and the Czech Republic, says a UNICEF report. In many cases, the children are sold into prostitution by their own families.

They come from all regions of Germany, men ranging in age from 18 to 80, travelling alone in expensive cars that cross into the Czech Republic. Their destination is just beyond the border: bus stops, service stations and rest areas that form the epicentre of a child prostitution ring that one official calls the biggest brothel in Europe.

A new report from the United Nations organization for children (UNICEF) says the German-Czech border has become a haven for pedophilia, with desperately poor families on the Czech side selling their children into
sex slavery and tens of thousands of Germans paying for access to children as young as eight, some of whom are paid with candy.

"The Czech Republic is becoming a discount market for sex with children," said Adolf Gallwitz, a German police psychologist. Mr. Gallwitz said pedophilia in the southeast German border regions of Bavaria and Saxony is increasing "at an incredible rate," and he estimated 50,000 Germans visit the Czech Republic's burgeoning sex tourism industry.

The author of the UNICEF report, Cathrin Schauer, said areas such as bus stops and service stations near the border have been converted into "bazaars" where child prostitutes are bought and sold.

"It is shocking that children right in our backyard are being mistreated unscrupulously," said UNICEF patron Christina Rau, who is married to Johannes Rau, the German President. "We must do everything to help the victims and protect other children from these crimes."

The chilling report, co-produced by Ecpat, an advocacy group founded to combat child prostitution in Asia, is the result of almost seven years of study in the border region. Researchers observed prostitution patterns
among 500 children in the small towns of the Karlsbad district and interviewed 40 children between the ages of six and 17, 100 adults
involved in the sex trade and dozens of social workers, police and border staff.

"Small babies and children up to six years of age are usually offered to sex tourists by women," the report says. "Children older than seven years are usually accompanied by a male adolescent or an adult."

While many children wait among the rest stops and service stations near the border, others hang out in front of supermarkets and gambling halls. "In one small town," the report says, "children were observed showing
themselves in the windows of a brothel-like institution."

Children as young as eight years old were seen bartering on prices for sexual services -- the typical rate ranges from $5 to $35, although some men will pay with candy or a free meal.

"Sometimes K. sleeps in our place and then he goes shopping with my mom," the report quotes one 13-year-old boy as saying.

Ms. Schauer writes that the child victims are almost exclusively from poor families who come to the region from across Eastern Europe. "The children stand out because of their neglected appearance; they only rarely attend school and it is their daily occupation to assure the income of their family."

Many of the parents are drug addicts, most are unemployed and a few act as intermediaries -- pimps -- for their children. "Some of the mothers are themselves prostitutes," the report says, and it quotes a 10-year-old girl as saying: "My mom told me now I have to do it."

"I used to beg the Germans for money in their cars," the study quoted a 12-year-old girl as saying. "We have no money at home. Then I started going off with the drivers."

The report says some of the children are there without their parents' knowledge. "The study gave clear indications that organized trafficking in children exists ... gangs of pimps systematically drag minors to the
border regions and force them into prostitution."

Reinhard Schlagintweit, the head of UNICEF in Germany, said the German and Czech governments had failed to combat child exploitation, effectively ignoring what had once been a small-scale problem. The report calls for a crackdown on those who encourage the child-sex trade and warns the authorities should not be bogged down by bureaucratic issues such as the nationalities of the children involved.

"The children must be treated as victims, not as foreigners or illegal immigrants," it says. "They will also need social assistance and lodging so they can testify against those who sold them into the sex trade."

Ms. Schnauer says most of the adult offenders hail from the German border regions -- based on the licence plates on their vehicles -- but a growing number come from all over the country, and from neighbouring countries such as Austria and Italy. One investigator noted a car with United States plates picking up a young child.

"The sex tourists usually come alone in cars," the report notes, "although sometimes they are in small buses with blinded windows."

The researchers say many of the men interviewed gave the same explanation for why they sexually abused children: They did not want to worry about contracting a sexually transmitted disease and reasoned a child would be less risky than an adult.
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A Brief Guide to Finding Action in the Czech-Austrian Border Towns

NOTE: All prices listed in this report are in EUROS.

Almost every village that interrupts the windy, narrow roads that branch off the E55 highway between Linz (Austria) and Prague and hug the border has at least one bar/brothel. They’re not difficult to find. Watch for the garish road signs advertising such establishments as Top Class, Bar Lola, or Carmen, and them follow them into town.

You can’t miss them once you’re in town. They’re often the most distinctive businesses, with their names framed in neon above the doors and strings of red lights fashioned into hearts hung in the windows or on outer walls. Standard business hours are between 3 PM and 4 AM, but some establishments don’t open until later in the evening.

To enter, first ring the buzzer. Someone, usually a man, will let you in. The layout of most of these establishments is the same: a dark foyer leading into a dark bar area with a counter, tables, and occasionally a small stage and pole for strip-tease dancing. The party rooms are either upstairs or down an adjoining hallway.

The atmosphere can be a little uncomfortable somewhat uncomfortable, expecially if you're the only customer. Besides the overall darkness, the bar staff can consist of one or more scary-looking guys.

As for women, at least three are usually available for play. They’re already seated in the bar area, or the manager summons them for a lineup. Appearance-wise, you’ll find no real stunners and more than a few duds. Most will fall in the barely passable-to-cute range. Since you’re close enough to the border, German-language ability is common. Some can even speak a little English.

Crossing the Border
You cross at Dolní Dvoriště. Here, you’ll have to go through two separate passport checkpoints. Open your passport to the photo page and hand it to the official when asked.

Even though you’re in the CZ now, prices for drinks and service won’t be cheap. Drinks typically run 2.50 for soda and 3 for beer. Often, the lady will want to sit and talk with you before taking you upstairs. She may order up a drink for herself, like a cocktail (10) or a bottle of sekt (blue-tinged, fruit-flavored champagne, at 27) for you both to share. When you get down to talking business, expect to be quoted anywhere from 45-60 for 30 minutes and 90-100 for one hour. The latter price may include time in a Jacuzzi. These prices may not be firm. Try to negotiate.

Once you agree on a price, pay the lady and she will take you upstairs or down the hall to a party room. Party room fixtures are functional: basically, a bed and a shower. Both you and the lady strip down, rinse each other off, and get to work. You can expect light kissing, and possibly DATY and BBBJ (but not to completion). It’s rare to get BBBJTC and anal.

These women stand along the rural routes just outside of the small towns and try to attract passers-by. When they see you coming, they’ll step closer to the edge of the road so you can get a better look. Some may extend a hand, palm downward, and wave it in an up and down motion. This is equivalent to the hitchhiker’s thumb.

Sample Experience
Our driving tour of the border towns eventually took us to Rožmberk nad Vltavou, where we found the bar Kama Sutra. Inside, the atmosphere was softly-lit and cozy, with no scary-looking guys to greet us. Instead, we found three fairly attractive ladies and standard prices: 55 for 30 minutes, 90 for one hour, and drink prices stated as above. The lady who answered the door and tended the bar also was available for play. She joined us for drinks and later put on a slinky black dress to entice us with a pole dance. One of us had a 30-minute session with her companion, a tall, slender blonde. He was happy with the service, but reported that it was not quite up to the level of that provided in the better German FKK clubs.

We spent the night at the Hotel Kuze across the street. The cost: 18 per night, which included a cooked breakfast (ham or cheese omelet, scrambled eggs, or cold cut plate). The hotel had a great Old World feel to it, with cast iron fixtures and wooden beams on the ceilings. Each room had comfortable beds, a Western-style toilet and shower, and a television. The Restaurace U Martina next door offers Czech and German specialties.

To get to Rožmberk nad Vltavou: Cross the border at Dolní Dvoriště as explained above, turn left at the 163, travel 14 km, turn right at the 160, and travel 4 km into town.
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