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King Wenslas
New Contributor
Username: kingw

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Posted on Wednesday, November 13, 2002 - 12:22 pm:   

My work was taking me to Prague. As I was only going to have one proper evening there I decided to visit Sex Park as soon as I arrived and then to go somewhere classier to spend more time in the evening. As things turned out I never bothered to seek out another establishment that evening after visiting Sex Park…

I ordered a taxi and asked him to take me to Sex Park. This he did with no fuss. I noted that Sex Park is located just north of the river in Prague where it runs east/west and is next door to a McDonalds (yes, really). I entered the left hand side, went up the stairs, was searched for weapons, paid the 40p entrance fee and then I was in!

The establishment comprises a network of rooms and corridors in a figure-of-eight pattern with about 15 girls working at any one time. These days they are all Czech. Punters simply walk around making selections and talking to the girls who are dressed in underwear and seem mainly eager to please. The fee is standardised at £20 for half an hour. The showers are effective and everything is clean and slick. Having walked around a couple of times, I was torn between 3 girls who severely took my fancy. They ranged in looks from gorgeous to drop dead stunning. What was I to do?

The problem was solved for me when I started a conversation with a tall, busty blond and got absolutely nowhere as she spoke no English. Her next door neighbour, however, intervened in good English and promptly started to chat me up. Although she was brunette, of average height with small boobs and so not my type, she immediately impressed me with her carefree ways, good humour and vivaciousness. Her name was Teresa, and it appears she was best mates with my tall blond who was called Retkar.

Teresa had this way with herself which showed she was fun-loving and sensual. I bet she’s pretty perceptive too, as she noted my desire for Retkar and suggested a three-some. No, actually she demanded it! The two girls were in full swing now giggling and kissing each other in a mock serious style. Teresa’s room is located right at the back on the left hand side and so her corner room is twice the size as everyone else’s and her bed was bigger as well – just the ticket! So we went in and amid much giggling and good spirits I paid my £40, undressed and got into the shower. When I came out Teresa popped in and Retkar dried me off. I then sat on the edge of the bed with Retkar’s huge, firm boobs in front of me and proceeded to kiss and suck on them.

Retkar is 22 years old and undoubtedly has the firmest body of any girl I have known. It is as if the laws of biology and gravity simply don’t apply to her thighs, tits and bum. After a few moments of heaven Retkar swapped with Teresa and I dried off the 25 year old brunette. Her body was incredibly soft and smooth, and her eyes and demeanour showed that she was enjoying this as much as I was. In no time at all Retkar returned, we all dried her and amid much giggling and talking in Czech I sat on the bed with my back against the wall and the two girls started to caress me with particular attention around my cock and balls.

I told them to only talk in English, and now I was being mock serious. It certainly did the trick. Teresa put a condom on me and proceeded to give me a good blowjob with sensual eye contact, making full use of her (generously proportioned) tongue. Retkar kept on giggling and massaging my balls, whilst I fondled each girl simultaneously and considered my good fortune. At one point Retkar grabbed Teresa’s head and pumped it up and down on my cock and Teresa playfully spanked her in return. After a while I told Retkar to give me a blowjob, so she put a new condom on me and started, whilst Teresa played the supporting role.

I then fucked Retkar in the missionary position with Teresa kneeling behind me and massaging my back, buttocks and balls. Teresa kept on saying “Fuck that bitch, fuck that bitch” and both girls would giggle. Needless to say, this was incredibly good. I then fucked Retkar backwards and was delighted to find that our bodies meshed together perfectly. Meanwhile, Teresa alternated between masturbating herself and rubbing her body against mine while this was all in progress.

Wanting to get my full money’s worth, (as if I hadn’t already) I thought I would fuck Teresa before the 30 minutes elapsed, so she carefully put a new condom on me and then bounced up and down seemingly with abandon, but actually with great skill. Even this part was perfect. She even managed to massage my balls at the same time and Retkar leaned forward and kissed my chest. This then pushed me past the point of no return and I came and came – quite unforgettable.

They then each had another shower and I played with each of them in turn. Teresa kept on saying “I am the domitratrix” and so I put her over by knee and playfully spanked her. Then I was gone. For a full 20 minutes afterwards I was in a glow of euphoria with a pleasant tingling on my balls – unbelievable!

I then considered my second dilemma of the evening – what to do next? It had been so good that I resolved to return, so a few hours later I was back for a second helping. When Teresa saw me she said “You want fucky fucky sucky sucky?” and we were off all over again. The variation this time was that they were determined to try new things and this was fantastic. I was half expecting exactly the same again, but this was not the case. For example, when I was fucking Retkar in the doggy position, Teresa came up behind me with a very cheeky grin on her face and said “I have a surprise for you”. She took out a new condom, put it over a finger and then pushed this into my bum.

I would heartily recommend anyone to visit Teresa and Retkar. They have both been there a matter of weeks and Teresa told me she doesn’t know how much longer she will be staying – so get out there now! (And NO, I don’t own shares in Sex Park or Go-Fly.com) Would I recommend them YES Would I return YES

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