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Username: yeti

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Registered: 8-2001

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Posted on Thursday, July 25, 2002 - 6:33 pm:   

I loved Rio. Can be dangerous but fun. I don’t know why all the flights from the US have to leave at night and arrive in the morning. I did not sleep so well on the plane and was exhausted when I arrived on a Saturday morning. Out near the airport it was very poor and depressing, but as you get closer to the beaches it gets a lot better. I stayed in Ipanema.

The women on the beach were beautiful and the restaurants and bars top notch, but I didn’t find any action in Ipanema. The next beach up is Copacabana – which has a good reputation for excitement. As I walked along the beach, one of the beach attendants selling chairs and umbrellas asked if I wanted a girl and pointed to a few laying on chairs nearby – but they were not on par with the non-pro’s I saw. By the way, the pro’s were the only topless girls I saw.

That evening I went to the famous disco “Help” but I did not see any attractive women inside or out – except for a few with their boyfriends. The few likely pro’s I saw were all black and very unattractive. (Maybe I was just too early.) So I left and went to the Termas “Luomo” by cab.

I came in and paid my entrance fee and went to the locker room. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Figured out that you take off your clothes and put on a terry robe (mine was too small since I’m over six foot). Put your key on your wrist and go into the bar area. I could hear the music from the outside. When I came in, I saw several goodlooking women of various shades, mostly 18-25 and dressed in bikinis or something similar. Wonderful place. Several were dancing to the music and obviously enjoying themselves. A couple of girls in the corner near the bar were dressed in jeans and a shirt – it looked like they were off shift. The girls spoke little English and I only knew a few words of Portuguese – but that was not a problem.

A tall slender black girl offered to show me around. They have great facilities (showers, saunas, etc.) and some small rooms in the back. Turned out that they close early on Saturday and I only had about an hour. I went back to the bar and looked around. Nobody really stood out so I got a beer and sat on one of the sofas. Soon the black girl came over and asked if I’d like her company. Sure. Soon we were cuddling, then kissing, then she had her hand in my robe. I waited awhile although I was rock hard, we had another drink and I got really turned on by the dancers. One of the dressed girls was amazing. Not so much her looks, but how she moved. But at that time I committed to the girl I was with. When I was ready, we went in the back and fucked like crazy. She was wonderful – very tight and very willing. (With a condom of course.) While I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I didn’t come. We ran out of time. But I was very happy. When we walked back into the bar I saw another customer coming out with a girl that would be at least a 9 by anyone’s scale. Good place, highly recommended. I don’t remember what I paid, but I just remember it was reasonable.

Since it was still only midnight, I took a cab to a bar called “Barbarella.” There was a high entry fee, but rumor had it that this was a good place. It had loud Brazilian music and was crowded. Looked like a mix of tourists and locals, with a lot of VERY attractive young women dressed like they were out on the town. A lot of blondes, but almost any shade of skin and hair you’d like. (Turns out most of them were “available”.) I had a couple of drinks called “caipirinhas” – tasty, easy to drink and can knock you flat if you are not careful. I watched the dancers, couples dancing like any disco – but also some of the girls alone or on small stages. No stripping, but just good-looking women dancing erotically. I was sitting next to two young (18-20) blondes – they 8’s or better. They asked if I wanted to take them home for about $250 for both. I was tempted but since it was my first day in Rio, I had little sleep, and I’d drank too much – so I decided to pass. I went to the hotel and slept until 1pm.

The next weekend (I worked during the week), I took a cab to another termas – called Solarium. A little more expensive, but a very nice place. Kind of like going to a Hilton after staying at a Holiday Inn. Beautiful facilities, everything Luomo had, but cleaner and prettier. It has three floors I think. I changed to a robe and went to the second floor bar / disco area. There were around 8-10 girls in the bar and I’d say they were mostly 7’s or 8’s. More sophisticated looking than Luomo and many blondes. I stood at the bar so I would not get hooked by one of the girls. I wanted to watch awhile and then choose. After awhile I saw a blonde I liked so I called her over, bought her a drink, and tried to talk a bit. She spoke some English. Her outfit was a cross between a negligee and a bikini. Very sexy, she was 22 and looked like an 8 by my scale. Soon we when upstairs and fucked and sucked for nearly an hour. Wow – brasilian women are fantastic. Afterwards I had another drink and headed home.

Summarizing – I like the termas very much. Similar to the FKK clubs in Germany, but they serve alcohol in Brazil. On the other hand I really like the nudity at the FKK clubs (in fact, I wish they’d ditch the towels). I think the sex is better in Germany but the women in brazil are wilder and enjoy themselves (and you) more. Rio is a better place to party. Despite how it sounded above, I think I had a better time at Luomo than at Solarium. Luomo was more relaxed and less formal. I would also recommend you check out Barbarella over Help. From what I could see there is no comparison. Anyway, if you get a chance – go to Rio. Great place. Beautiful women.

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