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Posted on Sunday, August 26, 2001 - 1:31 am:   

Nuevo Laredo Boys Town
Took a taxi from No.1 Bridge to Boys Town ($10.00). The best time to visit here is about 9.00-10.00PM. Selection of girls is very poor before 9.00PM and the business becomes very slow after 12.00PM. This visit was the first time for me since 2 years ago. I went in Papagoya and saw a girl 5-3", 128 Lb, a little bit chubby Mexican (about 7 rating). I asked her "Quantos anos tiene?" (How old are you?). She said "Viente" (20). "Tienes hijos?" (Do you have kids?) I asked. She said "No". I thought she was fine and OK, but I
also thought there might be better girls around so I decided to shop around outside. I visited other places like Miyako but I was not able to find any good girls, so I got back to Papagoya again. As it was about 10.30 PM, no new girls were showing up anymore. So, I thought I had to choose a girl soon. I started talking with several girls who were 7 or better ratings but they were either too old (over 25) or had kids. So I approached the first girl I met here (the above 20 year old girl) and asked her price. She said $70, and I said fine. The price was about $60 two years ago, so I thought its OK, besides I also thought if I cut the price she might not give me a good services. As we got in a room, she got naked quickly, my penis was already erecting by just seeing the naked young girl. She checked the hardness of my penis and smiled and put on me a condom. I laid her down on the bed and opened her legs wide with my hand and penetrated my penis into her vagina. She had a very tight vagina, so I had tremendous feeling every time I stroke into her vagina. After several strokes I laid myself on top of her and pushed my penis into her as hard as I could, then rotated myself on the bed with her so she was now on top of me. Then she sat upright on me. My penis and her vagina never disengaged during this operation. She started stroking up and down and the bed started squeaking loud. She seemed to be enjoying. I was feeling every stroke with tremendous joy as her very tight vagina made my penis feel extremely good. I exploded within her after several strokes but she kept stroking about 15 times more after my climax.
My penis stayed erected hard even after my explosion and able to give her great satisfaction. We were both well satisfied. Then she went to take shower and I went to wash my penis and noticed my balls were wet with her vaginal water. I showed it to her and asked "Te gusta?"(You liked it?) She nodded and smiled. I said "Me gusta mucho por que te gusta tambien" (I liked it very much because you enjoyed it also).
At this place, most girls cannot or barely speak English (but enough to negotiate price). So, being able to speak a little bit of Spanish is a great asset.

Three weeks later, I came back Papagoya again. I sat in a chair while having a beer. Shortly after, a very cute girl came out from girls' dressing room and she leaned against an old jukebox. She was 5'-3" and 110 Lb, Mexican. I
immediately invited her to my table and asked the same questions. She said she was 18 years old and had a baby (what a disappointment). But I knew there would not be any prettier girl showing up here even if I waited much longer. So I said "Yo te quiero" (I love you). She smiled, asked me $70 and we went to a room. In the room, she said the time was only15 minutes. It sounded like she wanted to maximize her income in a prime time of Saturday night by higher rotations of customers. As she got undressed, I was satisfied with her looks. She did not have loose stomach typical of post-pregnancy. I asked "No tienes un hijo (you don't have a kid?) She gestured as if she had either C-sec or an abortion. She also had good-looking busts and a kind of fragile feeling stemming from her young age. You can only get that kind of feeling from a lorita. I was very excited by this feeling of this girl. I laid her on a bed and opened her legs wide. Her pussy looked a little large for her body size. As I started sucking her pussy, I felt salty taste immediately. I kept sucking her pussy up and down and sideway but she did not respond to it very well. So, I sat up and penetrated my penis into her vagina and started stroking. Her vagina was not as tight as the girl I mentioned above but much better than average. After several strokes, I laid myself on top of her and pushed my penis against her vagina as hard as I could. Meanwhile I kept saying "tu eres mui bonita" (you are very beautiful). Then I disengaged from her, and asked her to sit on a desk with her legs wide open. She gladly responded to my request. As my penis approached to her vagina, she grabbed my penis in her hand and guided it into her vagina (actually, I wanted to penetrate into her without being guided). While stroking my penis into her, I hugged her and sucked her nipples. She asked me to suck her nipples a little gentler. After a few
minutes of stroking, I asked her to go on the bed again and stick her buttock towards me. As she gladly responded to my request, I penetrated myself into her from her buttock, and gave several strokes while holding her tiny buttock. Her cute little buttock with soft short hair on it gave me a
feeling of fucking with an underage Lorita. After that, I laid her on the bed and opened her legs wide, and I penetrated into her again, then I laid myself on top of her and pushed my penis into her vagina as hard as I could.
Finally, I could not sustain the climax any longer and exploded in her vagina.
After all ended, I asked her "Te gusta esto sexo?" (Did you like this sex?). She nodded with smile, but I was not convinced. So I said "Yo no creo que te gusta" (I don't think you liked it). She replied with a nod again. So I
asked "de verdad?" (Sure?) She nodded with smile. So I believed she enjoyed it, but she could not respond as having joy because of her immature age and inexperience, so I believed.

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