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Posted on Thursday, February 08, 2001 - 10:14 am:   

Over the weekend my friend Paul and myself decided to take a trip to the famous boy's town (BT) in Nuevo Laredo (NL). Paul was born and raised in the 'valley' area of Texas, basically the Mercedes, Brownsville area, so he is fluent in Spanish, and I grew up in the Houston area so spanish isn't that foreign to me. The trip report is very long, but very accurate, more so than any posting on (WSG), and obviously, very up to date. I will divide it into several parts.

OVERVIEW: Paul and I are both 44 years old, married, and are both decent fellows, outside a very bad weakness for ladies. Neither considered Mel Gibson, nor Quisomodo, just regular guys. The drive from Houston takes about 5 hours either via US 59 or I10 to San Antonio, then I 35 to Laredo. We arrived about 7pm at our crappy Motel 6, then Paul ate, while I swam. I was so nervous I could not eat. I kept wondering what BT was all about, I had a mental picture of the bar in "From Dusk till Dawn" without all the vampires, and hopefully a lot of Salma Hayek clones. We got to the border about 9 pm , which is 8 pm in Mexican time, and caught a cab to BT for $10 for both of us. It is about a 15 minute ride to BT from the International Bridge, so walking to BT should be totally out of the question. We arrived about 820pm (Mexican time) and went directly to Papaguyos, which is the first bar (whorehouse) you come to. According to everything we read on WSG Papaguyos is THE place to be.

1ST NIGHT ACTION: Paul and I walked through Papaguyos and there were several nice women, nothing like we had expected from WSG, in which we were expecting some near Playboy types. Papaguyos is basically a medium sized bar with a dance floor for couples, but is VERY dark in there. You have to look real close at the women in order to size them up properly. I was basically disappointed in Papaguyos, and we decided to leave and walk down the street. We walked over to Tamykos which was across the street and the women weren't anything that really appealed to us (remember this was our first time at BT and our standards were really high, this in order to make this posting in context with actual facts). Tamykos was hot inside and the girls were really aggressive, which is something that neither of us wanted. We wanted to size up the girls, and then call them over if interested. We left Tamykos and walked down the street to the Miramar Club.

At the corner of the streets which is the corner with both the Western (trans club?) and Miramar Club, there are several waiters trying to hustle up business. HINT: the best clubs won't hassle you to enter the club, just the worst clubs will! The Miramar Club was very hot inside and the ladies aggressive, however Paul caught the eye of a lanky, tall latina girl, so I believe that he had found his target for the night. She drank a drink he bought ($4) and they chatted for awhile. She said she had another customer, so Paul and I decided to take a look at "blow job alley" or the street girls. WSG had suggested that the street girls were available for about $10-20 for a blow job, or $20 for full service, and that most of these were broken down and not the 'pick of the litter', with a couple of nice ones here and there. I fully agree with that statement. There were about 80 girls on the 'street', which is basically a very small room, with maybe a fan, and a regular size bed. You walk by door to door until you find what your heart desires, then deal. I found a very young looking girl, appeared to be 18-20 with a small petite (32c-21-32, weighed maybe 80 lbs.) frame. She looked young and innocent, so I chose her (after being told she was 20 years old). She stated $20 for price, and I wanted her totally naked and she agreed to that. After I gave her the money, she did something which will live with me forever, she kissed the $20 then crossed herself. Even though I am not Catholic, her action bothered me greatly. There was no fan in the room, and it was very hot, but we managed 3 positions before I finished up, but there was no kissing, hugging, foreplay, and after finishing, I had to remove my own condom. You get what you pay for, but that will be discussed later. I hugged her goodbye, and Paul and I went back to the Miramar Club.

His tall lanky lady was still busy, when some small, rather chubby gal, sat and stole his heart. They went upstairs to a room and he came back less $40, but with a big grin and a laugh. Since I needed an hour or so to regroup after what the young 'un did to me, we decided to walk around the area. We checked out all the ho's in the street and ended up on a back street where a bunch of tall gals (?) were hanging out. Some were downright gorgeous, but all had dicks, and were not what we had came for. HINT 2: check for pussy and size of Adam's apple before giving away money. We decided to go back and give Papaguyos and see if anything had changed as it was now about 11pm Mexican time. Boy had it changed! There were about 3 times as many girls as before and some were FINE. But it was too crowded to sit down and have a drink so we made the best decision of the trip, we went right down the street to a Club Marabu. Man, what a place, tons of latin lovelies, in a place with good A/C, very well lighted, and the girls left you alone. I spotted an absolutely beautiful young woman, about 20 years old, 5'7", 38d-25-38 a 9-10 for sure, with a pixie style haircut, and a beautiful heart shaped face.

This girl (Erica) was a knockout! I called her over and asked how much, she replied $60, I was going to suggest $40, but after thinking about it for a second or two I did not do that. What would $60 get me in Houston? Broken down Korean pussy at best! I paid the lady $5 for room and towel. We agreed on nudity and kissing as part of the deal (this was my second of the night and I needed some stimulation, and you younger guys, hold the giggles, you will know what I am talking about one day). She took off her clothes and took a quick shower. The room was very cool, and the A/C worked just fine. Through the mirror in the bathroom I could see how stunning this woman really is. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever been with, and for the cost of 3 lap dances in any titty bar, she was mine for awhile. We only made love in one position with me on top as I wanted to memorize her face and body in my mind, and I am afraid she tugged at a part of my heart. During my time with her Paul had found him another latina lovely (Susanna), and they were drinking with other and doing some dancing together, and she had tugged at a part of his heart, but they would meet again tomorrow night.

While Paul was romancing her I decided to walk across to the Donkey Show place, because the said the show would start in 10 minutes. Well 10 turned into 30, then 45, so I finally asked some white guy (who seemed to have the run of BT) what the deal was. I told him I would pay $20 to get the show started. He talked to the girl who would do the donkey show and she agreed to start. As this is a long report, I will shorten this part, the donkey show is a rip-off, with simulated sex, both blowjob and humping. They lay the donkey on his back, 2 dudes holding his feet in the air, while the ugly, fat senorita does a simulated blow job and hump. But the fantasy was still basically intact. She motioned me onto the floor where the sex act was supposedly taking place two or three times, but I did not want the attention of being on the floor. I just wanted to watch from my chair. We walked around BT one more time before taking a cab to the hotel, then back to the motel 6. We awoke the next day at 1145am in order to check out by 1200pm and checked out of the hotel. We went shopping around the border parts of town, wasted a few hours, watched Phantom Menace back in Laredo, then back to BT for a last night of fun.

2ND NIGHT: It had been my 'game plan' to have sex with 4 different girls over my 2 nights there, and as much as I wanted to be with Erica again, it was not going to happen as I wanted to get sex from one of the girls at Papaguyos, so I could tell my buddies," yea I got some pussy at Papaguyos." We also decided, one of my great ideas, to see two girls make it with each other. I figured that money talks down here and we would easily find 2 girls to work out our fantasy. No way! We asked 4 different street girls to have sex with a friend, but none would do it. Perhaps it is a latin thing, perhaps not. Really ironic, a girl would do a donkey, but nobody would do a girlfriend. After being rejected 4 times it was time to quit.

I wanted another young looking street girl before Paul did his thing with Susanna, and I found her. We agreed at $20 and went to her room. For some reason she would not take off her dress. She weighed about 80 lbs, 32a-20-32, really petite, 19 years old. I could not convince her to remove her dress, and told her I would give her another $10 to disrobe completely, she asked for $20, but I would not do it. We went through me on top until I busted a powerful nut, (perhaps the dress on worked on my mind, leaving a lot to the for me to imagine). I had paid her $20 and when we cleaned up and gotten dressed she brought me back a $10. I told her in my best broken Spanish never to be with a man for under $20. Paul told her in better Spanish the exact same thing. It is bad enough to sell pussy for $20, but terrible for $10, we both were in shock. Of the 4 I had sex with, all could have danced topless in Houston at any club, and made at least $100-200 a night.

We went back to our 'headquarters', the Marabu Club. Paul and his lady went to one of the rooms and Paul was going to be in there for at least one hour. I told Paul that I was going to Papaguyos and find my last lady of the night. I went over there and found Lillia. Pardon my regression back to the street girls, but neither of their names could be pronounced, much less spelled. I went back to the Marabu Club and talked to Erica for a bit and gave her another $20 to use for her needs. Hell, I easily make over $20 an hour, the $20 isn't near as important to me as it would be for her. I wanted her bad, but I had my game plan. I know that Paul was very attracted to his lady and it was a given that we would leave and go back to Houston after I finished up with Lillia.

Lillia (5'2" 36d-25-34, long beautiful black hair, gorgeous teeth and smile,8-9 range) had charged me $40 with kissing and her naked. We went out toward the hotel part (A/C didn't work in room) and had to wait for a room. During this time she was kissing and groping me and asking me to take her back to America and marry her. I told her I was married, but she was desperate to go to America. The sex we had was basically a blow job and her on top and me finishing up on top and was wonderful sex. She, like Erica the night before, put a lot of effort in their work and on both occasions it was the best sex I have had in years. I will never forget these two nights, ever!

SOAPBOX: Time to get on my soapbox for a little venting at the cheapskates in the world, especially ones who go to Mexico for pussy. The difference of lifestyles between one side of the Rio Grande and the other is like night and day. There is a lot of desperation and you can see some of the younger Mexicans just dying to get across the river, they would almost die for the right to come to our home country. I look at Erica and wonder if she had ever been to America, most likely not, same for Paul looking at Susanna. I wonder what it would be like to take them across the bridge, take them to a nice restaurant, take them to the mall and buy them some little something's. I wonder if they had ever ridden in a nice, new car with an A/C blowing cold air. Let them see and be a small part of something we all take for granted. To let them at least enjoy "one golden day" in America would be a dream come true for them. These people are Mexicans and are good people, not some animals to offer as low as a person can for sex. When the girl tried to give me back that $10, I was in complete and total shock, near tears. In America at massage parlors, I will bargain, but my goodness when pussy is just $20, how can a person, with any conscience at all, want to lower the price. Now I would not consider $200 when all the other girls are just $60, so I would just not do it, rather than bargain down. Same for the markets, If I want a blanket and they want $12, rather than barter with them I will just go down the street. Paul and I make a good wage and to try and f**k these poor, simple people out of $2-4, is just beyond me.

CONCLUSION: Boy it was tough leaving Mexico, but America, the jobs and family call. Living in Houston I have always been in touch with Mexican-Americans, but this is totally different than being in touch with Mexicans. Do I find it a problem with buying pussy for $20-40-60? No I don't because that is their standard fee. The street fee of $20 is paid for with the understanding that this is not girlfriend sex. Just cum and run. With Lillia and Erica it was a dream come true, a very beautiful woman caressing and holding you, making passionate love. It was indeed passionate. I blame this on their looking on a way to cross that 1/4 mile bridge that so very much separates us in mind, heart, and spirit.

The best places are in order Marabu, Papaguyos, Mirabar, Tamyko's and those are the only places we went into. There is a lot of security in the places and on the streets. There is a police substation at the entrance and I don't think they will put up with any ••••. I would suggest that in Mexico, the Miranda law is not heard of, one phone call is not noted, nor are the jails comfortable. I would also suggest carrying your wallet in a secure place, leave your credit cards in the hotel room or in the car (park on the American side, of course). When Paul was getting laid, I had his wallet, and vice versa. This took away a lot of fear of being ripped off. Remember as we look at these girls as meat on the hook for f**king, the look at us the same way. The walk across the bridge is .35 to Mexico and .25 to come back. Drink bottled water or cokes, or if you drink, damn sure don't get drunk. The only time I felt unsafe, and I was by myself sometimes on the streets, ( and I do look like an anglo, however a dark complicated anglo) was when I say a group of 3-4 Mexican young men walking near me. In a nutshell BT is like a bunch of cheap bars in a two-three block area with legalized prostitution, very cheap hotels and plentiful women (in some places women outnumbered the men 4-1). I would say that 20% of the women are in the 7 range of looks or beyond, but most fall in the 4-6 category and there are some not very pretty at all. My (and Paul's) nights with the ladies is something I will never forget. There are a lot of older gents in BT also. I saw what appeared to be a father/son party in Mexico.

We had both asked our favorite ladies how much for all night and Paul's said $150 and mine said $200, both would need $20 more for the bar fee also. Would I consider going back and staying all night with Erica? No I would not. In the position I am in, in my life and marriage, all night would not be the wisest of ideas. Even if I were single it would not be wise. We are all vulnerable to certain things and I am afraid this is one of them. I have every intention of going to Mexico again, but I realize that Erica and Lillia won't be around. Both could be 'trophy wives' in either Mexico or America. If anybody has any questions please feel free to email them. Sorry about the long report, but I hope all the work I did in making it helps somebody out!

One last humorous note to end on,,,,,,,coming out of Laredo on the way to San Antonio was a titty bar. We both laughed, if we lived in Laredo no way would we be in some American titty bar, we would be stalking the streets of BT, looking for that lovely latina beauty we so very much long for.

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