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Posted on Sunday, September 17, 2000 - 12:58 am:   

Germany vs. Thailand - Some Candid Thoughts

I often sit around comparing Germany to Thailand as I daydream the day away.

Firstly I know a lot of German tourists who have sex in Thailand but do not enjoy the FKK scene. If you go to Pattaya, the north area past the final right turn (where the beach road ends momentarily) is primarily a German tourist area. The Thai Garden Hotel is basically a German hotel in Thailand. I have stayed here often (although this is not my favorite haunt). In a day long of drinking, a conversation usually gets started about the sex issues. Beleive me some of these guys are just here for the sun, with their wives and are not out for anything. I always thought it was funny to be sitting around the pool with a Thai prostitute in a revealing bathing suit talking to tourists who are just there for the sun and tourism....but I guess that is my sense of humor.

Actually I think the defining point is that the Thai prostitute really wants to be your girlfriend. I'm not talking about girlfriendsex, I'm talking what they perceive to be a real girlfriend. There are many websites that cover this and the poor fool who gets involved in this situation.

The point here is that I honestly believe a lot of the prostitution in the resort areas of Thailand (and I have been to all of them) is guys looking for some sort of girlfriend situation and the girls are either going along with this or actually have some feeling for some of the guys which can develop into some sort of relationship.

This is evidenced by the multi day situations that guys get themselves into with the girls. In Germany, for the most part, it might be girlfriendsex but the girl is certainly not leaving to go to your hotel and spending a week with you. In rare occurances this has happened, but if this is not for free, then the German girl will want to be compensated at an amount that no man will pay. In Thailand, this all night, food, entertainment, shopping thing with the girl is quite common and not that expensive.

In my opinion, the Thailand whore monger and the German whore monger are two totally different breeds. The man in Thailand is generally looking for a greater relationship than the German brothel situation and that is why Germans with perfectly good brothels two blocks from their home, travel to Thailand for sex.

This is not to say that there are exceptions....and I consider myself to be an exception. I don't want a Thai prostitute girlfriend. When I am in Thailand I seek out the same type of situation found in Germany.....a brothel, where I can make a pick and have sex with a lot of different women. There are many good ones, but there are also bad ones....same as Germany. The Thai brothels that I would go to include the plastic mattress massage with body to body. This is a nice experience. They also include a bath. And by the way, there is a huge selection of every type in the Thai brothel. But even with this there are problems. For one, if you do not know what you are doing, the taxi or tuk-tuk driver will get a huge commission and you will be actually paying the commission in a round about way. This tourist trap b.s. does not of course go on in the FKK scene, but if you have ever had the displeasure to visit Hamb. the same kind of tourist rip off scams do occur.

One big difference for me is that Bangkok is a fun city....there is a lot to do and see. After you go to an FKK, especially in winter, you are usually not going on a tuk-tuk ride to see the Golden Budha. Yes, we have museums in Germany, but let's face it, for the sex tourist there is nothing to do for the most part. Some are lucky to have residence in the area, so after the FKK it is off to home for a hot meal, some sleep and another day at work....to make more money to spend at the FKK!!!!! For the tourist, Thailand wins.

As I think things over, another problem is that these Thai women are for the most part smaller than European woman and are not the sexual perverts(in a good way) that you can find in the FKK. Even a good bj is sometimes hard to find in Thailand with this "you want I smoke you"? crap. This is not to say that it does not exist and some excellent oral can be had. Also from my experience (and I am certainly not saying that I have a 16" penis)the Thai girls cannot always take a good pounding. They have a smaller body size and it is genarally smaller all over. This ends up in all kinds of problems with condoms breaking and stuff that no one needs, like the girl bleeding. I much prefer the European woman....there has never been a problem here...mostly all seem to take little Rolf with no problem at all.

So where am I going here.....am I writng a book?? I like the girls better at the FKK (look and sexual ability) and the FKK is a perfect brothel situation. I like the fun and sun in Thailand and the excitement of the cities there. If you do not want to get involved with the girls, the FKK is the winner. It really depends on what the man is looking for.

I also want to add that if a tourist is smart and stays in a reasonable guest house in Germany (not a Hilton)the cost will not be that much different and the quality higher in Germany. The airline ticket is cheaper to Germany when coming from the U.S. and Americans will find Germany and the US looking almost like the same country as far as good highways and food places. But, you must have an auto in Germany...and good maps. The first timer is probably better off with a tour. I remember the old days, trying to find a new FKK (and this is half the fun for me, the expectation of a new greater place) and driving around trying to find the place. In Thailand if you do not know what you are doing and look a little goofy, you will not get the right price, you will not find the right places and you will not see the real highlights. A first timer who is not a good talker definitely needs some guidance here.

Also the breakfasts are better in Germany (Thai people usually have soup for breakfast) and no one can argue this.

In continuing my thought on this subject;

Another reason I would prefer Germany is health issues. All of the big brothels in Thailand claim that all the girls are checked regularly and that they have health cards. Even the girls from the bars boast that they have a health card. This was a very good factor wen I took it at face value.

However, after being in Thailand for a few years, and getting better with the Thai language (and making some Thai friends), I took a closer look at this situation.

Most of the cards are pure B.S. They might have a photo, or lines with writing, and even some look very official. For the most part B.S. Some have a very old card (Thai calendar is different) and others have totally false documents. Doctors can also be made to sign a card without administering any test for a fee. Don't count on this medical safety issue if this is important to you.

In Germany I have witnessed a government administrator with a policeman checking working cards and health stamps at German brothels. I have heard the girls discussing that they were going to the doctor the next day and I have even seen a doctor in the house checking the girls for vaginal problems. I am confident (or as much as you can be) in the German system.

I have even read that the prostitutes in the Netherlands are not checked by law, as they petitioned the government and won "rights for prostitutes". One of these rights was NOT having to get regular health exams and HIV tests every three months. I believe I read this in the newspaper and it was not a German brothel owner trying to sell his services over the Netherlands brothels.

Once you get into the Netherlands, due north of our favorite area, you come to cities which also have large brothels. The majority in one town were girls brom Brazil, which I would personally be interested in. However, after I read this news, I said to myself "why not just stay in Germany?".

So, this is another comparison that I believe is correct.
If you are a goof, go to Germany (or make sure that you utilize a tour guide in Thailand).

The Katoi (Ka toy) issue is one where you will surely end up in your room with a very pretty little man if you are not sharp and have been "out there".

Thailand has some of the best transexuals and transvestites in the world (if you are into this great), so you will probably be fooled and spend some time with a person who is or was once the same gender as you. If you do not want this to happen.....go on a guided tour....or go to Germany.

Germany has some of the ugliest, most disgusting transvestites and transexuals I have ever seen. A big German guy does not look good in this mode. You will not screw up here even if your glasses are broken.

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