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Posted on Friday, August 04, 2000 - 1:22 pm:   

I have to state that I picked the absolute worst weekend in 6 years to visit boystown because of the presidential election all bars were closed and no alcohol was allowed to be served from 6/30 till 7/1 midnight so this review is a bit skewed but I did want to tell my story.

Well, when the bars and clubs finally did open at midnight on Sunday me and my posse were there. Since the places opened up so late there was not much talent in the hot spots such as Pappaguyas or Marabus. Matter of fact Tamyako's (I know I'm spelling these names wrong but I can't quite remember) was closed that night, so I didn't get a chance to go in there.

After walking around a bit, we decided to do some street girls because there wasn't much else. Here is my opinion on my experience with a street girl, first off you have to remember that these girls are unbelievably poor. I would imagine that people here in the US living off of Medicare would seem like millionaires to those street girls in Mexico. For those who have never seen the living conditions down there, they live in a room that is approximately 10' X 10' and for the lucky ones have a toilet in the back and most have no a/c.

Anyway, I found the best looking girl that I could find and she was probably about 18, and I asked her "cuanto es?" (how much) and she told me once (eleven dollars) for fuckie fuckie. I was horny and since I had read Dear John's review before, I ended up giving her $25 just because I'm a nice guy. She walked me back to this deserted alley of which I would not have let my mother venture back even with police escort, and finally wound up at her room, or storage shed is what it more looks like. It was extremely hot in there even though she had an eighteenth century looking fan blowing. At this point I was already a little bit disturbed but decided hell this is what I'm here for. So I disrobed and she disrobed and gave me a quick hj to get me hard. Now this next part is what disturbed me the most. After a couple of minutes of getting me hard she laid back and then (not kidding) set the clock. I had exactly 15 minutes. No more no less. As if screwing one of these street gals was more of turn off but knowing I had to cum in 15 minutes or less was really a strain on my mind.

The actual act:
Keep in mind that this was my first trip to BT and I'm sure that there is different stories out there, but as she laid back and I mounted her, I had a good time but had a very difficult time looking at her because you could tell she was only doing this to survive and I couldn't help but think that this was about as close to doing a dead corpse that I could think of. I eventually reached my nirvana and wiped myself off. A very eerie feeling that I will never forget is that ancient old fan spinning while I put my clothes on.

I don't mean to shed a negative light on all of the street gals but I did want to tell you the truth. I personally would go straight for the girls at Pappaguyos and would never do the street gals.

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