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Posted on Friday, June 05, 2009 - 9:03 pm:   

Events that would make me want to go to Costa Rica:
1: The Annual "BlowjobOlympics"
2: The "World Series of Sportfucking."
There are no REAL events here, and even if there were, they would start two hours late and someone would forget to put diesel in the generator. (Except a number of sportfishing tournaments, a new international golf tournament, four major international poker tournaments in San Jose this year.)

Events that would make me NOT want to go:
1: My dick falls off.
2: My balls fall off.
Again, no real events here. Place is so tranquilo, they don't even have an army, navy or air force. (But if they did, the planes would take off two hours late and someone would forget to fuel up the jets.)


Beggars and street people
only get aggressive in "Gringo Gulch," around Hotel del Rey down to Hotel Morazan. Even they will leave you alone if you just walk and don't respond. Won't chase you down the street like in many places.

Scams to watch out for: Rolex watches, fake Cuban cigars, guys who sell you REAL Cuban cigars and tell you it's ok to take them back into the USA. "Guides" who hook you up with girls and a van for a beach trip, on which the driver stop every ten miles and drinks six beers and winds up costing a fortune. "Nightclubs" that pad tabs. So basically, it's the Ticos (male Costa Ricans) who run the scams. Also watch out for luggage, camera theft on the local buses; thieves work the buses on the way back to the city FROM the beach, when everyone is burned out and half asleep.

Oh, and don't buy any property or make any investments on your first trip. ANY. Or on your second trip, either.

The hookers themselves don't run many scams, though a few will always steal your watch if you tempt them (so buy a fake Rolex cheap and let her steal it). If you don't know the real price in some casas or brothels, a "sex worker" might tell you it's more if the madam or manager is out of the room, and might tell you, after sex, that you have to pay her for the room too. These incidents are rare, but they do happen. Main way to avoid them is to know the REAl price and the conditions for GETTING the real price.

Point a camera at a Tica, and she instinctively poses. Most LOVE having photos taken, and those who like to show off will do some of the wildest things.
But DEFINITELY develop pics at home. The photo shops here are notorious for making two sets of photos here when they get something hot. And "manufacturing pornography" is illegal. And though possession and distribution are pornography are legal, it is not a good idea to carry porno in or out of the country.

There are lots "tourist police" here too, in city and main beaches and coastal towns.

include Filipinas, Russians, other Europeans
Sex tours are illegal, escort services can be dodgy and not recommended It is hard to get a girl out of a high-class topless bar for less than $300
"$50 for a quick lay" -- an hour in some places; a quick lay costs more like $13.15 right now. OK, PRECISELY $13.15.

"women are "rather heavy set" (From the overview)
- yeah, but more than a few CR hookers are slim and look more like models: "which ALL Latinas want to be, so asking one if she is a model works wonders on them, just like pointing a camera. Especially the night-time crowd. (But a little baby fat is not uncommon.) Nicas are the fatties, and some Dominicans. Turns out the Nicas are skinny in Nicaragua, but start eating at MacDonalds and Pizza Hut when they hit San Jose.

Colombianas and other South Americans are more likely to speak English than Ticas or Nicas. And the local independent contractors who learn English do so for one reason only: so they can work the high-priced ($100) gringo bars.

Marijuana is decriminalized, a dismeanor for which you get a ticket. But you would not be able to leave the country if you get one, so drugs - often sold on the streets in Gringo Gulch - are not a good idea. The other kind of "blow" is also cheap, but cocaine is a felony. Best Best: avoid drugs here and in fact any country where it is not legal.

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