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Asia Guide
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Posted on Saturday, June 19, 2004 - 11:46 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)


There is not much nightlife here. There are few bars and discos here, and most of these cater to the local clientele and not tourists. Most of the tourist bars, both Go Go and open beer bars, are on Chetyot Street or within vicinity. They are all walking distance from each other. Bars are also near the Wangcome Hotel. That's your landmark for finding most of the bars. If you stay there, you will be only a moments' walk from Phatphong, most of the traditional massage parlors, and the few beer bars there are in town.

What you will find here is low-cost shopping, dining, and lodging, as well as beautiful natural scenery and ancient temples.

The border of Thailand, Mae Sai, is about an hour and a half from downtown CR.

Don't plan on finding a girlfriend in CR, unless you have plenty of time, patience, and Thai language ability. It's best to bring the lady you met in BKK here for some quiet time away from the city.

How to Get There from BKK
The best way by air. From Bangkok, you can fly direct, non-stop into Chiang Rai. The flight is 65 minutes. THAI AIRLINES has 4 daily flights. Note that flights can be cancelled without notice, due to lack of customers. Indeed, the higher class hotels, such as the Wiang Inn or Wangcome, post a list of flight cancellations in the hotel lobby.

To fly from Bangkok to CR, one way, costs about 2,600 Baht ($65 US).

From the Airport to the Hotel
The airport is 20 minutes from the town center. Walk outside the airport and flag down any taxi. The price will vary depending on the driver and your ability to bargain, but 100-200 Baht is a fair price.

TIP: Have your travel agent write the name of your hotel in Thai, then hand that to your driver in CR, as few taxi drivers speak/understand English.

Getting Around Town
Walk. If you stay at any of the hotels in the center of town (such as the Wiang Inn or Wangcome hotel), you can walk to the open beer bars, the massage parlors, Phatpong, the Night Bizaar, etc.

Tuk Tuk. The Tuk Tuk is a 3-wheeled motorized taxi, similar to what you'll find in Bangkok. Most of the drivers hang outside the Night Bizaar or outside the Wiang Inn. The average fare is 20-30 Baht around town. Be sure to bargain the price before you get in.

Blue taxis. The blue taxis function both as a private taxi and as a local type of bus. The normal fare is 10 Baht per person. If you divert from its route, expect to pay the same as a Tuk Tui, about 20-30 Baht for anywhere around town.

Rentals. Rent a motorbike (150 Baht per day) and cruise the streets on your own.

Emergency Contacts
If you get into trouble here, dial the Tourist Police at their EMERGENCY HOTLINE, 053-1155. You can also reach the Tourist Police 24 hours a day at 053-717-796 or 053-717-779. The CR Regional Hospital is on Satarn Payabarn road, one block down and to the left of the Technical college.

The largest shopping complex in CR is the Big C mall. The mall is a 2-story complex with a major supermarket on the second floor and various shops downstairs, including a food court featuring low-cost fast food. Big C is about a 7-minute taxi ride from the center of town. Any of the local tuk tuks or blue taxis will take you there for 30 Baht.

The Night Bizaar is the main tourist trap in CR. It is a small outdoor shopping center and outdoor restaurant (featuring live entertainment such as traditional Thai dancers). Most items sold are clothing and fake Thai jewelry, often displayed right on the ground. The outdoor restaurant is cheap (a dish of Thai noodles is 20 Baht). It's fun to just hang out at and stare at the crowd of tourists. Whatever you buy, you must bargain down the price. Most of the items the salesclerk will quote you can be bargained down at least 50% of the asking price. The bizaar is open nightly from 7 PM until midnight.

Internet Cafe
Pure Power, located at 545/5 Rattanakhet Rd., open from 8 AM to 9PM. Rates are 1 Baht per minute.

During the high season (Nov - Feb) the temperature can drop as low as the 40s. During the hot season (Apr - Jun), it gets gets as hot as or even hotter than in Bangkok. Best time to visit: Nov - Feb.

You will get the best exchange rate using fresh, $100 bills. For traveler's checks, bring your passport to show the clerk when you cash them. Most AMT machines will allow you to take out a maximum of 10,000 Baht per 24-hour period.

Typical costs are as follows:

Hotel Rooms: 170 Baht (BAN BUA GUESTHOUSE) to 1,600 Baht (RIMKOK RESORT HOTEL)
Restaurants: 25-45 Baht to 100 Baht per dish
Bar Fine: 300-500 Baht (PHATPHONG GO GO BAR)
Short Time: 1,000 Baht
Drink in a Bar (soda or local beer): 25-60 Baht
Lady Drink: 65 Baht
Tuk Tuk or Taxi Ride: 20-30 Baht
Bus Ride, one way: 25 Baht

Kijnakorn Guest House
200 Baht/single room. Large bed and Western-style toilet (no TV or fridge). Located on 24 Ruangnakorn Road, tel: 053-744150

Krung Thong Hotel

Lek House
60 to 340 Baht/room. Located at 95 Banphaprakan Rd.

Pintamorn Guest House
Small guesthouse catering to backpackers. 60-330 Baht/room. A small restaurant features "the best burgers and chips in town." Located at 509/1 Rattanaket Rd (about 10 min. from the bus station). Tel: 053-715427. Fax: 053-713317.

Red Rose Hotel
Basically a "drive in" hotel, where you take your mistress or girlfriend. Each room has its own covered parking so nobody can see you and your lover get in and out of the car. Rooms include a sauna or jacuzzi. To find the hotel, take a tuk tuk or hire a motorbike taxi. You'll never find it on your own.

Saenphu Hotel
500 Baht/night. Rooms are nicely decorated and include a TV (local stations only), small refrig., Western toilet/bath, air con, etc. Located at 389 Banphaprakarn Rd. Tel: 053-717300. Fax: 053-717309.

Suknirand Hotel

Wangcome Inn Hotel

Wiang Inn
Probably the most popular hotel in town for those who can afford to pay 1,200 Baht a night. Facilities include an excellent restaurant, swimming pool, Karaoke and "full service" massage parlor (1,600 Baht for a 90 minute massage, sex included).
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Posted on Saturday, December 15, 2001 - 8:32 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Chaing Rai is easily reached by bus or air from Chaing Mai. Chaing Mai - Chiang Rai - Pha Yao - Chiang Mai is a possible loop with the new Chaing Mai - Pha Yao highway.

Phahon Yothin Road, the main street (which goes all the way to Bangkok) makes a right angle turn in Chaing Rai. The night market is nearby, as is the Golden Triangle Inn, and the Siam Hotel is nearby.

The Siam is a cheap hotel with mostly Thai clientele. As a teacher, I liked it.

The Golden Triangle has very nice grounds, and the pimps know it. It can be awkward to be seen with a teenage girl where elderly European women are staying, though.

Near the night market are a few bars and traditional massage parlors. One can ask the tuk-tuk driver for a girl.

to have: me

girl: poo-YING

young: deck-deck

ME poo-YING deck-deck might get you what you want.

The borderline (age) brothels are behind the hosptial. You will NEVER find them on your own.

They used to be very secretive (with good reason, the were similar to Svay Pak of a few years ago).

Now, there will be food vendors outside. Also, there were security guards in business suits with walkie-talkies.

I wouldn't call it child prostitution, but neither would I be surprised to learn that the girls were in their mid-teens, not late teens.

I brought one woman home. Prices range from 2,000 to 3,000 baht. That's a lot, but it's all night and the "high price spread" for Chiang Rai. The girl was tall and attractive. At the room, I discovered a very shy girl with a padded bra. I couldn't really see her, the lights out rule was in effect. After the first round, I asked "okay" and she replied "not okay!" and held her pussy saying "jehp" (it hurts). She was looking very uncomfortable and I went out in sandals and shorts with my room unlocked to put her in a tuk tuk back home. She didn't know where the brothel was. I went with her to see her back. The management seemed very perplexed. I guess the girl's comfort doesn't rate very highly with them.

I went to another brothel and did another take out. The mamasan wanted 500 baht extra because she was special. She was.

We got back to the hotel which was now locked. The tuk-tuk driver started jumping up and down and yelling trying to wake people up. I was mortified; I was trying to slip in under the cover of darkness. I stopped him and crawled over a fence with the girl.

Pitch black room, I never saw her naked, but I can say that her breasts were very funny feeling. She just latched on and was a LWFM (little white fucking machine). I was tired and stopped after one time, which seemed to puzzle her.

A woman knocked on the door about 7:00 a.m. and collected the whore and that was that. It was almost as if Domino's was delivering women.
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Posted on Wednesday, February 06, 2002 - 7:05 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

The straights in MBK are not from rich families but from the (lower) middle class. The shops there sell only mediocre clothes etc. The rich ones can be found in Emporium, Siam Discovery, formerly also the shopping mall adjacent to the Regent Hotel, and, of course, in some hotels over lunch.
They will not go or look at foreigners for fear of being labelled an 'easy' girl to put it nicely.
Some of the middle class crowd could some time ago (I haven't been there recently) be found in the pubs, try Soi Chitlom at the end near Lumpini Park and the music scene around the corner (facing Lumpini).
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Asia Guide (Asia)
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Posted on Thursday, October 30, 2003 - 6:08 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Without a doubt, the most widely (and wild!) holiday celebration in Chiang Rai (and throughout Thailand as well) is the Songkrang or Water Festival. The festival takes place every year from April 12-19, moving itself from northern Thailand south, peaking out on the 19th in South Pattaya. The Festival, described by Zen as acts of barbarism, is celebrated by the throwing of water in the public streets. The entire population of Thais stop whatever it is they are doing, hop on the infamous pick-up truck by the tons, and with buckets and water pistals in hand, drench the entire country with water. If you walk the streets at this time, you will get drenched, many times over. AS A RESULT OF THE FESTIVAL, ZEN AND I, BEING THE GROUCH'S OF THAILAND, GO INTO HIDING, NEVER TO BE SEEN OR HEARD OF AGAIN (well, that is, until the 20th of april in which the Festival ceases).

Actually, it's a great time of the yeat to come out and visit Thailand. If you come at this time, come with water gun in hand....and prepare to get soaked. There is no escaping it!
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Posted on Friday, February 08, 2002 - 12:26 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

There are literally hundreds of music restaurants, disco's, music clubs etc. on the Thonburi side of the river. Many also along the old parts of Samsen Road and adjacent streets. These used to have shows with suspiciously young girls before the great democratic crack-down of the mid-nineties. Many still have girls who are willing to say yes and no to any question you may ask. They will look deep in your eyes and there will be a pen handy to note down the amount. Whether that is long or short time, life-time or, for life, is anybody's guess.

For foreigners without decent Thai the Thai disco's may be difficult to enter but they are usually still willing to take your money.

In Pattaya, the Thai Palladium disco has possibilities. But you should then dress up for it and act respectable: in Pattaya that is quite difficult I guess.

Incidentally, music caffees, have singsong girls which may be the closest an expat without Thai can get to screwing a 'straight' girl. If you like to call moonligthing the occasional trick but otherwise having a normal family 'straight'.

Bringing a pretty girl into a disco, as an expatriate with little Thai language knowledge, may end in a brawl. Especially in the up-country disco's where Thais have little opportunity to meet or confront westerners with their questions in broken English (or simply practice what they already learned in terms of English that is) you may be accosted. Misunderstandings will develop especially in the present atmosphere in which Thais might feel slighted by certain words, gestures, etc.

I never had a brawl but I am rather evasive when Thai boyfriends, or groups of imbibed Thais appear on the scene. There is a lot of envy, especially towards westerners having girlfriends that looks attractive towards Thais, e.g. fair-skinned maidens.

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