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Posted on Friday, May 22, 2009 - 7:39 pm:   

599 Rama IX Road, Bangkok. Located near RCA (Royal City Avenue) Area. +662 641-5757. Large selection, prices range from B1700-B2000, farang will pay 2x. (Keep in mind that for local farang who speak ok thai, this will probably be waived). Open 5p-12a. Huge entertainment center with nightclub, disco and restaurant/bar (food simple, but good). One of the Davis Mansions.
XXXX Rachadaprisek Road, Bangkok. +662 275-7474. One of the more celebrated "water trade" establishments in Bangkok, and the flagship parlor of the famous Davis Mansions. Many model types in here. Prices range from B1500-2000, and farang (non-Asians, but generally speaking, caucasians) can expect to pay double. Nightclub, bar, restaurant, disco also located inside, very large complex.
Located in Asoke/Din Daeng area, near RCA. Another of the Davis Mansions.
XXXX Rachadaprisek Road, Bangkok. +662 275-7474. Open 5p-1a. Located behind Emmanuelle. Supposedly the Davis Mansion for those on a budget, but most farang will not appreciate or notice the difference. Girls generally darker complected than at the other DEG Mansions, but many natural centerfold bodies inside. B1500-2000 for 1.5 hours. Farang may be charged 2x, but not likely here. Mostly frequented by lower class Chinese tourists. Selection of about 20-25 girls.
First off, a special welcome to the LA/SF-based "Village People" from the BGV board. I welcome your presence and greatly look forward to your, ummm, input on After School.
You will note that some if the MP info is incomplete. I hope to do a thorough list before long. If you have specific addresses or phone numbers, please e-mail them to me, I'd really appreciate it. When doing reviews of individual girls, please stick to the format discussed in the "Start Here-General Disc." thread. If you're doing a review of a girl from a place not yet listed in this section, please do a quick write-up of the establishment first to start that thread, then the second message should be the review itself. If you're unsure, look at other reviews for guidance.
FYI, the (DEG) notation stands for Davis Entertainment Group, which owns the famous "Davis Mansions" located in the Rachada/RCA/Rama IX Area of BKK.
BHC, 1091/336 New Petchburi Road, Bangkok (Makkasan). +662 253-0512, x2345 or 2336. Located in basement of Mercure Hotel. Open 7p-3a (last booking 1:45). B1700 for 1.5 hours. For those more familiar with BKK, it's at the terminus of Sukhumvit Soi 3, or about halfway between Nana and Pratunam. Choice of about 15 young ladies, most of whom work in other parlors. Staff generally attractive, experienced, cheerful. Good alternative to other MPs that usually close by midnight. House rule is covered oral, but I'm informed that's waived for regulars.
Sukhumvit Soi 12, Bangkok +662 XXX XXXX Open 4-11p. B2500 for 1.5-2 hours. World famous establishment, was sort of unofficial foreign correspondents club during VN War. Definite must see/starting point for Bangkok first timers. Pricey for BKK, but service uniformly excellent. Parking lot usually chock full of German imports, and the occasional Italian one, and we're not talking Fiat. Frequented by many wealthy expat locals of all nationalities (Arab, European, Korean, Japanese, etc.). Selection of about 30 girls on average. Management usually friendly and helpful, if not a bit sardonic at times-most of the managers have been there over 20 years ("Ah yes, #41, she retire long time ago, but all-time #1 smoke.").
77.1 </afterskool/messages?msg=77.1> Nataree is on Rachadaprisek Road in front of the Emmanuelle complex. Taxi instructions to the Emerald Hotel get you nicely into an area of many massage complexes.
In the middle of the afternoon I selected An from the fishbowl. As perfect a teenage (19yr) hardbody as I could imagine. Our 2 hours included the soapy slip & slide, a nice soak in a big tub and some very satisfying bed time. Fee was 1700 baht. She was eager to give me her phone number for a rendevous after midnight.
My friend who lives in Bangkok went there on my recommendation and found himself a steady girlfriend from among the girls in the traditional massage fishbowl (400 baht). He negotiated himself into a full relationship.
Nataree was my favorite because of the polite treatment I got as a farang, the wide choices and reasonable rates. Complex also includes karaoke and "no bra lounge" which I did not check out.
Note From Professor Night: When Native6 means "polite treatment", he is probably referring to the fact that they didn't charge him double, which is standard in many of the Rachada Road MPs. For the uninitiated, Rachada is a relatively newer area of BKK, and the MPs there cater predominately to local or ethnic Chinese. It's also quite a hike from the traditional farang tourist areas of Patpong and Nana, but definitely worth the extra $2-$3 in cab fare to hike out there.
The Quick BKK guide (THB 38=$1):
Bars: In Nana, G-Spot and Hollywood 1 generally have the best selection. Titty Twister, which recently opened has become popular quickly and girls get bought out of there very early on. Expect B500 for the bar, and B1000 for the girl (some superstars will ask B1500, but B1000 is the norm)"short time" (usually one shot or up to two hours). If you want, you can tip them B100 for taxi afterwards, they will appreciate it.
In Patpong, Camelot Castle and the KG bar immediately north of (I think King's II, but not 100% sure) CC have the nicest girls and best selection (and no remakes, either). B400 for the bar, and depending, B1200-2000 for the girl. For most tourists you should do PP once, but Nana should be your preference overall.
I should point out here how much the girl quotes you is a function more of how attractive she finds you (and not necessarily in the cosmetic sense). Quoting you anything over B2500 is really a polite way of saying fuck off. Also, it isn't that unusual for a girl to toss a freebie if she really likes you and you really are strapped for cash.
MPs: For beginners, head straight to Darling or Honolulu. Both are listed in this section of the Forum. I would recommend Darling because all the managers speak English well, have been there since Christ (and can probably tell you who He saw there), and the quality is uniformly superb. Honolulu has excellent selection, but most of the managers will attempt to institute the "farang pay double" charge, and it is a relative hike from central BKK.
On Condoms: use them. Your local average K-girl, when offering bareback FS, does so as a calculated risk, for extra money. Your average Thai girl does it to get pregnant or because she just doesn't know better. Although the HIV/AIDS threat is overstated, the HPV, chlymadia, gonorrhea, syphilis and general NSU threats aren't. While improving, delivery of medical care is still substandard compared to a developed nation, or in other words, the health cards are more or less worthless.

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