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Posted on Monday, August 07, 2000 - 3:32 pm:   

I've been traveling to eastern Europe since 1992, especially Prague where I'm going every month. So I can probably help you with some info about the Prague night life.

Everything is possible in Prague : from young model type girls to old fat women - Price from 1.000 czk/night to 10.000 czk/hour !!!

What are you looking for ? Escort services, Night Clubs, hotel lobby girls, street girls, students/amateurs or pro's in discos, private massage salons ???

I don't like escort services ( eskort servis ) because girls are never like describe on the phone, not especially cheap (up to 500 USD/hour) and girls never stay more than 45 minutes. You can find phone numbers of escort agencies in free magazines like Prague this month... ( more than 10 magazines that you can receive in hotels or touristic shops in the old town).

I don't recommend street girls that you can find around Vaclasvke Namesti and narodni Trida... cheap but older and bad looking girls, most are roms using drugs. Caution : HIV ! Business is running by taxis drivers.

If you don't speak Czech language, It will be a little bit difficult for you to negotiate with independent girls working in private flats ( privat ). If you want to try, buy " annonce " newspaper. You will find a lot of phone numbers for massages. Cheap but not the best quality girls ( handjob=rucni masaze : 300/600 czk, blowjob=oralni masaze : 800 czk, straight sex/intercourse=normalny seks : from 1.200 to 4.000 czk/hour ).

For lobby girls, try Deluxe hotels like Hilton or Intercontinental. Expensive ( 200/300 USD / hour ). Not bad looking but older and more pro ( passive, mechanical sex ).

Best is to pick up a girl in discos : you can find students/amateurs as well as pro's. Students will charge you ridiculous prices ( I remember two 18/20 years old student who charge me 1.000 czk all night + drinks and taxis ! ). Pro's will charge you 4.000/5.000 czk for about 1 hour. Always good services. Czech are very good •••••••. Now you can also find a lot of Ukrainian girls on the market. They do everything but... ( BBBJ, handjob in taxi or discos... but HIV ? ).

It changes quickly, but for the moment try Letna diskoteka, U Zlateho Stromu, Arena, Musicpark, Radost FX, Mecca... ). I found a lot of young and pretty girls ( 18/25 years old ) in discos and music bars !!!

A good idea is also to spend evening and night in night clubs ( nocni kluby ). More than 130 clubs in Prague ! But need a selection. Cheaper clubs are offering medium quality girls ( Atlas club, Hanka service... from 2.400 czk/hour - entrance fee 200/400 czk - girls drinks regular prices ). If you're looking for a 18/25 years old model type girl take a look in Apollon Club, K5 relax Club or Lotos Club... 4.500 czk/hour - entrance fee 700/1.000 czk - girls drinks 300/350 czk ) but very good investment ! Always possible to bring the girl to your hotel room.

Remarks : 1 hour you pay = 1 REAL hour full service including massage, blowjob and sex. You can come 1, 2 or 3 times during your 1 hour time !!!

Be carefull with taxis drivers in Prague. They can charge you crazy prices ( sometimes 10 x regular prices !!! ). And this day & night !!! Be aware from taxis waiting in Vaclavske namesti, Namesti Republiky, Narodni Trida... Don't forget all taxis are connected with night clubs, who will charge you expensive entrance fees ( up to 1.000 czk ) because of commission for taxis drivers. When you go back to your hotel from the night club, ask also the price before you go in the taxi. They will try to overcharge you again.

It exists also 2 or 3 " Prague sex guide " : a map with advertising of night clubs and sex shops. I never need to use it ! Prague is full of sex, just look around you !!!

additional information :

Magazines for tourists like "Prague guide", "Welcome to Prague", "Prague this month", "Prague heart of Europe"... are only providing addresses of companies who are advertising in their issues. It means : not necessary the best addresses. You can find hotels, restaurants, theaters, discos as well as a few night clubs & escort agencies.

"up to date" infos about discos :

Disco Mecca & Radost FX : Good clubs but most of the girls with their boyfriends !!! Not lucky with the lonely girls available these nights...

Try Letna diskoteku (Veletrzni 61,Praha 7),Arena (Melantrichova 5,Praha 1), Fromin (Vaclavske Namesti 21,Praha 1), Club Lavka (Novotneho Lavka 1, Praha 1),Music Park (Francouzska 4, Praha 2) and U Zlateho Stromu(Karlova 6, Praha 1)...impossible to go back alone to your hotel room !!! Entrance fee= +/-50 czk. Soft drinks/beers +/- 25 czk. Long drinks= +/- 65 czk. Bottle of local sparkling wine=250 czk.

For discos out of downtown it's better to have a Czech guide.

If you'd like to spend good time in night clubs, try the following ones :

- Lotos Club (Kupeckeho 832,Praha 4 -tel. 7916825) 24/24 hours, 2/3 girls during the day/up to 20 girls at night. One of the best night club. strip show. Standard room=3.500 czk/1 hour. Room with jacuzzi=4.500 czk/1 hour.

- Relax Klub K5 (Korunni 5, Praha 2 -tel. 24250505). 16h00-04h00, about 12/15 girls. Prices depending services requested (offering sauna, massages, Jacuzzi, pedicure, manicure, bar, restaurant... and rooms !).

- Apollon Club (Sokolovska 60,Praha 8 -tel. 24815945). 20h00-06h00, about 10/15 girls. One of the best night club in Prague. strip show. Standard room=3.500 czk/1 hour. Room with jacuzzi=4.500 czk/1 hour.

- Drancy Night Club (Evropska 681,Praha 6 - tel.361573). New club on the road to airport. Open on evenings & nights. Never tried myself but received good report by other hotel guests.

- Atlas Club (Ve Smeckach 31,Praha 1 - tel. 96224260). 24/24 hours, about 20 girls at night. Strip show. Located in centrum (Wenceslas square). Standard room=2.400 czk/1 hour. Room with jacuzzi=3.500 czk/1 hour.

- Hanka Servis ( Bulharska 10,Praha 10 - tel. 734011). 24/24 hours, 2/3 girls during the day, 10/15 girls at night. Standard room=2.400 czk/1 hour. Room with jacuzzi=3.500 czk/1 hour. Entrance fee depending your arrival ( by yourself or with taxi driver ). From 200czk to 1.000 czk, sometimes free if during the day.

Drinks are normal prices for you, more expensive for girls ( often cocktails with beautiful colors but no alcohol that you will pay 300/350 czk !!!). Girls are of course drinking so fast...(as far as I know, they didn't receive commission on drinks ). Better is to order a bottle of Bohemia Sekt (local sparkling wine maximum 600/800 czk/bottle) and share the bottle with the girl(s).

Most beautiful girls were found in Lotos Club and Apollon Club (attractives 18-24 years old, tall, slim, pretty face, friendly & good sex).

Some night clubs are also offering their girls for escort, just ask the boss. Some girls are doing escort in "private", I mean when not working in night club. These girls are working only 2 or 3 nights a week in night club and will maybe accept to escort you on "night off". Enjoy yourself in fantastic Prague ! Mark

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