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Posted on Monday, January 14, 2002 - 8:27 pm:   

I prepared for my October visit by cataloguing names, phone numbers, addresses, prices of clubs, escorts and private apartments. Most of my information came from the site www.escort.cz which is a kind of advertising board for the sex industry in the Czech Republic and is highly recommended for visitors. I also made a few phone calls and sent some email messages during the weeks before my visit. My only voice contacts
and email responses came from Markus who is a contact for Mila¡¯s escort and resort, from a
girl named Aneta who escorts and from Jiri who is pimp, friend or whatever for Hela who has her own web site (Search Yahoo under Hela). I never did make it to Mila though I actually did start on the long public transportation trip from the Prague center one evening but gave up because I
could not figure out which bus to take when you get off at the last stop of the yellow line subway. Aneta only wanted to come to my room
if she could stay the whole night and I could not see spending the whole night with a woman I had never seen. Hela was on the rag and Jiri
wanted to send Natashka but I opted out.
Took a cab from the airport to the Ronni hotel. When you take a cab , get a commitment for a price when you start or you will be ripped good.
It should not cost more than 500 from the airport to most places in town. I had slept well on the plane and was still on USA time so I prowled the
Prague 10 streets that nite with my map and my catalog of privats and clubs. Well I learned
a few things right away.

1. Most privats listed on www.escort.cz do not have a sufficiently complete address so you have to phone first. That makes sense to Czechs but for
foreigners who find the phones difficult, it presents other problems.

2. To phone from the street (small pensions and the Ronni do not have good phone service), you need a mobile or a phone card, the latter of which
you can only purchase during the day in Prague 10. You can lease a mobile at the airport but I have no idea about price or reliability. Phone cards
are tough to find at midnight.
For starters, I did find the Hanka Servis
club, paid the 150 CK entrance fee and immediately met Simone who put me at ease. She is an enormously tall Czech woman, about 32 years
old, speaks perfect English and is quite educated and well traveled. She has a nice figure with full breasts and a pretty smile though she is far
from beautiful. She showed me the private entertainment rooms and I chose the less expensive one where I spent two pleasant hours for 4000
KC (about $120). She uses a condom for everything and does not kiss. She likes to
receive oral (genuinely) and has good oral skills herself. I went twice with her before leaving. After satisfying other appetites at a
local Italian restaurant, I continued my hunt. Privat Lola on Minska 6 was on the top of my list since the photos on the INTERNET were of pretty
women and the prices were low. I could not find the correct door bell and gave up.

I found the street address for Privat Andilci at Sapova 28 and was perusing the labels on about 30 doorbells and getting nowhere when I noticed a sound coming from a ground floor apartment:
the unmistakable female music of love. The ground floor apartment windows from which this lovely sound was emanating were illuminated in red and I knew I had the place but what to do? I stood in the darkness and listened falling
in love with this ecstatic damsel ecstatic moans. Despite my recent frolicking with Simone,
my cock was hard as I walked away into the night.
I did find a privat at Sevastopolska¡¯ 4 and there was bell with the name ¡°Privat¡± which I rang. There were two ladies there Olga and Eva, both
Russian and both young and both with an attitude. They were nice enough to offer me a glass of wine. Two other Russians arrived after half an hour.
No-one but Olga spoke much English and the two
new arrivals were oh so much like California teeny boppers. I took Olga into the bed room. She was not great but she did kiss which was nice and
had less of an attitude after the hour of fucking and sucking was up. I paid 1600 (less than $50) for the hour. Olga hinted that she would like to
show me the city the next day but I could not see this 18 year old Russian who knew only 50 English words as an interesting guide so I declined politely.

I was tired and retired to my room to dream of the sounds coming from that crimson lit apartment in this city that I had never seen before that
nite. Awoke in the morning at 10 AM and rushed to the Hilton where I had business.
At about 3PM, returned to Prague 10 and phoned the number for Andilci (in escort.cz).
Strangely sure that the answering voice was the same as that uttering ecstatic sighs through the crimson window. Her name is Michaela, she told
me to ring the bell marked Filip. I almost ran to the house rang the bell and she came to
the door. Tall, slim like Twiggy (remember her) and with a cute shy smile and dressed scantily as per her profession. She led me inside, offered
me a coke and let me know that she knew only five words of English but she was fairly fluent in Spanish, which I can also handle. Now her ¡°hour¡± was quite a bit more than the hour I had done with
Olga the night before. First a bath in her Jacuzzi tub, then mutual massage, then
mutual oral with a lot of that beautiful moaning and then missionary with louder and more enthusiastic moaning. Price 1600. She told me a bit about her life and I wanted to know her better so I decided to try the whole night
thing and asked if I could come back that night at 11PM. After more work, dinner and a rest, back to Michaela, toothbrush in hand. She was then with her partner, a masculine looking butch.
I asked about the whole night again and Michaela¡¯s and she seemed pleased to have my business. She asked if I would like dos chicas
meaning her and the butch. I told her I wanted only her but asked the price of two. Two women from dusk to dawn cost 15,000 KC, $450. Michaela alone cost 8000 KC.
I was too tired to go more than once and could not sleep more
than three hours so I left her at about 3 AM and walked back to my hotel. It happens that Michaela has had very bad experiences with men and likes
women (like her partner). But she does enjoy sex with both genders and is an excellent lover for a man (for at least one nite).
I recommend Michaela at Andilci.

Next day, I traveled down town for business and stopped on the way at Privat Woow which is on Pribenicka 10 (door bell Malitinsky). I went
back two days later so I will describe this place here. Women are cute but far from
beautiful here. I had Valerie the first time and Zhuzhanna the second time. Both were affectionate but somewhat inhibited. Neither speaks English.
Both times, I paid only 1300/hour. This place is very close the train station and not very far from the center.
The next afternoon, after business and a short walking tour, I took the tram deep into Prague 10 to Olsinach 72 (RM Models on the door) RM
stands for Robert and Marketa. That is Marketa. Would you like a czech porn star
to suck you like you were in a film? Would you like to fuck her is six positions? Would you like to keep a momento on a video tape?
Would you like to pay only $90 for the privilege to do all of this? Bring your video camera and $90 and it is all yours. If you are into sharing
lovely Marketa, stud Robert will join in for another $30. On my next trip downtown, I moved my hotel to a small pension next to the train station. I decided to try Angelica Private in Prague 3 at Buchovcova 1. Here you have to call to be allowed in. Monika was working alone and
let me in. Well this was what they call a girl friend experience if there ever was one. Monika is petite, especially for a Czech. I had a
tender experience with her and I would rather let you find out for yourself since I consider it kind of personal. I went to two other Privats in
Prague. Privat Sabina and Adam, in the center of town. Don¡¯t go there. The girls are in a big rush and they are no prettier than the ones in
the periphery. They also cost more. The other was Privat Orient at Jecna 25 (You must call and she closes early), owned and operated by
Nicole of Bangkok. She was also in a hurry but charged only for half an hour (1000 KC) and gave
me the only BBBJ that I got in this town which is very condom conscious. I also visited the ¡°Sex Park¡± (Tram 3 to first stop after the bridge; then a healthy walk upriver (half a mile)). Kind of like window shopping for a fuck. I tried two ladies there but I definitely do not
recommend it unless you are in a super hurry and do not mind being treated like a cow.

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