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Posted on Saturday, June 12, 1999 - 10:02 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

continued again....

After previously described adventure I went back to USA and a deep sleep. Woke up about 1:30 PM an cleaned up, got the coffee and went back to check out Reynosa. I had always wanted to check out the BoysTown and decided to do it today since it would hopefully be less risky in the day, and my unfamiliarity would not be as likely used against me by any dickheads.

I had read some posts that in some towns, if you get a cab ride to a "casa de puta" that the cabbie comes in with you and your price goes up double to pay his cut for bringing you. I decided to avoid that by hopping on to a local bus and asking which bus went by the BoysTown.

The second driver I asked told me it was the "Pinal #1" and I waited a minute until one of those came by (they have the destinations written on the windshield). I hopped on and told the driver where I wanted to go. He collected my 4 pesos and said "es casa de puta". I said "Si" and sat down.

I figured all was fine, and we continued down the road for about 5 minutes. There driver evidently
departed off the normal route as some ladies in the back started giving him static about it. I thought it was to get me to where I wanted, and earn him a tip. Actually he had other ideas. He waved to a friend on the side of the road and when he got on, he sat him on the engine hump in front and they chatted. Then the passenger walked back and got into the seat across from me. As the ladies in back got off, the driver would not let any one else at the stops get on. This did not look good to me and I realized that these a**ho*** were planning to rob me or worse. The loser in the seat across from me was sneering something in Spanish to me which I did not totally understand
but was something to the effect that "the girls at
BoysTown will rob you, you should not come to Mexico for that". "You make a meestake Senor".

As I was rapidly losing interest in the company of these losers I took advantage of the bus slowing down for a hump in the road and jumped out. "Hey, come back Senor" they shouted. Yeah, sure.

I ran ahead one block and took a right, they could not see me anymore.

I ran half a block more and cut into an alleyway.
I ran back in and there was a lady there doing laundry and I was aware that I was probably scaring her, so told her in Spanish "Ayudame por favor, hay dos senores tratando robarme"! (please help me, there are two men trying to rob me)

She motioned me into her casa, and I sat down. She was calm and asked me if they had seen where I ran into. I told her no, that they had been still around the corner. This nice lady made conversation for about 45 minutes while I cooled my heels. She had two of her grandaughters with her and one was only 2 months old. She introduced them and continued to chat, every couple of minutes sending the older girl to check for a cab. I asked her where the cabs went by and she told me, I decided to go stand by there to catch the next cab.I gave the lady some money and thanked her, and went to a store a couple of blocks away to buy a soda and find a cab. I stood there for a few minutes and the owner realized that I needed a ride and asked me if he could take me in his car. I asked him how much and he replied "Nada" and motioned to his car. We jumped in and he took me to the border, he crossed the border to buy gasoline, he told me since it is twice as much in Mexico. I got out to go through customs and insisted that he take money for gas. His name was Jesus.

I crossed over, and on reflecting, realized that
by telling the bus driver where I wanted to go I had made myself a target since he then knew I must be in possesion of some dollars. What is it coming to when you cannot trust public transportation? Be careful. Maybe the cabs aren't so bad after all.

Te cuides! (be careful)

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Posted on Saturday, June 12, 1999 - 9:29 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

After my encounter with "Ricky the Robocop" I bega n to walk back toward the border. I was near a disco called "Capri" that I found charges $10 to come in. Allegedly they have dancers in there but when I stuck my head in to look, it did not impress me so I declined. On my way out I saw an attractive chica and winked at her as I passed by, and she gave me a big smile.
About 50 feet down the block I decided to go back and see if she came out, and sure enough she was there. I started out with "Hola" (my favorite icebreaker) and we began a conversation. After a minute or so she asked if I would like to sit and talk. We found a public bench very close by and sat and continued a nice conversation.

This lady was very nice, she was pretty, with frosted dark curly hair around her face and a nice smile. She had a good sized butt and large chichis, much to my liking.

She asked me what I was doing in Reynosa and I told her that I was "mirando a las bonitas" (looking at the pretty girls) and that she had caught my eye. She laughed and told me that she did not have a boyfriend and was out because she enjoyed dancing. The conversation continued, and in a few minutes I asked her if she liked sex and she said "Yes". I told her I did as well and that
it was an American custom to take much time, kiss and hug a lot and do great Oral on a woman so that the rest of the event is that much more enjoyable. She listened intently. A minute later, she kissed me and asked if I would like to have sex with her. The answer was affirmative and
off we went arm in arm. She had a car parked nearby and took me to a motel that was 1/2 block off Morelos street, on a street that runs into it at a 45 degree angle. All night at this place was $16 US.
There were real towels and the air conditioning worked so it was OK by me.

We entered the room, took a shower together, and after a drying off began a lengthy encounter that
was very enjoyable. As promised I did oral and she enjoyed this very much, finally collapsing in climax. As we began the main event, she hit me with some great love talk: "I love it, I love it, you are the sex teacher to me, Ooh, ooh, you are my pimp, Ooh ooh, I am your bitch"!
I was enjoying this and later reflected that this was intended as a compliment and that she might well have learned some English from a rap CD. Oh well! We cuddled during the afterglow and fell asleep. At about 8 am we both awakened and did a nice repeat.

She told me that she lived about 30 minutes away from Reynosa, and had to go home to her dad. She put on some more modest clothes before leaving as no not arouse any suspicions. She told me that she was 22 and really enjoyed my company. She had spent the whole night with me, and only charged me
$20! I took this as a compliment.

I expect to see this woman again! There are some jewels if you look and can make their acquaintance.

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Posted on Saturday, June 12, 1999 - 8:47 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I visited Reynosa on the evening 6/11/99. I arrived at about 2 am (morning of 6/12 already) an d crossed the border at hidalgo. Directly across the street from point of entry I walked 1/2 block to left and took a right turn. On my way in that direction I walked two blocks and encountered two lovely chicas, Sylvia and Olga sitting on a car.
I began a conversation in Spanish with them, they did not appear to be working girls but were friendly anyway. We flirted for about 5 minutes and then I continued around the block, seeing two more ladies who were in fact looking for senors for "el cuarto". I did not pursue either, not to my liking. I arrived back at the car where the two chicas were sitting and there they were. We began to chat again, for about 10 minutes, joking and laughing. Sylvia was about 5'-3" with a beautiful smile and hair of an auburn color that I have seen
often in mexico, that was extremely flattering to her skin which was very smooth and what the Mexicans call "morena" which means she had some degree of color. I was getting interested. I told her that I did not have a girlfriend and it was
"muy triste" and I found her attractive. She and her friend laughed and we continued to chat.
Right about then a local yokel came up and insinuated himself into the conversation. He started out by asking me (of course I had never heard this in Mexico before) "Hey Senor, do you want a girl?" I was trying to get rid of this guy who (describing him so others might avoid him) was about 5'-10, 220 lbs, black straight hair, even features, something like a larger Ricky Ricardo (sorry for the stereotype, I can't pin it any closer than that) and an officious manner. I soon found out why. This guy had a smaller sidekick in a t-shirt, jeans and baseball cap who did not speak during the encounter. "Ricky" kept insinuating himself between me and the chicas, and
then, as if to show us he was "the man", he pulled out a laminated card with his picture on it and an official looking stamp saying "I am a cop".
I found this very strange. He kept asking me if I wanted the girls. I replied that they were friends
and of course I liked most chicas (as amigas), I was a guy. Looking back, I think he was trying to get me to say I wanted to have sex with them and then he was going to nail me for something or try to make money off somehow.
Sylvia was not comfortable around this guy, and the conversation was getting too "rapido" for me to follow with my existing Spanish skills. "Ricky" said something to them that I believe was "come with me" and he and baseball cap took the girls
about 50 feet to his pickup. He then said to me
"Ju can be with the girls for 40 dollars".

I told him in Spanish that if I wanted to be with any girls I was capable of arranging that without any help from him. He then whipped out his laminated badge and said "Ju don't mess with me, I am a cop". He then left.

I walked two blocks up where I found three guys in black T-shirts saying "Policia" that had walked by and saw us all chatting before it got ugly.I described the two guys and asked if they were really policia. The policia told me that he was "undercover" policia. This guy had no apparent cop skills at all, and to boot was telling everyone he was a cop to get away with what he wanted to do!
Much different from USA hopefully. I told the policia that this was very different from USA and left.
If there is any conclusion to this, it might be that in Reynosa, watch out for yokels trying to make money off your pursuit of happiness. I am about 5-11, 250 lbs, a bit overweight but large framed to boot. I can still do one-armed pushups
and will stick up for myself if needed but I believe I am at a disadvantage in Mexico where there is some dislike for Gringos in some quarters, mostly locals who do not like it that we have the money to come over and spend quality time with their fine women. If you make yourself "stick out" too much or get too confrontational, you might wind up with a ticket to the hoosegow. Be careful, better yet go with a buddy. I travel extensively for work and it's hard to get a local to go wherever I happen to be for a few days.


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El Patron

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Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000 - 11:12 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

This was my second trip to the ""Boys Town"" of Renosa, Mexico which is about 10 miles souith of McAllen, Texas. My first visit was quick because I was wasted from partying the night before in Nuevo Laredo and only wanted to check out the Reynosa situation and knock off a quickie. I got there too early (9:00 p.m.) for the party crowd and not much was happening. There were a couple of nice looking women in the second bar I stopped at and I ended up getting one about 30 years old. I had to bargain to get her down to $40 plus $5 or $10 for the room but I did thoroughly enjoy banging her. You can drive across or park on the Texas side for $2 very close to the bridge. Reynosa's Boys Town is close to the border and a cab fair from the bridge should cost $7 plus $1 for the entrance fee at the compound. Before you can even get out of the cab you will be bombarded by guys in yellow vests trying to get you to go to their club (the best girls in town). Beers are $1.50 each and some places give you the full sized 12 oz. beers.

I had a new mexican scam experience at Reynosa when ordering a beer. I ordered a beer at the Tropicana club and handed the waiter a $10 USD bill. He palmed the $10 bill, threw a $1 bill on the table and told me needed more money. After arguing with him about what denomination of USD I had given him I got angry and told him ""I am fixing to •••• you up if you don't give me the correct change"". This scam happenend to me again later that night in the club across the entrance street but both times I stood my ground and got the correct change. The doormen and waiters are real pushy about drinks and such in Reynosa and will come by often to offer you coke or beer.

There are about 5 main clubs which are all close to the entrance of the compound. There are other bars and places down the side streets but I would not recommend venturing far from the entrance. Other web postings recommended the Tropicana and Lipstick clubs but I did not find them to be any better than the other main clubs. I recommending hopping from club to club and check out the one to the right of Lipstick (ANNA'S?).

I was in the mood to get with at least two whores that night so after having a beer in Lipstick I went over to Tropicana and picked a pretty faced young Mexican woman, waived her over, and bought her a drink. After some negotiation which was translated by her whore friend, we settled on treinta ($30) and $10 for the room. She wasn't my fantasy •••• but I needed to relieve my ASB (acute seminal backup) and allow my buzz to get going good. The room we fucked in was not very good but not as bad as some of the ones I have seen in Nuevo Laredo. After that I checked out the other main clubs looking for that gem that can sometimes be found in mexican whore towns. Some of the girls who dance on the stage circulate around at the clubs to do their floor show. There was one who was young, long legged, and had a nice round ass. She had a pretty face, small tits, and danced well. Later in the evening I was standing outside talking to the doorman (I was feeling quite lubricated at that point)and the dancer walked up. He asked me if I wanted to get with her and she and I negotiated price of $40 total. She was a decent •••• and I really got into ••••••• her. The rooms at the place to the right of Lipstick are pretty good. I once fucked in a bed at Nuevo Laredo that was so dirty and rickety that I couln't concentrate enough to get a nut.

To summarize, Renosa Boys Town does have some nice looking young women at good prices. Beer is cheap and the rooms are fair. They don't see as many weto hunters and fisherman as Laredo and Acuna so a gringo sticks out like a sore dick. Don't let the waiters scam you and bargain with the whores over the price of the sex. Don't •••• up the market by paying too much for a piece of ass.
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Posted on Friday, May 11, 2001 - 5:30 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

My good friend (a service academy cadet) and I (university student) decided to roadtrip down from Oklahoma. I won't make a long ass story out of this, just try and sum up the important stuff we learned. First don't pay more than $5 or 6 American dollars for the trip to boystown. Then you pay 1 or 2 to get in, I can't remember. The best place to go is Lipsticks. I wouldn't recommend the girls who stand outside those shitty little rooms on the roads through boystown. Some are okay to look at and they are cheap, but you get what you pay for, and as I said they are cheap. In a two day span I probably got 6 or 7 whores in those rooms and never got a fuck worth remembering out. You can expect to pay 10 to 20 American dollars out of these rooms for 30 minutes with the whore. In the whore houses/bars expect to pay 30 to 60 American dollars. For 60 you should have best in the house, hell best in the boystown for that matter. The girls in the houses tend to be pretty good at what they do. I can't remember any names (sorry I don't tend to learn whore's names... much less remember them 6 months later). Quality of sex tends to vary from girl to girl, as you very well know. The best place to go it Lipstick's, and yes we did patronize just about every bar in boystown.

Outside of Boystown there isn't a lot. There is a place called Club 65 (taxi drivers will know it) that was open at that time that was not located in Boystown. This place had some hotties, I can't remember if I fucked there or not. One thing I do remember about the place is the electricity went out while we were there. If you are looking for free sex check out a bar called Imperial Lounge about two or three blocks from the border gate. It is a very nice place, that makes the best Bloody Marys. Anyway when my friend and I were there we only saw three anglo-looking american girls and they did come to party. We hooked up with them and partied all night, twas very fun.

The next time I was down there (in October of this year) I met a couple of mex-american college girls in the Imperial from just across the border. These were the only five american girls we and I met both trips down there... so from what I can guess if you do find american girls in Reynosa they came to do some serious ass partying so jump on them before some other guy does.

I flew down this time for fall break to get away from life for a few days, I was very successful in this adventure. Too bad for me I wasted a night in Matamoris (not worth a separate post). The sum of the scene their; stay the fuck away from steetwalkers. There is no legalized prostitute section (aka boystown) there. Go for the strip bars and you can find it there but expect to pay more in Matamoris than in Reynosa. Nest day I went back to Reynosa. This trip just reaffirmed what I already knew from the previous. Lipsticks is the best brothel in town. Those girls outside the blue rooms are still bad fucks, and they are still the best thing going when you have spent your nightly allowance and only have $20 left. On this trip I found Club 65 was closed due to conflict with city ordinance (rumor has it they didn't pay the bribe to officials, as prostitution is NOT legal outside of boystown). Just south of club 65 about one block is a place were you dance with girls for 50 cents. I came here every night for about an hour a time and found no signs of prostitution, but there are some pretty girls there. I became smitten with one during my last stay but the language factor was too much to overcome. Beer is cheap here and unlike in boystown the girls aren't harassing you to buy them overpriced drinks. At this 'dance for 50 cents' place this is what I found. The moment a gringo walks in the door a bouncer/waiter will latch on to you. This will be the only way you can get drinks he will insist on fetching your drinks for you. Let him and there won't be trouble. Keep in mind I am a 20 yo blond haired american but the young guys in this place were giving me some "id like to fucking kill you" looks. However a lot of the older gentlemen are very polite.

The guy who served as my waiter every night tried to skim money for every drink he got me, I caught him but only because the drink prices were posted n the wall. Even after this I continued to tip him but only because he was serving as my translator. Expect a lot of attention in these types of places if you have noticeably anglo features. I think the Mexican women go crazy for blue eyes, and the fact I carried around a wad of 20's probably didn't hurt either. Sorry if you expected explicit details but I have shared the major points of what I have learned in Reynosa. I did like it enough I am going back next week with a couple of friends. One other thing I don't think I mentioned; if you want to take a girls out of boystown expect to pay 20 american to the bar (or 'house') and another couple to the gate and budget for paying her cabfare back, yes she will insist. Also, if the girl liked you enough to go back to your hotel with you expect some mind and bed shattering sex. Have fun and don't forget the condom.
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El Jefe

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Posted on Monday, May 21, 2001 - 11:37 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

It was my first visit to the Boystown experience in Reynosa, Mexico. I went on a Sunday night at about 10:00 pm by myself so the experience on Friday & Saturday might be different.

First, park your car at the bridge on the U.S. side and walk across it because it is really close. Once you cross the bridge, there will be cabs waiting for you and they will ask right away if you need a cab to Boystown. It cost me $7 but others quoted me $8, so more or less that is the price. Once you get to Btown, you will have to pay $1 to the Mexican police to enter the compound. Beware, the compound looks like •••• but it is ok and I felt safe inside the whole night.

Once you enter, there will be an intersection or 4 corners that has a club on each corner. I can't remember all of the names but the one that is on the NE corner was the cleanest and had the best looking girls. Actually is had a lot of taller, fair skinned girls if that is what you are into. If you look at the intersection from the entrance point where you pay the cops it will be on the right hand side, across the street. I think the name is Lipstick.

The other clubs were not as clean nor had the same number of decent looking women. The going rate for beer is $1.50 per $2 per small bottle. If you want to have a girl with you, all you have to do is tell the waiter and he will bring you the one you want. The price of the girl is the drinks that you have to buy for her. To buy a drink for a girl costs $4 and the girls will try to drink as many as possible because she gets a cut from each beer she drinks. Beware, the waiters will bug the •••• out of you about buying the girl drinks so be prepared to say no and pace yourself. Also, the girls do not want to get plowed so they will try to spill their drinks or go to the bathroom with the drinks so they can empty them really quickly so that you will have to buy them another.

With the girls on your lap, you can pretty much do whatever you want with them as far as touching. To get a room with a girl depends on the girl and for the amount of time. I paid a girl $45, plus $7 for a room for 40 minutes and a condom at the Tropicana. My mistake was that it was late in the night and I had already had girls bouncing on my dick, touching me, etc. so I was worked up and I only lasted about 5 minutes. The girl was pretty and the lay was good but the room was really dirty (tropicana). They really want to get down to business so you will have to pace them a little and insist that they take their time and give a bj, etc. The other clubs I didn't get a room, so I will have to follow-up next time.

My recommendation is early in the night, get a hot girl for 20-30 minutes and pay only about $25-$30 dollars and bring your own condoms. Then you can enjoy some of the other clubs and women and do the same thing again for about the same price of having a women sit on your lap and pay for her drinks all night.

Down the street from the police station, is where all of the street whores have their rooms. The women are not as good looking and the rooms are really dirty. I didn't negotiate with them because for a little bit more, you can get a better woman. I have also heard that they are expert pickpockets so I though it was not worth the risk.

It will cost another $7-8 dollars to take a cab back to the bridge and then you walk across. I returned at 4:00 am and I never felt worried or that I was in danger. It also costs a dollar to cross the bridge to get back to the USA so have some reserve money hidden just in case.

I hope this helps and I will post a better review with names, prices, etc. during my next trip. Also, I cannot stress enough the importance of posting your review if you do something similar. Because the earlier reviews really helped my experience and I will continue to do the same.

Boys town, my old stomping grounds. I can give anyone a fairly good run down if you like but I will try to keep this short. I started going there when I was 14 or so, the woman are cheap, the beer can be good or not. Just like the woman. You are likely to get hustled if you have a lot of cash and get to drunk/violent. Girls range from 30-150 dollars in the bars / clubs, and girls in the private "huts" cost about 10-35 dollars, current exchange rate as of July was 10 nuevo pesos to the yankee dollar. I usually get between 4-10 woman in an average night so I have to stick with the cheapos, those will do a straight fuck, "missionary" keep there tops on and expect you to finish your business in 30 minutes or less, which I can do if necessary. They will charge extra for positions, and extra to take off their top, I no longer find this necessary. Tropicana will see all types of scams, but if you stay late” really really late" you can be part of the live sex show, like me :) get a free blowjob and a 30 sec sex round in front of all! But that was in my younger days. Do not be afraid to walk around, a new club opened in recent years, it is well hidden around the back, follow the only street around, it used to be called the stardust, many fine woman, and they actually have lap dances. The cost of a lap dance is 5 bucks yankee. Stay away from boys town when it rains or when it is cold, trust me guys. Not all are like me, who are willing to brave all to go above and beyond the call of duty. Do not piss off the federales, try not to get involved in any scams or other transactions other than prostitution, penelaties can be higher than jail.
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Mexico Guide
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Posted on Friday, May 21, 2004 - 9:46 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

1 mile from bridge. Take the first right after crossing the Hidalgo/Reynosa Bridge. Follow the road signs that say Laredo. This street will curve around to the left. Look for a huge LIPSTICK neon sign and turn right.

3 miles from the Bridge. Take the first right after crossing the bridge. Follow the road signs that say Laredo. This street will curve around to the left. Cross the railroad tracks and canal. This will bring you to a traffic light with a 7-11 on the corner. This is the first of (4) 7-11s you will pass. Make a right, still following the signs for Laredo. Stay on this street for almost 2 miles. Look for a large red MOTEL sign on your left. El Diamante is just past this sign. The top of the building has purple neon lights.

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