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Posted on Tuesday, August 08, 2000 - 4:00 pm:   

Tina&ralf Solingen and Mettmann partytreff clubs .
I think if you read it you will get answer to all your questions just from reading them
They are listed under "German sex clubs"
But I will gladly answer all your questions as I'm sure that many other will want to hear what goes on in these great clubs even if they are a bit to scweemish for some
I have so far only managed four visits to this type of club twice to the old Hilden club (now closed and to 2 above mentioned clubs
Every visit was completly different it depends on who there the chemistry and one's own attitude.
I am going again next month and hope to specailize in these type of club and hope to visit at least another 5 or six (if I dont collase of exhaustion no I am not jokeing ) and I intend to report back in detail on my return
I will of course try and visit at least Babalyon FKK as Ive never yet had the privilege .
Now to your questions :

Q: How many men attend as compared to women?

A: It varies but general I have seen about 4 to 6 women to about 10 to 12 men once at hilden there were about 25 men

Q: How many of the women are single as opposed to couples?

A:of my 4 visits I have only met 3 couples 2 at the second time I visited Hilden and one couple at solingen.

Q:Do the men sometimes have sex with other men?

A: if you visit on a night with a tansvetite or bi moto like I did on my monday visit to soligen where I did see (see my report ) but did not watch men together with men in one of the rooms I just peeked in and saw 3 men together and when i saw what was going on just turned around and left to go and find somthing more intresting.

Q:Do you just start having sex with anyone or do you ask first?

A;Thats a diffucult one to answer there are all differnt senerios somtimes you are chatting at the bar and one suggets that you go to a room or one is wathching out side or inside a room you either join in with one guy and girl on the bed or one guy finishes with the girl and she is looking around for someone else to satify her its impossible to describe how it happens "it just does" belive me you dont think about it "it just happens "

Q:What are the chances you will have sex with women of older age? I've seen some 40-50 year old women attend these clubs.

A:Yes In my last visit to Mettmann I had a very nice time with a plump freuline 43 yrs who came once a week to get properly laid by as many men that were willing to screw her I usually dont go in for the older women but she was very friendly and such good fun what the heck I was in the mood and she was so hot how could I refuse .

Q:How long does a party treff go on?

A: they usually start at about 17:00 or 18:00 and finish at 12:00

Q:What is a short description of what happens, time it begins, sessions, food, do they roam the house or property, when does it end, the total cost?

A: one pays 200 250 or 300DM depending if its a regular nite or moto and weekends are more one undresses in a changing room is given a loker and most go around in either jock stap or nude one goes to the bar and newbees are shown around the house by one of the women there is usually snacks and free drinks including beer all included (I find drinking beer affects my performance and even though I love beer I have to refain till I after I had enough sex and are ready to go home .
One notices that the bar gets quite or you will notice that one or two of the girl have gone missing so its time to checkout the rooms then its up to you what happens next !
You can roam the whole house freely garden and THERE IS NO LIMIT TO SEX you can do it as much as you can and are able in other words SEX UNLIMITED and all this is included in your entry price no extras
But at 12:00 everyone goes home unless you get lucky (like I did once ) and get invited home by one of the couples or private women .

Q:Do they limit the men?

A:Limit ? what do you mean SEX? no you can do it as many time as you are able (be warned the women are unexhaustable and even a top stud wont be able to do it to many time's in a six hour period )

Q:Do they hire prosituties to balance the odds of men and women?

A: Yes definetly they have at least 2 or 3 professional women as they could not guarentee that private women will turn up to sevice the guys I would imagine most nights only pro's work these clubs but they all seem to enjoy their job and are great fun but dont go looking for 9-10 beauty queens like you get in the better FKK clubs the looks are not the main thing in Partytreff .

Q:Is it necessary to speak German?

A: Nichs spraken zi deutch (I dont speak it and you can see where its got me .

Well I think that answers all your questions
Bye the way I think its time that this babalyon dicussion page has got very big and diverse and need re classifing as this item that I have just now posted has really nothing to do with Babalyon
Over to you SP


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