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Posted on Tuesday, February 06, 2001 - 11:23 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

About two years ago I discovered the German sex scene. I was intrigued by this club and decided to try it myself. I finally made it there last November and became hooked on the place. Many of you have seen my reports here and elsewhere. Some non-believers accused me of being connected with the club because of the rave reviews. I assure you, I have no connection to the Beverly Club or any other establishment of this type. I am a guy just like the rest of you.

On my November trip to Beverly I fell in love with a young lady at the club, Miss I and I have dreamed of coming back to see her. (I don't want to use her full name so just humor me while I call her Miss I) Friday my dream came true. I returned to Beverly hoping that Miss I was there. She was supposed to be visiting her family in St. Petersburg so I didn't have many hopes. I was keenly aware of Wizard's warning not to expect the high level of excitement that I enjoyed last time. What happened over the last two days was nothing short of amazing. (For those of you who doubt me - another fellow traveler, Raleigh, also met this wonderful woman and had similar experiences. Look around the posts in the net and you will find his reviews.)

I arrived in Dusseldorf Friday afternoon. It was snowing heavily when we landed. I rented a Volvo S60 from Sixt for a very reasonable weekend rate and drove to my hotel in Solingen. (Remember to FILL UP the gas tank before you return the car. Half a tank of gas cost me as much as the entire rental.) This time I stayed at the Hotel Niggemann for 120 DM ($60). By evening there was six inches of very slippery snow on the ground. For those of you who have been to Beverly, you know that the road to the club is a very steep winding road. I was happy I rented the S60 with anti-lock brakes and traction control. They did a great job plowing the snow and salting the road but the car worked hard to stay on a straight path. I arrived at 6:00 PM, got my locker key and went to the bar to get a coke.

I was drinking my coke when all of a sudden I felt a familiar tongue slithering down my back. I turned around. Sure enough, Miss I. I was glad to see her and I think she was glad to see me. We talked a while, the took my hand and led me to a dark corner of the club and we made love for over an hour. With Miss I you don't just f**ck, you make love. While we were talking she told me something that surprised me. She told me her husband was at the club. Now that shouldn't be a surprise considering what this place is, but it made me a bit nervous, because we had been spending a great deal of time together last time and this time. Generally wife sharing has limits and we exceeded the norm. She pointed him out and he was a BIG guy who looked like he could pick me up and bend me like a pretzel. I asked her if he was the jealous type. She didn't understand what I said but she told me not to worry. She introduced me to him and he smiled. He didn't speak any English but the body language left me feeling like I was not in any imminent danger.

Many of the regular girls at the club recognized me from my previous visit in November and were very friendly. They treated me like a "regular". That friendliness spread from the bar to the back rooms. I didn't have to approach anyone for a good time. In fact, several times I was simply peeking into the rooms and found myself being pulled in by gorgeous nymphs. There were about 60-70 people at the club this Friday evening and no shortage of pretty women. This is the only place I have ever been where you meet and play with real people instead of hired hands like the FKK clubs. Now I am not that great to look at. I am up in age and rounder in the tummy than I would like. This does not appear to be a problem to these women who enjoy nice men who treat them well and tend to avoid the STUD types who bang them like a piece of meat. Ever want to boink your neighbor. Now's your chance. There are plenty of real amateurs here who probably were out in the garden in the afternoon planting flowers. (Well when the weather gets warmer anyway)

It turns out that not only men are hungry for sex. Many married and single women also enjoy the sex scene and come to Beverly. I am convinced that every woman has a bit of bi-sexuality in her. At least the women that frequent these clubs appear to have that inclination. A threesome with two women usually involves one of them eating and massaging the other one as well as them both doing you. Tickling a woman's clit with your tongue while she is being caressed and tongue kissing another woman is quite an experience. Having them both look into your eyes and roll you over for a dual tongue massage is even better.

In my last report I warned people to be careful where you stick your dick. This still holds true. Last time there was a slender "woman" dressed in latex from head to toe including a latex mask. She was slender and built. She spent a great deal of time in the Glory Hole room. Well, the truth is she is not a woman at all. She is a GUY. This week she was back. "She" was wearing a short green skirt, tights to cover her legs with her hair up. No mask. She looked like a girl, but she had a familiar look and I was pretty sure it was the latex guy from last time. She was sitting next to Miss I on the couch in the disco area. She had a distant stare. Miss I and I were going at it on the couch and she whispered into my ear "no woman - man!" to make sure I understood. That's because I was staring at her and Miss I thought I might make a move towards her. Miss I moved her legs which I was caressing. away from whatever it was so I would not touch her by accident and give her the idea I was coming on. She fooled many guys, groping them and giving them BBBJ in dark areas of the club. No one ever got her undressed of course. The lesson here is simple. Make sure what you THINK is a woman IS a woman before you let her touch your dick. (Unless you are into that kind of thing)

This Saturday was the first Saturday of the month, Lacquer and Leather night. Lots of leather and interesting people. A lot of young girls with dominanatrix costumes dragging other women or other men in tow. It made for some strange stuff in the S&M rooms. Some of it was too bizarre for me as guys let themselves be tortured. I prefer the soft stuff and there was plenty of it to go around too. Something about a woman in a love swing that I can't resist. Laying on her back in the swing with her legs and arms strapped an all four directions and loving it as guys took turns bringing her to a climax. None of this Slam Bam - Thank you Mam stuff. Then there was the young girl in her late twenties hung upside down and spread while giving BBBJ and getting boinked. Enough for this until next week. I am returning Thursday when it is light S&M night for beginners. Can't wait to see what it is like. Wonder what the big "X" on the wall is for?

The action in the back rooms was just like the last time I was there, hot any heavy. I was standing looking into one of the rooms enjoying the scene and a tall slender maiden asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. She obviously knew a little English. She found a quite corner and she teased me with her long blonde hair while encouraging me to lay still. She then turned over onto all fours and told me to play cowboy. I mounted her and we "rode into wild blue yonder." Then she played cowgirl, riding on top of me while I was on my back until we both came.

At the Beverly there are two shower rooms; one near the men's toilets and one near the lady's toilets. You can use either one. Generally if a girl wants to shower with you use the latter. Miss I and I were taking a shower and we hears a loud moan coming from one of the toilets. It was a guy. We looked at each other wondering why a guy would be jerking off in a place like this. When the door opened we saw a naked guy like we thought. BUT - sitting on the toilet was Christina, her mouth dripping with his cum. She gave him a standing BBBJ while she was sitting.

The Club Beverly costs between 250 - 300 DM depending upon the day. For those of you on a budget don't forget that this includes dinner. They have a decent buffet weekdays and a very good one on Saturday.

MORE AFTER MY NEXT VISIT THIS WEEKEND --- Should I file another report??
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Posted on Wednesday, February 07, 2001 - 7:19 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Great report, it does make me think about a few things. Remember Socercer these are actual fears of us guys that ponder going to these places. I do believe you, have you ever given any of these things some thought?

Many of these clubs have low or darker lighting which makes it difficult to see who or what your doing. Many TV's that have had operations are difficult to see in the dark.

There appear to be no health checks or regulations for those attending. At least at an FKK women are required to have a weekly health check. The mixing of gay and straight people add to the danger of HIV and STD which is higher among gays.

How do you really know a girl is paid by the club or not? If you visit some of the Germany boards it's very common knowledge that the clubs hire women to make up for the higher male volumes. They won't tell you they're paid as the club wants you to think they are all swingers.

Out of hundreds of reports the only positive ones I could find on the internet were from Wizard and Sorcerer. Almost every report concerning Germany is about the FKK club scene and they are almost all positive.

Whether paid or not the German FKK scene provides some of the best sex around. 250dmarks for unlimited sex as opposed to the average 130dm for one session is still double the price and most of us won't have three or more encounters to take advantage of this.

If you do try the swinger scene you really need to take heed to what day you visit. From Wizards reports there are only one or two days a week that are worth attending. I'd hate to be caught there on a non straight night with the wrong crowd.

Please keep us posted as it does sound interesting and worth a visit.
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Posted on Wednesday, February 07, 2001 - 10:13 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Beverly 2000 advertises every Friday the most erotic private sex party in NRW, with a minimum 10 women and hot couples.

This statement alone is reason to believe that some of the staff is paid. It's pretty common knowledge that the men almost always out number the women making this a must. The concept of these clubs is to make money and attract as many customers as possible. Most clubs quickly fail when word gets around that men out number the women. I think Wizard commented about this when he visited another swinger club.

Who wants to stand in line getting sloppy seconds. This might also be a concern as women at FKK clubs shower and clean up after each contact with a man. This is not so common at the swinger clubs. The women just don't get up and run to the shower after each act.

Those wishing to visit need to play careful attention to the day you attend. Every Saturday is different and attracts different traffic.
1st Sat of the month Leather and Intimate Apparel
2nd Sat of the month Happy Weekend Contact Party
3rd Sat of the month Leather and Intimate Apparel
4th Sat of the month Couples Only
Saturday hours 9pm-4am

Prices Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays
Couples DM 50 DM 50 DM 99 DM 150
Men DM 200 DM 250 DM 250 DM 300
Women free free free DM 70

Wednesday and Thursday food is served
Friday and Saturday Large Buffet
All food and drink is included in entry fee

Hotel Niggermann (about 4 minutes away) offers a discount to Beverly customers so ask for it.

Every Friday SEX total "Night of the Lust" 6pm-2am
Every Thursday SM. Bizarre, Fetish party 6pm-12am
Every Wednesday Super Orgy 6pm - 12am

The only real issue that one might have before attending a swingers club is the issue of privacy. Everything is basically done in public view (within the club that is). Anyone and everyone is game so you may not always have a choice of who is involved. This is where regular FKK clubs have an advantage, you do the choosing. You go to a private room if you wish and you call the shots. If you don't care about having sex in public, who you have sex with then a swingers club is a great deal and should be experienced at least once.

Swinger clubs are another great thing about Germany but guys should know the total story before getting involved.
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Rico_Xxx (Rico_Xxx)

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Posted on Sunday, June 03, 2001 - 7:15 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Mr. R... here, A.K.A. Rico_xxx

I had the privilege of hanging with Rolf in Germany. Early in the year I took Rolf down to Cuba for some Amateur G/F/E in rural Cuba which is my expertise.


I did run into Miss I, actually I f**k her last Friday night May 25, It was gangbang night at Beverly, I didn't know who she was until the next night Sat. couples night. I relay your message to her from Mr. S from a Midwest town. She practice her English with me she's from St. Petersburg, Russland. BTW, she got back from St. Pete just a couple of weeks back. She's part of the staff of Beverly, her husband (tall guy with mustache works by the door), Miss I is a mature women, multi "O", she has a high sex drive. I enjoy her company at Beverly.

Now here's my story at Beverly.

First thing I want to mention is I did seven women in Beverly on Friday May 25, gangbang night. Now here me out I'm no stud, but with a little help from 1/2 a pill of Viagra I had a wonderful night. Actually I only pop two loads the entire night, but what counts is the seven different holes I did in one night my personal best ever. This IMHO can only be accomplish at a swing club like Beverly, I also want to say that besides Carmen and five other women at Beverly the rest are average looking not model material like the ones at Happy Garden. BTW I'm aware some of the women at Beverly are paid to work there, like Miss I. There were two more women I want to F**k but was unable to do because they were busy.

The highlight of my night was "Carmen" a Spaniard housewife with husband in tow. Actually it was the German Husband idea for her to have a gangbang, God what a night. Let me describe this housewife. She has long black hair, avg. height, an unbelievable (no silicon) chest, I would stay a minimum of 40DD or higher, and a nice firm ass, I'm not kidding. She remind me of Chisty Canyon a porn star from the 80's but with larger natural breast. She was excellent, very friendly, big time multi "O", everything you would want in a whore, if your into that. At one point in the evening her husband tied her hands up, with chains hanging from the ceiling in the S&M room and spank her huge breast, she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I though I was in an S&M movie not to mention taking part in a gangbang early in the night. Now I know gangbang is not for everyone, however I was the first to f**k her in the evening, I kept an eye on her so when she went strolling back to the rooms I follow her. This Carmen was unbelievable, like f**king in a
gangbang porn movie, she must of done about 12 guys in one night always with condoms no bbbj
and I was the first to f**k her, one fantasy down two to go.
Later, I will continue the story and second night at Beverly. BTW, What a bargain seven in one night for $250 DM or $109 US. At Happy Garden, where they have model type E/B girls, it's $200 DM for one girl or $150 DM mit Gimmi for oral. I also when to PartyTreff in Mettmann (that's for another post) where I did Sylvia (pierce nipples and pussy) and three other horny mature women also $250 entrance.

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Posted on Monday, August 13, 2001 - 5:52 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Beverly - Revisited - August 2001

PART-I - the boring part
. About a year ago my friend Wizard turned me onto the FKK scene. I had a chance to go to a couple of interesting places throughout Germany. Then I discovered Club Beverly in Solingen.
. Well, it's been about a year since I first discovered Beverly. My posts are still on this board so you can look them up. No need to repeat what has already been reported. There have been however various views of the club from different folks.
. Last night I returned from my latest visit with Miss I, a lovely woman who frequents Beverly with whom I am enchanted. I was at the club Friday and ran into a fellow named Hans, a teacher from Sweden. The three of us were talking and the subject of "how did you find this place" came up. Hans said he read about it on the internet. He gave credit to reports by "Sorcerer" for getting him to Beverly. I grinned and introduced myself!. Saturday night a very similar thing happened. I was with Miss I and a fellow named Harvey stopped over. Harvey is from the UK. This time Miss I was really surprised. It seemed I knew a whole lot of people that she also knows, albeit via the internet. Harvey posted a confirmation of my description of Miss I back several months ago. His post is also still on the board.

Part II - the Beverly scene
. I discussed the Beverly scene with these guys and several other who have visited the club. We seem to share a number of common thoughts.

1. The Beverly scene can be very Erotic. Saturday nights is Party night and it draws hundreds of people. You mingle with some of the most beautiful people in the world as well as some "next door neighbor" types, which is not always flattering. You get to meet Brittany Spears look alikes naked as well as Roseanne Arnold look alikes, also naked.

2. Beverly is NOT for everyone. The totally open sex can be very intimidating. Privacy is a bit tough to come by and sometimes you find yourself sharing. Some people cannot deal with it. It can be vry crowded.

3. Friday nights used to be pretty good, but the M-F ratio is not always favorable. Now this is relative. I have never been there even on a Friday when I haven't had more than I can take. There are a number of "regular" girls who are very friendly.

4. Thursday is Bizarre night - forget it unless you dig lady-boys, and other wierd fetishes. Not for me.

5. Wednesdays is Super Orgy night - but not always well attended.

Part III - what can you expect (maybe)
These are a couple of real experiences from my recent trip!

. Imagine a stranger come over to you in a crowded disco, rubs up against you and starts to give you the sexiest LAP DANCE of your life. Now imagine she is naked and you are wearing only your briefs. Got the picture? Close your eyes and imagine that she slithers down in front of you and pulls your briefs to the floor and begins to lick your hard stick. After working you over, she slips a condom on you, climbs up on the couch and sits on you, swallowing your cock in her pussy, bouncing to the disco beat of the music. That was Saturday evening and she was (and still is) a total stranger.

. Imagine a guy in his 50's with a barely legal looking young girl. They dance together, have a few drinks and then take a walk to the "dark side" of Beverly. They lay down in front of you on a big mattress and he begins to stroke her gently. You join in and soon there are 4 of you softly stroking her body as she lays on her stomach. You reach for a condom and put it on as you gently turn her over onto her back. As her legs open to welcome you, you slide in and a ride into heaven. She too is still a stranger, and that too was Saturday evening.

. Imagine your next door neighbor. Plain woman in her 40's. Except, now imagine that she is wearing a verfy exotic outfit. You try to strike up a conversation, but you speak different languages. She looks you in the eye and you take each others hand - and wander off to find a dark place. Seems her husband is there having a good time - somewhere - but they come to Beverly to enjoy other people. This average next door type is a real amateur. She really enjoys sex and loves to be made love to - not just f***ed.

. I could go on - but you won't believe me and someone is surely going to respond that this is a fantasy report. Well, there are guys named Harvey, Hans, Keith, George and David to name a few who may have been skeptics, but every one of them has written to me about their adventures at Beverly. Not everyone had a good time every time - but all in all - what a place.

. Of course, I cannot leave without again saying how loverly Miss I is. She is the sexiest woman there and a pleasure to be with.

. Oh Yeah - I DO NOT have any financial interest in Beverly I am not paid to write this. You guys who ctiticized me for my reports last time - well - stay home and leave the women for us believers.....................
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Posted on Thursday, August 16, 2001 - 2:41 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Getting to the Club

You're looking at a approx 300km drive 2.5 hours from Frankfurt.
Take the A63 north towards Frankfurt to the A61, take A61 north direction Bad Kreuznach, stay on the A61 North till your near Koln, look for the A1 direction Koln (north) take that to highway L157, exit for Wermelskirchen, but go under the autobahn in the direction Solingen.

L157 is the Burger Strasse, then Wermelskirchen Strasse.

Train Access
The nearest train station I can see is
Bahnhof Remscheid-Güldenwerth which is 3km away.
Bahnhof Hilgen is about 5km away.
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Posted on Sunday, March 17, 2002 - 11:32 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I visited Beverly On a Friday evening 2 weeks ago. Here is my report:
Beverly is a curious place, because the outside gives the impression that it is a large club. However, once inside, you realise that it is made up of many small & medium sized rooms all interconnected. I paid 120 Euros for the Friday party to the doorman who told me it was black underwear night. I was wearing blue, but fortunately had a spare pair of black pants in my hire car. The bar is the first room, and here you can get soft drinks and alcoholic. I would advise going easy on the beer though! Through the small bar is a separate room with tables and then a larger disco bar and room with podiums. There are also changing rooms, showers and a buffet area. After that, the darkened action rooms are located.
It was quiet until about 9 pm, but I can't say it ever got particularly busy all night. I have to say that there were very few attractive young women. There were older ladies and some couples and quite a lot of single men. The only attractive women were in couples and not all of these were available for action. Maybe it is better on other nights. In previous posts I have read that the club employs single girls, but I was not aware of any.
There was a group of dancers who did most of the acts and they were good.
As for the action, basically I had to go looking for it. I think anyone who comes here and sits passively will not see much action. This club is attended by the general public, not career girls who want your money. As such, the ladies here have to be interested in you and what you have to offer them sexually. Also, German is the language, so I think it is a disadvantage not to speak at least a little. Having said that, I had 5 or 6 pieces of good action by simply being bold and putting my hands where I wanted. To my surprise and pleasure I was not rejected. All the action I got was in the dimly lit rooms with either the more mature ladies or the female member of a couple. There was 1 gang bang with a tall, slim girl whose partner basically invited all and sundry to take her. I did. Someone did her anally.
There may have been more group action but I missed it. And that is an essential point; the individual action does not last for long, so if you are elsewhere in the club, and miss it, tough!
It pays to stay on the prowl.
By the way, the action rooms are quite dark, so be sure you know who you are touching up!
My night was cut short because of some dodgy fish served here in the buffet. I ate when I arrived at 7pm, but by midnight I was quite sick and spent time in the toilet vomiting. Worse, I got locked in the toilet because the handle on the door broke on the inside. I was let out by a passing customer who no doubt was concerned about the wretching noises being made inside! I never really recovered and ended up leaving to spend an awful day with food poisoning.
I regretted this greatly, because I was enjoying the experience of having sex with complete strangers (the ladies make sure you wear condoms). And of course, illness and erections don't go together. So, I will go back, but perhaps on a Saturday; AND after I have improved my German. Naturally, I would not touch the fish, although the rest of the food is excellent.
Altogether, a great experience; completely different to the FKK clubs. Just don't go expecting to have sex with lots of beautiful women.

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Posted on Sunday, December 07, 2003 - 12:37 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I was in Beverly on wednesday last week.
I could not arrive before 8pm due to the traffic in Cologne area. So the action was already at its first pause when arriving. It is difficult to estimate the number of people but assuming 1.2 person per car I would estimate some 80 people where there. Probably 15 couples and about 10 single ladies. No gang bang was organized this evening and the SM room downstair remained empty, but all other room were very busy.
I had a first session upstair with one of the hunting single lady then had a very nice dinner.
While roaming downstair I was kidnapped in the alcove near the entry for a second session, I had to faint a happy ending to be ready for further aventure. There was a marvellous single lady but being about three times her age, I did not succeed in capturing her attention. I ended the evening with two threesome on the "wiese" with a 30 y old slim blonde and a second dinner inbetween. On the last one, she sucked me and had me to jerk on her breast while a young guy was dogging her. This was enough for me and quite worth the 100 Teuro fee.
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Posted on Thursday, July 24, 2008 - 6:45 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

This thread hasnt been updated for quite some time and I thought an update might be in place.

Mind you, that my experience is already a year old, nevertheless it can be usefull for some.

During the time span from 2003-2007 I have done several visits to this club. Most of what has been said is true. The Sorceres glorification of the place I do not agree on, even if the place is really good. Do keep in mind that this is the only swingers club I have visited and any resemblance to any other club might prove Beverly to be the star.

What I can say over these years is that the club have IMHO degraded a bit, espacially for the single males. As mentioned b4 the various themes of the different weekdays offers something for every1. But, the price is different and the amount of ppl in the club varies from the few to the plentifull on saturdays. I do however underline that speaking german and being a nice social chap will by far contribute to get yourself some action. I myself speak little german, but using the few words I know and being bold have given me lots of action. I am however sure, that if I did speak german I would see alot more thrilling action. My action was limited to the females that seem to be there every night. Dont take me wrong, they are an excellent joy. But as Eddie Murphy said, eating the same cracker makes it a regular cracker in the end. In addition, I believe as well that these women are paid by the club to balance the many males. But if you dont give it much thought it doesnt matter. But to be honest the most thrilling action I found was when i was peeking at a couple and some lucky times I was invited for a shag. Not speaking german limited my chances of getting to know some of those lovely german couples, so I am booking a german language course :-)

I do however want to say that not speaking german was from time to time met with a bit of hostility. Nothing much, but just a turned back and looking the other way. But then again, nothing much to care about. A different matter I would say is that I felt not welcomed by some of the staff. I remember one particular man called Sven. I dont know why. If it was me not speaking german or being foreign looking or a single male. However most of the staff was very welcoming and nice.

Saturday is definately the day where you can find the most action. However, wednesday and the other days its more easy to get to know the regulars. These days they close the disco area and the club becomes more intimate. But the numbers of visitors is by far the amount on sats. The price for entrance for single males are pretty steep on sats. Last time I paid 150 euro. For a total night out its not that much, keeping in mind that you get to see and take part in alot of action and free drinks/meals. But if you look at what you can get at a club as Bernds Sauna, you get pretty much the same with women that are really gorgeous. In the end its a matter of what kind of action you are looking for. There is something special about being in a swingers club, esp if you can take part in some nice couples action. This is however not always easy.

There are lots and lots of more stuff I want to write. I will come back with another report later on when I have the time
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Posted on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 6:34 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Club Beverly 2000
Eschbachstrasse 149
D-42659 Solingen

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